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Students Profiling System

A mini project submitted to the Faculty

Of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

In partial fulfillment of the requirements

In Application Development

Kimberly J. Lama
Dianne G. Lagrimas
Raychelle Anne G. Onop
May Ann H. Morales
Third Year Section B

First Semester S.Y. 2016-2017

October 5, 2016

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Table of contents

IntroductionPage 3

Objective.Page 4

Scope and DelimitationsPage 5

System Development Method...Page 6

Entity Relationship DiagramPage 8

User Guide..Page 9

References.Page 17

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Computer has become a way of life in this modern age, it is evident that a majority of the
Universities still do not adapt the high-technology. Particularly in most public and government
school, some nowadays are more reliable in the technologies to lessen their works and make it
more fast and efficient. We are looking forward to develop web-based applicants that will
minimize all papers works to keep the file of the students and at the same time the important
papers of the school, a system that fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient.
Each school has a responsibility to maintain its record. Although schools have their own
methods of creating and keeping the on touch the information can reduce their time development
and paper works. Students are conscious related to their school records, so using computer-based
system they can get a copy anytime they want to have it. Particularly, if necessary for a specific
reason. So schools must rely on technologies because it can help a lot of things especially in
performing their tasks efficiently.
System Profiling System is designed for the use of teachers, faculty members and the
assigned personnel to help through their tasks. It consist all the identifiable and personal
information about the students such as: Id number, Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Year,
Section, Email and their Mobile number. Students Profiling System is a system that is being
developed for managing and keeping demographic information about a particular student. It is all
about recording student personal information and it helps reduce the paper works and keeping
the record of the students confidential information.
The purpose of this system is to record the students personal information. This will keep
track the past record of a certain students by using this system. This system can perform the
manual Students Profiling is an automated to computerized Students Profiling System that the
automated system which is fast and easier. To eliminate paper works, retrieve the record easily,
create a report. This system will be a big help for the CHMSC-Alijis because they will no longer
used the manual way of updating and managing all college students confidential information.

This study aims to develop a Student Profiling System for CHMSC-Alijis to aid in
updating the personal information of every student. An automated students profiling is a good
example of computer-generated process. This can significantly reduced workload and provide
accurate record needed by the students and the institution in the assessment of learning.
Computerization is a control system that can manage these tasks and give accountability to the
outputs. This project aims to develop an automated system that will help the school to have an
easier management on student's record.

Specifically, this study aims to:

Provides the CHMSC-Alijis registrar an easy way of managing and updating all college
students profile by using Students Profiling System.

Provides the school an easy and reliable system for keeping students record.

To develop a system that will give detailed information of the students such as basic

Keep all confidential data of the students.

Keep all files secured.

Find data of the students in the faster time.

Prepare manual tasks to be easier.

Prevent records to damage in different kinds of exposure.

Keep all records in a smaller space.

Scope and/or Delimitations

This project study was proposed to automate the manual operation of Guidance office in
monitoring students' records. The functions focus into the students information/profile such as;
ID Number, Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Year, Section, Email and Mobile.
This section explains about the scope and delimitation of the project to fully understand
the possible opportunities and restrictions of the study.

Provides faculty accounts as end user.

Provides database for students information.

Provides accessible information about Students.

Provides sending of notification in the students email account.


No access to students.

No prototype for electronic signature for the registrar and assigned personnel.

Only authorized personnel will be allowed to Create, Update, and Delete students
information in the system.

Does not include time in Students attendance.

System Development Method






Planning is the study used to determine if the project should get the go-ahead. If the
project is proceed, the planning study will produce a project plan and budget estimates for the
future stages of development.
In this requirement analysis phase, the development team visits the customer and studies
their system requirement. After planning, the development team provides a document that holds
the different specific recommendation for the candidate system. It also consists personal
assignments, project schedules and target dates. To understand what type of project to be built,
the system analyst must study the information domain for the software as well as understand
function, behavior, performance, and interfacing. The main purpose of requirement analysis
phase is to find the need and to define the problems that need to be solved. Analysis gathers the
requirement for the system.

Design focuses on what programs are needed and how they are going to interact, how
individual programs are going to work, interface design what are interface design going to look
like and data design what will be the data required. Software overall structured is defined.
Should have more care is taken in this phase.
Design must be decoded into machine-readable form. If the design is done in a detailed
manner, code generation can be achieved without much compilation. For generation code,
programming tools like compilers, interpreters and debugger are use. Where for coding the
students profiling system use is Vb.Net language.
After coding, the students profiling system testing begins. Different testing methods are available to
detect the bugs that were committed during the previous phases. A number of testing tools and methods are
already available for testing purpose.
In this phase make sure that everything will be able to present without any error. The system will be
presented with 70-100% functionality. Everything must be set in the presentation phase.

Entity Relationship Diagram

Log In



Create, Update, Delete, Save


Student Profile



ID Number

Date of birth


User Guide

Splash Screen

Splash screen notifies the user that the program is in the process of loading or booting. Provide a feedback
that a lengthy process is on underway. Splash screen disappear when the loading is completed. This form also
serves as an introduction to the system.
Welcome Form

This form appears after the program has loaded. Users have two choices; Log In to see what the system
contains, or click Cancel to end the program.

Log In Form (Admin)

Log In to the system as Admin required password for confirmation for only Admin has the right to
Create, Add, Update, Delete and Save information.
Student Profile Form

Student Profile Form should be filled by the Admin. This form includes the information of a student and
should not leave any blank for every detail of the student is important.


First, click Add/Create button so you can be able to create student information. Nothing should be left
blank for the system required that everything should be filled.

After filling up all the information needed (first picture.), you can now save the data into the database. For
you to save it, click Save. Then, after clicking the Save button (second picture.), the message box appears saying
that the information created has been saved into the database (look at the grid view below).
Add New

To have some another student information, click Add button and you can see that the table cleared. You
can now add new information.

Add New

Like what we did before, after adding new information on the form, click Save. You can now see that the
information added was saved into the database.

You can now preview the information you added by clicking the Previous button and Previous button.


If you want to edit the information you created, click the desired textbox and edit the after, click Update
button and the message box appear confirming that it was updated.

If youre wishing to delete the information you created, click Delete button and message box appears
confirming if you really wanted to delete the said information.

The information was deleted successfully. It has been also removed in the database.
Log In Form (Student)

Log In as a student doesnt require any username or password for it can only view. Student werent
allowed to edit their information, only the admin.

Student Form (View Mode)

Students can now view what admin had saved. Make sure first that admin had saved the information into
the database so that students can view it.