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Alpha 1200s

Powered Subwoofer

Infinity Systems Incorporated
250 Crossways Park Dr.
Woodbury, New York 11797



Alpha 1200s

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Infinity Alpha 1200s Basic Specifications
Frequency Response

28Hz – 150Hz (±3dB)

Maximum Amplifier Output

500 watts RMS (20Hz – 150Hz with no more than 0.1% THD)

Crossover Frequencies

50Hz – 150Hz, 24dB/octave, continuously variable


12" (305mm) C.M.M.D.


(H x W x D)

17-1/2" x 17-1/4" x 18-1/4"
(445mm x 438mm x 464mm)


45 lb (20.5kg)

Optional Accessory

Bass Optimization Test & Measurement Kit
Infinity Part Number: 335852-002

Infinity continually strives to update and improve existing products, as well as create new ones. The specifications
and construction details in this and related Infinity publications are therefore subject to change without notice.


5% octave YES functional 21 detent pot (0. Type (Class AB.Off Select switch 1 ohms ohms Nominal Freq. To 200 Watts To 200 Watts To 200 Watts Limiter prevents continuous power to exceed 240 Watts. LP OFF Single input driven. using RMS reading DMM/VOM (or A/P) Volume @max. None of the speaker terminals must be connected to system GND at any time.on selection switch in Auto functional " functional " functional " 2 . steps) -functional 21 detent pot (0. w/ A/P Swept Bandpass Measurement (Line freq. 200 Watts.1 oct.R) & LFE Spkr/Hi Level In YES -- functional Dual RCA jack YES -- functional Binding post connector L&R Signal Sensing (ATO) Auto-Turn-On (yes/no) ATO Input test frequency ATO Level LFE Input ATO Level Speaker in YES 50 2 50 Hz mV mV functional Auto . MOMS required Conditions Notes Amp Section Bridge type amplifier. measured at speaker output terminals located at the amp board.1 0. R.1 10 % % mV-DC 1 0.Alpha 1200s Alpha 1200s LINE VOLTAGE US 120vac/60Hz EU 230vac/50-60Hz Parameter Powered Sub/ Plate Amp Yes/No Yes Yes Hi/Lo Line 108-132 207-264 Nom. Ap Zo=600 Ohms. intended for LFE Input Configuration Line In (L. Ap Zo=600 Ohms. LP ON relative to rated power A-Weighting filter relative to rated power 22k filter relative to 1W Output 22k filter Volume @max.225 Signal to Noise SNR-A-Weighted SNR-unweighted SNR rel.5 mVrms(max) Input Impedance Line Input (L.5dB steps) -functional 21 detent pot (5steps/0. 120 230 Specification Unit QA Test Limits Unit Vrms Vrms Notes Normal Operation Normal operation.On -Off Phase switch Volume pot Taper (lin/log) Variable crossover 50-150 Hz HP Speaker out LP On.2 60 22k filter 22k filter @ Speaker Outputs >50 DF 23 Measured at amplifier board Hz mVrms mVrms Vrms 30 ±2dB ±2dB ±2dB Damping factor Input Sensitivity Input Frequency L&R LP Off Mode selected Speaker/Hi Level Input 30 446 446 6.5 mVrms 1 Residual Noise Floor 0.5% to 49. other) D n/a n/a Load Impedance (speaker) 6 Ohms n/a Nominal Rated Output Power 275 Watts 220 1 input driven THD @ Rated Power THD @ 1 Watt DC Offset 0. LP Filter OFF -20-80 Hz --14. D.1 to 0 dB -4. 1W-unweighted 100 90 55 dBA dBr dBr 85 85 50 Residual Noise Floor 0. Single input driven.1 octave) functional Maximum Output Power -YES 0-180 LOG YES YES YES -deg -- -- functional functional functional functional functional functional No switch provided. Ap Zo=600 Ohms. Refer to ATO section A Taper 4th Order LP Variable crossover Pass Through from the speaker input section Disables LP filter. Output Power Features Auto .LFE) Speaker/Hi Level Input 10K 10K Filters LP 4th order variable Subsonic filter (HPF) 3rd Orde Low pass filter OFF 50-150 Hz Fixed Hz Fixed Hz BOS Frequency Control Range Level Control Range Width(Q) Control Range Limiter THD at Max. LP ON Single input driven .+ harmonics) Nominal Nominal ± 10 ± 10 ± 10 L or R input driven. Measured at the speaker cable.

