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I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Allah SubhanahuWataala,

because of His blessing and mercies, this thesis entitled Grammatical Problems
Encountered by Students in Translating Indonesian Text into English could be
completed .
My most profound and sincere appreciation is due to my first and second
thesis supervisors; Dr. Muhammad Nassiruddin Sainu, M.A. and Drs. Ahmad Thalib,
M.Pd. for their considerable helps and guidance in crafting this research. I gained a
great deal of insight into the thesis writing process through their ongoing support and
gentle critique of this work. Furthermore, for all the lectures, for their wonderful
academic support over the years during my study.
I would like to reveal my deepest gratitude to my beloved parents, Anan Ali
Usman and Atriana for the endurance of their pray to my success. My gratitude also
goes to Citra Dian Pertiwi, who have been standing by my side for more than seven
years and supporting me to fight myself.
to Awaluddin Tahir who always encourages me by saying that Skripsi wont
finish itself. They are the best family I have.
My special thanks are addressed to the 7th semester students of English
Education Study Program at State University of Makassar in the academic year of

2016/2017 who kindly and actively engaged in this research. This thesis would have
not been possible without their cooperation.
I thank my friends in English Education Study Program 2012 Class A,
particularly Siti Nurul Ilmi and Fajrullah who taught me the things Ive never learned.
You both are the real friends.
May Allah SubhanahuWataala bless us for every good thing that we did in
the past, good thing that we are struggling for today, and everything good that we are
planning to reach in the future.

Makassar, September 2016