in stand-by mode (HOT or COLD operation). 230 Watts @ 6. Type-T or Slo Blo-250 V Type-T or Slo Blo-250 V Internal fuse with UL/SEMKO rated holder Short Circuit Protection YES functional Direct short at output Thermal Protection YES functional @1/8 max unclipped Power DC Offset Protection Line Fuse Rating USA-Domestic EU YES 4 2 Amps Amps 3 . after input 17 Auto turn of time (T) must be 10 > T < 17 Minutes signal is removed AC Power Applied @ Speaker Outputs @ Speaker Outputs @ Speaker Outputs AC Line cycled from OFF to ON AC Line cycled from ON to OFF Nominal Line voltage 120 VAC Maximum allowable input power under nominal Input voltage and frequency. line voltage 340 Watts 375 @ nom. then functional input signal applied (T) Time before muting. @ rated power Notes Amp connected and AC on. Unit is protected for over-temperature conditions Relay or crowbar (for driver/fire protection). line voltage Auto Mute/ Turn-OFF Time Power on Delay time Power Cons. 4 Transients/Pops ATO Transient Turn-on Transient Turn-off Transient 5 50 50 mV-peak mV-peak mV-peak n/a 2v-pp 2v-pp Efficiency Efficiency 70 % 65 Rated power Stand-by Input Power 12 Watts 15 @ nom.0 Ohms nominal line voltage Protection DC present at Speaker Out leads Amplifier should resume operation after short circuit condition removal Temperature rise in accessible metal parts should not exceed 35K rise for domestic version or 30K rise for European versions (refer to requirements sheet).Alpha 1200s Parameter ATO Turn-on time Specification Unit QA Test Limits Conditions 2 seconds 15 minutes 3 sec.

Alpha 1200s CONTROLS Rear Panel .


Center-Frequency Adjustment  Power Indicator Bass Optimization System Level Adjustment  Crossover Adjustment Bass Optimization System Bandwidth Adjustment  Subwoofer Gain (Volume) Control  Line-Level Inputs  High-Level (Speaker) Inputs  High-Level (Speaker) Outputs  Power Switch 4 INFINITY ALPHA 1200S .

!% -"%$ &/%*+#%$ %" ++ $%) ) +)!% #! )/ !.&"- OFF R HIGH LEVEL OUT 50 150 CROSSOVER MIN MAX GAIN L LINE LEVEL IN R _       !     .1 0 LEVEL 4.5 WIDTH L ON 180 PHASE 0 OFF POWER GREEN: ON RED: STANDBY WARNING: "# $%&!% " % $' #( ($% #$ %)%"$  #' &# #" %*+#% "  ++) % "# $  #$ .5 49.!% &/%&% #! &%  # -)%"$.5 49.5 WIDTH ON 180 PHASE 0 GREEN: ON RED: STANDBY OFF POWER 50 150 CROSSOVER MIN MAX GAIN LINE LEVEL IN BASS OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM R Alpha 1200s L CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN R 20 80 FREQUENCY -14.#"!$% POWER ON AVERTISSEMENT: +#!$ +$-%$ )% $.Alpha 1200s If your receiver/processor has subwoofer outputs for the left and right channels: CONNECTIONS If your receiver/amplifier does not have subwoofer outputs for the left and right channels or an LFE output: RECEIVER/PROCESSOR RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Front Speaker Output BASS OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM 20 80 FREQUENCY -14.1 0 LEVEL HIGH LEVEL IN 4.

    .!% &/%&% #! &%  # -)%"$.!% -"%$ &/%*+#%$ %" ++ $%) ) +)!% #! )/ !. + Alpha 1200s L $")0   !)12 CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN R WARNING: "# $%&!% " % $' #( ($% #$ %)%"$  #' &# #" %*+#% "  ++) % "# $  #$ .#"!$% HIGH LEVEL IN POWER ON AVERTISSEMENT: +#!$ +$-%$ )% $.&"- L • Set Low-Pass Filter to “On. it is recommended that you use a Y connector (not included) to maximize performance.” OFF R $")0   !)12 HIGH LEVEL OUT       ! L _ NOTE: Some receivers have a single subwoofer output (do not confuse this with a single LFE output as described below). In that case.

TIGHTEN TERMINALS OFF POWER 50 150 CROSSOVER MIN GREEN: ON RED: STANDBY MAX GAIN ¤ LINE LEVEL IN R STRIPE = – NO STRIPE = Alpha 1200s L CAUTION + RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN R HIGH LEVEL IN WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK.2 UL1492 Infinity Systems.5 WIDTH ON 180 PHASE 0 2. VITER D’EXPOSER CET APPAREIL A LA PLUIE OU A L’HUMIDIT . INSERT BARE END.” SUBWOOFER OR LFE OUTPUT RED = + BASS OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM BLACK = – 20 80 FREQUENCY 1. OFF R HIGH LEVEL OUT L _ NRTL/C CSA 22. POWER ON AVERTISSEMENT: POUR PR VENIR LES RISQUES D’INCENDIE OU L DE CHOC LECTRIQUE. CA USA + AC 120V ~ 60HZ 500W • Set Low-Pass Filter to “Off”. Simply connect the LFE output on your receiver/processor to either the left or right input on the subwoofer. you do not need to use a Y connector. LOOSEN TERMINALS -14.1 0 LEVEL 4. NOTE: In this case. + If you have a Dolby* Digital or DTS® receiver/processor with a low-frequency-effects (LFE) output: • Set Low-Pass Filter to “On.5 49. Northridge. INFINITY ALPHA 1200S 5 . Inc. DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

The subwoofer will then power ON instantly when a signal is detected.g. Note: This control will have no effect if the Low-Pass Filter Selector Switch  is set to “Off. The Crossover Adjustment Control  determines the highest frequency at which the subwoofer reproduces sounds. the Power Indicator LED  will remain backlit in red or green to indicate the On/Standby mode of the subwoofer. Proper phase adjustment depends on several variables such as room size. Phase Control The Phase Switch determines whether the subwoofer speaker’s piston-like action moves in and out with the main speakers. Set the overall volume control of the preamplifier or stereo to a comfortable level. between 50Hz – 100Hz. If your main speakers can comfortably reproduce some low-frequency sounds. 0˚. overall balance must be maintained or the music will not sound natural. proceed by playing a CD. when you are away on vacation.You may turn off the Power Switch  for extended periods of nonoperation. Adjust the phase switch to maximize bass output at the listening position. Adjust the Subwoofer Gain (Volume) Control  until you obtain a pleasing blend of bass. Initially set the Subwoofer Gain (Volume) Control  to the “min” position. Turn on your sub by pressing the Power Switch  on the rear panel. Use a selection that has ample bass information. record or cassette. Are the connectors on the cables making proper contact? Is the AC plug connected to a “live” receptacle? Has the Power Switch  been pressed to the “On” position? Once you have confirmed that the subwoofer is active. If you are using smaller bookshelf speakers that do not extend to the lower bass frequencies. the Power Switch  can be left on.” If you have a Dolby Digital or DTS processor/receiver. Auto On/Standby With the Power Switch  in the ON position. or opposite the main speakers. set the Crossover Adjustment Control to a higher setting. between 120Hz – 150Hz.Alpha 1200s OPERATION Power On Crossover Adjustments Plug your subwoofer’s AC cord into a wall outlet.Turn up the Subwoofer Gain (Volume) Control  about half way. subwoofer placement and listener position. extending the response of the entire system so the bass can be felt as well as heard. Amp On) The subwoofer will automatically enter the Standby mode after approximately 10 minutes when no signal is detected from your system. Do not use the outlets on the back of the receiver.. check the AC-line cord and input cables.This will concentrate the subwoofer’s efforts on the ultradeep bass sounds required by today’s films and music. adhering to the belief that a subwoofer is there to produce lots of bass. If no sound emanates from the subwoofer. Consult your owner’s manual to learn how to view or change this setting. 180˚. An experienced listener will set the volume of the subwoofer so its impact on bass response is always there but never obtrusive. the Crossover Frequency is set by the processor/receiver. e. A subwoofer is there to enhance bass. 6 INFINITY ALPHA 1200S . Adjust Gain Turn on your entire audio system and start a CD or movie soundtrack at a moderate level. During periods of normal use. RED = STANDBY (No signal detected. Amp Off) GREEN = ON (Signal detected. set this control to a lower frequency setting. Many users have a tendency to set the subwoofer volume too loud. Bass response should not overpower the room but rather be adjusted so there is a harmonious blend across the entire musical range. However.This is not entirely true.

sit in your favorite chair and have somebody else slowly adjust the Center-Frequency control . A kick drum should produce a tight “thump” . to slightly different locations. In most practical situations. Each Interlude subwoofer contains a parametric equalizer that you can adjust following the directions below. select a record that shows it very clearly. yet sophisticated. the first step is to exercise your music collection. Excesses in bass tend to be most annoying. because you can isolate a short musical passage). like bass guitar. If some notes disappear. First.” Bass melody or harmony lines should have notes that are about equally loud. play a variety of music and films with energetic bass sounds.Alpha 1200s To solve a problem. and put your CD/DVD player into a repeat mode (A-B repeat is especially helpful. BASS OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM™ Infinity’s Bass Optimization System is a simple-to-use. not a flabby “boom. it helps to first identify whether you have one and. Infinity’s Bass Optimization System can fix this. but sadly not always. Something that only happens in one recording is likely to be a problem in the recording – it happens! If you identify something that is consistently wrong. By following these instructions.Then. what it is. Set the Bass Optimization System Bandwidth Adjustment Control to a middle position (10 clicks from a fully clockwise position) and set the Level adjustment for a –6dB (8 clicks from a fully clockwise position). there is a problem. the practical constraints of a living space and the impracticality of massive acoustical treatment mean that equalization is the only practical solution. this will be enough. kick drum. there is little that can be done about this. Usually. and energetic resonances that cause “boomy” or “lumpy” bass can be truly aggravating over a period of time. and listen for low-frequency problems that crop up in several different recordings. Often. low-frequency calibration system. you can improve the sound of your system. etc. if so. It is a fact of audio that what we hear at low frequencies is determined as much or more by the listening room than by the loudspeaker itself. Disappearing notes have to be handled by moving the listening position. Placement of the loudspeakers and listeners and the acoustical characteristics of the room surfaces are all important determinants of bass quantity and quality. while the music is playing. or stand out because they are consistently too loud. or the loudspeakers. except for patient trial-and-error repositioning of the loudspeakers and listeners. keyboards. The Bass Optimization System Goal So.

you should hear the problem lessen and the overall bass performance improve. After all the tones are complete. a sound-level meter that is specifically calibrated for low frequencies. exactly as the professional sound engineers do it. INFINITY ALPHA 1200S If your dealer does not stock the Bass Optimization System test and measurement kit.” For best results. Infinity has developed an optional test and measurement kit that allows the user to perform a series of measurements and aids him/her in properly setting the Bass Optimization System controls.The user simply notes the frequency of the largest bass peak.infinitysystems. using the sound-level meter. Once you know the problem.S.3275. This is why the Bass Optimization System was created. the template contains a response curve for the frequencies below 100Hz. the Bass Optimization System provides the tools needed to optimize the low-frequency characteristics of the speakers to the room they are in. Before beginning the bass tests. • Set the receiver’s/processor’s tone controls (Bass and Treble) to their center or flat positions. make sure all bass-management features are properly set. on the provided measurement template.This was never practical for the home audiophile. At a certain frequency.The kit consists of the following: a test CD.The listener plays the tones from the test CD and records the relative output level of each test tone. a measurement template. calculates the correct amount of attenuation.3332. With the addition of this kit.” • Set the Bass Optimization System Selector to “On. if you normally listen to music with all doors closed.” a device to help find the width of the measured curve and.That is. When you are satisfied that you have found the best frequency. have your assistant vary the Level slowly up and down until you have maximized the improvement. Preparations While the Bass Optimization System allows the listener to finetune the bass response to sound best in a particular room.553. the Bass Optimization System becomes truly room-adaptive.The entire process takes less than twenty minutes. some listeners don’t have the skill or desire to adjust their system by ear. Professional sound engineers routinely employ sophisticated measurement systems and equalizers to optimize speakers to the installation.800. it is recommended that all major furnishings are in place and that all doors and windows in the listening area are in their normal positions. and something we call a “Q-Finder. • If you are using a multichannel surround processor or receiver. residents can visit our Web site at www. finally. from fully clockwise to fully counter-clockwise. It works as follows. and uses the “Q-Finder”to determine the width of the curve. U. you can also have the Bandwidth Adjustment control adjusted for maximum benefit. It enables you to identify the dominant low-frequency response characteristic of your room. 7 .567.800. then this is how they should be during this procedure. In order to facilitate quicker and more accurate results. Canadian residents should contact their dealer or call 1. • Make sure the loudness contour (if any) on your receiver/ processor/preamp is turned off. • Bypass all surround and effects features of your receiver/ processor/preamp or set to Stereo Bypass. you may purchase it directly from Infinity.These three values are dialed into the Bass Optimization System controls located on the speaker. If you have really keen ears. please check the following: • Make sure all three Bass Optimization System controls on the subwoofer are turned fully clockwise.The Audio channels should all be set to “Small” or “HighPass” and the subwoofer set to “On.com or call 1.

Alpha 1200s 8 .

6) Replace amp cover and return amplifer assembly to cabinet. electrically. 3) The area of concern is on the Class D Driver PCB (Small Upright PCB on the MAIN AMP PCB). (This component. like large inductor pair L8. Assure the leads do not come into contact with any other connections. When replacing D60 the polarity of the new (zener) diode should be reversed.6V zener diode. replace with a 3. to the indicated connections. 4) Locate. Care must be taken not to damage surrounding components. 1) Remove the amplifier assembly from the subwoofer cabinet (12 Phillips screws). or short oscillation that occurs when the unit is in the AUTO mode.6V Zener Diode. 9 . Infinity Part# 299-27K. soldering iron tip is recommended. thin.Alpha 1200s Service Bulletin Service Bulletin INF2004-01 – March 2004 To: This is considered a Minor repair All Infinity Service Centers Model: Alpha 1200s Subject: Distortion When Coming Out Of Standby In the event you receive an Alpha 1200s subwoofer with the complaint “There is a brief chirping sound. 5) Add new 27KΩ resistor. follow the procedure below to correct this condition: Synopsis: Replace D60 (RLS4148 diode) with a 3. add new Resistor. reducing its value to <22KΩ). remove D60 (RLS4148 diode). when it’s triggered ON with a music signal”. will be in parallel with R37. 7) Test the subwoofer to assure the distortion is no longer present. in Standby. A long. insulate the leads if necessary. Infinity Part# ZMM5227BCT-ND. 2) Remove the Plastic Amp Cover from the faceplate (4 Phillips screws).

" C.Not For Sale 4 Alpha 1200s Cabinet . 9412730 1 1 2 1 1 338076-001 350613-001 350615-001 350614-001 335841-002 Alpha 1200s 6 . Port Tube 5. 12. Grille Retainer 4.Not For Sale 7 3 (12) (4) 1 5 7 (6) 2 ITEM NO.9 x 30mm (12 Amp Assembly and 6 Woofer) 8.Alpha 1200s EXPLODED VIEW Alpha 1200s Amplifier . Trim Ring 6. Front Grille 3.™. 3.M. Screw Torx HD. DESCRIPTION 1.M. 1 336056-001 1 4 1 1 4 339945-001 9330070 336799-001 339944-001 338037-001 (4) ITEM NO. Owner’s Manual 12. DESCRIPTION 7.D. Top and Bottom End Pads 11. PART NO. Woofer. Shielded. Outer Carton 10.4 ohms ±10% 2. 3. Spike Foot Kit 9. Warranty Card 10 QTY. 18 PART NO. Rubber Foot Ass’y QTY.

Alpha 1200s 11 .

Alpha 1200s 12 .

Alpha 1200s 13 .

Alpha 1200s 14 .

Alpha 1200s 15 .

40.137 C113. Electrolytic Cap..125.6 C1G1 C37. C114.136 C8 C62 C142 C1.14.118.Regulator SMD DIODE SMD ZENER DIODE SMD ZENER DIODE PN:MPSW06RLRA TO-92 (ON) PN:MPSW56RLRA TO-92 (ON) PN:P2N2907A TO-92 (ON) PN:2N5401 TO-92 PN:IRF640N TO-220 (IR) PN:RS804 400V.44.0 C104.14.69.126 R15.48E R63 TH1 SMD Capacitor SMD Ceramic Cap.28 C10.Alpha 1200s Alpha 1200s Electrical Parts List Part Number Description Reference Designator AMP ASS'Y Resistors 021-100401-020 021-560305-020 022-005105-020 022-470307-020 024-000098-120 024-100498-120 024-100598-120 024-100698-120 024-150498-120 024-160598-100 024-220498-121 024-220598-120 024-330498-120 024-330598-120 024-470298-120 024-470398-120 024-470598-120 024-510498-120 024-910498-120 025-010300-000 MOF Resistor MOF Resistor Cement Resistor KNP Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor Thermister 1K 1W J FK TYPE 560R 5WS J 8x25 KINK PN:SQM 0R05 5W J 25x13 470R 7W J (KNP-700S) 0R 1/8W J 0805 1K 1/8W J 0805 10K 1/8W J 0805 100K 1/8W J 0805 1K5 1/8W J 0805 16K 1/8W F 0805 2K2 1/8W J 0805 22K 1/8W J 0805 3K3 1/8W J 0805 33K 1/8W J 0805 47R 1/8W J 0805 470R 1/8W J 0805 47K 1/8W J 0805 5K1 1/8W J 0805 9K1 1/8W J 0805 TSE-103 K L:50mm R173 R76 R2 R78 R8 R110.155.39.119 C27.48C.4 C25..18 Q3 Q11. Electrolytic Cap.3x11 P:5 100uF/63V M (R)1012 P:5 10000uF/63V M R30x51 85deg 22uF/25V M (R) 5x11 P:2.186 R3.135.60B R24-27 R145. 0u01/250V K 0805 X7R 0u01/50V K 0805 X7R 0u1/50V K 0805 X7R 0u1/250V K 1206 X7R 0u0047/50V K 0805 X7R 1uF/250V K P:15mm 3u3/50V K10 (R)8x13 SBE 6u8/100V K10 (R)1020 GNE 100uF/16V M (R)0611 P:2.8A PN:LM2574 HVN-15V 8PIN (NS) PN:ES1D 200V 1A PN:BZX84C10 10V SOT-23 PN:BZX84C15 15V SOT-23 Q6 Q8 Q12.7.37.121. Electrolytic Cap.79 R4.5 100uF/25V M (R)6.3 Capacitors 031-100184-100 031-100244-100 031-100344-100 031-100384-100R 031-470144-101 032-100484-200 033-330444-270 033-680464-270 034-100614-300 034-100625-300 034-100695-300 034-100895-204 034-220525-300 034-330625-300 034-470415-300 Semiconductors 051-000600-100 051-005600-100 051-290700-100 051-540101-000 051-640001-000 052-400080-000 053-257400-100 054-000100-100 054-001002-100 054-001501-100 16 .DIP.48D. Electrolytic Cap.60.15.100 C7 NPN Transistor PNP Transistor PNP Transistor PNP Transistor MOSFET N-Channel Bridge Regulator IC.120 R119 R13.13B R17 R127 R77.23.171 R48A. SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor END Mylar Cap.16.47 D32 D2.177.17 BR1 U6 D1. NPE Capacitor NPE Capacitor Electrolytic Cap.48B. Electrolytic Cap.26 C11.138 C5..16.5 330uF/25V M (R)1013 P:5 4u7/50V M (R)0511 P:2. Electrolytic Cap.169 R5.112.

9 RLY1 INPUT PCB ASS'Y (3 PCB's) 22K6 1/8W F 5K76 1/8W F 0R 1/4W J 1206 100R 1/8W J 1206 1K 1/8W J 1206 10K 1/8W F 1206 10K 1/8W J 1206 100K 1/8W F 1206 1K5 1/8W J 1206 15K 1/8W J 1206 20K 1/8W J 1206 22K6 1/8W F 1206 2K7 1/8W J 1206 300R 1/8W J 1206 30K 1/8W J 1206 3K3 1/8W F 1206 3K3 1/8W J 1206 4K7 1/8W J 1206 470K 1/8W J 1206 4.205-207.10 L12 L8 L1 FB1.13.264 R200B.38 Q1 Q2 043-300101-000 043-560200-000 043-700100-000 043-820300-000 044-100100-000 072-040039-000 072-040064-000 072-040096-000 072-040250-000 073-111003-000 073-111004-000 074-300018-000 INDUCTOR INDUCTOR INDUCTOR INDUCTOR SMD FERRITE BEAD Terminal PCB type Terminal PCB type Terminal T187MA(PCB TYPE) CONNECTOR Shorting Strap Shorting Strap RELAY 30uH YT-10033 56uH YT-10779 70uHx2 YT-10024 820uH YT-10034 PN:321611 600R/100MHz 1206 PC205 (t= 7 PIN JS-1001-7 P:2.8).TER7 P1 J7 J4.244 R261 R224 R221.218.217 R200.30 D30 D4-6.309 R249 R238.6V SOT-23 C36 PN:LL4148 (Wishay) PN:MMBT5401 LT1 SOT-23 PN:MMBT5551 LT1 (ON) Q25.247 R210 R259 R243.TER6 TER5.201.219B R202.21.302.Alpha 1200s Part Number Description Reference Designator 054-033904-100 054-033906-100 054-050601-100 054-414803-100 054-540100-100 054-555100-100 SMD Transistor SMD Transistor SMD ZENER DIODE SMD DIODE SMD Transistor SMD Transistor PN:MMBT3904LT1 SOT23 (ON PN:MMBT3906LT1 SOT23 (ON PN:BZX84C5V6 5.303.7M 1/8W J 1206 510R 1/8W J 1206 56K 1/8W J 1206 620R 1/8W J 1206 68K 1/8W J 1206 7M5 1/8W J 1206 82K 1/8W J 1206 P/N:RK163111R405-EJ PN:RD1631411001D-50KBx4 (EJ) R214 R204 R301.FB2 T1 T2.4x0.T250MA (t=0.31.8m/m PN:943-1C-48D L9.201B.215 R240.219 R251 R223 R256 R208.8m/m) T205MA PC250(t=0.8mm) PC187(0.5x12.14.6x1m/m 29.226 R250 R241 R263 R216 R233 Miscellaneous Resistors 021-226598-100 021-576498-100 024-000097-120 024-100398-121 024-100498-121 024-100598-101 024-100598-121 024-100698-101 024-150498-121 024-150598-121 024-200598-121 024-226598-100 024-270498-121 024-300398-121 024-300598-121 024-330498-101 024-330498-121 024-470498-121 024-470698-121 024-470798-121 024-510398-121 024-560598-121 024-620398-121 024-680598-121 024-750798-121 024-820598-121 026-500595-254 026-500595-267 MF Resistor MF Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor VR 50KA VR 50KBx4 17 .28.231.232 R237 R258 R260 R203.5mm 54.218B.29 Q26.209.22.9x13.

342.212.218 C207. Electrolytic Cap.224 C227.230. PN:LL4148 (Wishay) 217. PE Cap.6V SOT-23 TAPI D210 PN:DTC114EK SMT3 (ROHM) Q202 D200-205. PE Cap.208 C201.2.381 R338. Electrolytic Cap.222 C202 C200.FE-M ESK Cap..13. ESK Cap.5 0u033/63V J P:5 0u56/63V J P:5 0u068/63V J P:5m/m 0u68/63V J P:5 PN:ESK063P68JA C12.207.209.216 C2G1 C212 C220 C221 C223.215.3 M3 M4 M3 J200 T1.218 Semiconductors Miscellaneous 072-010058-000 072-040039-000 072-040250-000 072-040253-000 072-040337-000 072-040338-000 072-060219-000 073-010021-000 074-030002-000 RCA JACK 2P Terminal (PCB TYPE) CONNECTOR HEADER Right Angle HEADER Right Angle HEADER Right Angle BINDING POST (gold plated) Screw holder Toggle Switch PN:0502000W1G (Red.15 C209.White) PC205 (t=0.8m/m) T205MA 7 PIN JS-1001-7 P:2.232-235 C204.Alpha 1200s Part Number Description Reference Designator Capacitors 031-100244-101 031-100344-102L 031-100344-104 031-220244-103L 031-220344-103 031-470444-101 031-680444-100 034-100515-300G 034-100615-301 034-220516-301 034-220525-300 035-330293-300 035-560393-300 035-680253-300 035-680353-300 SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor Electrolytic Cap.204 PN:BZX84C5V6 5. Electrolytic Cap.343.213 C214 050-505200-001 054-007200-100 054-033904-100 054-050601-100 054-211400-100 LED SMD IC SMD Transistor SMD ZENER DIODE SMD Transistor (NPN) 054-414803-100 SMD DIODE PN:LT-2402-21 LED1 PN:TL072CDR SO-8 (TI) U200-205 PN:MMBT3904LT1 SOT23 (ON Q203.5mm PN:211-103-000-400 3PIN PN:211-110-000-400 10PIN PN:211-105-000-400 5PIN PN:A807A-RB 8PIN 1/2K red+blk PN:PCB-2(M3) 4PIN P/N L101 J201 C211 P2.210.216...346.225 C14.371 R335 RABOS PCB ASS'Y Resistors 021-100398-100 021-100498-100 021-100598-100 021-100798-100 021-100898-100 021-110698-100 021-121598-100 021-140598-100 021-150198-100 021-162398-100 021-267498-100 021-340398-100 021-357498-100 18 .348.353 R356 R362 R347 R354.229. 0u01/50V K 1206 X7R 0u1/50V K 1206 X7R 100pF/50V K NPO 1206 0u022/50V K 1206 X7R 220pF/50V K NPO 1206 4700pF/50V K X7R 1206 6800pF/50V K X7R 1206 10uF/16V M (R)0511 P:2 100uF/16V M (R)0611 P:5 22uF/16V M (R)0511 P:2 22uF/25V M (R) 5x11 P:2.369 R380 R341 R384 R336 R357.3 SW200-202 MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor 100R 1/8W F 1K 1/8W F 10K 1/8W F 1M 1/8W F 10M 1/8W F 110K 1/8W F 12K1 1/8W F 14K 1/8W F 1K5 1/8W F 162R 1/8W F 2K67 1/8W F 340R 1/8W F 3K57 1/8W F R339 R363.

B1 T4A/250V φ5x20m/m Capacitors 031-100345-300 034-220525-300 035-100293-300 035-100363-300 035-680253-300 038-150393-300 Semiconductors FUSE PCB ASS'Y 039-220180-100 043-324300-000 072-040064-000 072-040096-000 073-050001-000 091-000128-000 PRE DRIVER AMP PCB Resistors 024-000098-120 024-100298-120 024-100498-120 024-100598-120 024-100698-120 024-100798-120 024-110598-120 024-200598-120 024-220398-120 024-220498-121 024-220798-120 024-270498-120 024-390498-120 024-390598-120 024-470398-120 024-470498-120 024-470598-120 SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor SMD Resistor 0R 1/8W J 0805 10R 1/8W J 0805 1K 1/8W J 0805 10K 1/8W J 0805 100K 1/8W J 0805 1M 1/8W J 0805 11K 1/8W J 0805 20K 1/8W J 0805 220R 1/8W J 0805 2K2 1/8W J 0805 2M2 1/8W J 0805 2K7 1/8W J 0805 3K9 1/8W J 0805 39K 1/8W J 0805 470R 1/8W J 0805 4K7 1/8W J 0805 47K 1/8W J 0805 19 R313.137.36 R35 .304 in parallel with C328 C322.97.320 R89.133 R37 R32.140.5mm PN:XG275M224VHCXAC1 324uH YT-10778 L13 PC250(t=0.5x8. ESK Mylar Cap.85..Alpha 1200s Part Number Description Reference Designator 021-549398-100 021-590498-100 021-619498-100 021-680398-100 021-698598-100 021-787398-100 021-909398-100 021-931498-100 026-100595-346 026-100595-347 MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor MF Resistor VR 10KAx2 (Level. 0u22/250V INDUCTOR Terminal (PCB TYPE) Terminal T187MA(PCB TYPE) FUSE CLIP FUSE 18x16. FE-M MPE Cap. PE Cap.8). PE Cap.5 0u01/63V J P:5 0u1/100V J P:5m/m 0u068/63V J P:5m/m 0u15/63V J C305.142 R75.83.8) TER1.161 R86.8mm) PC187(0.132.T250MA TER2 (t=0.92.4 P/N:CFFH1206 F1.364 R385 R351 VR302.34.99 R95.157 R130.303 VR301 SMD Capacitor Electrolytic Cap.323.98.5mm P4 X2 Safety Cap.84. P:5 0u1/50V M 1206 X7R 22uF/25V M (R) 5x11 P:2.(OP) PN:TL072CDR SO-8 (TI) PN:TL074CDR (TI) U301 U300 072-040250-000 CONNECTOR 7 PIN JS-1001-7 P:2.328 C381 C380 054-007200-100 054-007400-100 SMD IC SMD IC.318.167 R134 R87.Width) VR 10KCx2 (Frequency) 549R 1/8W F 5K9 1/8W F 6K19 1/8W F 680R 1/8W F 69K8 1/8W F 787R 1/8W F 909R 1/8W F 9K31 1/8W F PN:RV16A01-20-15K-A14-3E53 PN:RV16A01-20-15K-C14-3E53 R344 R382 R359.314.131.306 C303.33 R74.150 R81.82.96.141 R136.374 R360 R383 R350.93 R80.90.183.94 R91 R151-153.3.

TH1 SPE+ C211 .VR301-303 Power PCB PANEL. 0u01/50V K 0805 X7R 100pF/50V J 0805 NPO 0u1/50V K 0805 X7R 0u18/50V K 0805 X7R 0u047/50V K 0805 X7R 56pF/50V J 0805 NPO 560pF/50V J 0805 NPO 100uF/25V M (R) P:2.52.17 For Q11.22 PN:2N5551 TO-92 Q21.17.5 1000uF/16V M (R) 10x17 P:5 330uF/16V M (R)0812 P:3.118. SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor SMD Capacitor Electrolytic Cap.84 C75-78.10 PN:MMBT3906LT1 SOT23 (ON Q34. Electrolytic Cap.5 C108.1 H=14.13.COVER(Rear)x2 COVER(Front)x2.101.COVER For Q11.85 C80.6V SOT-23 TAPI Z7.8 PN:LL4148 (Wishay) D36.64"x3.102.23 PN:IR2111 8PIN (IR) U7.40 PN:MMBT5551 LT1 (ON) Q32 HEADER Right Angle HEADER Right Angle GASKET (S12P) CR GASKET C4305 GASKET CR C4305 GASKET CR C4305 Transformer 120V/60Hz Knob Partition post Strain Relief Thermal Isolator Mica Bracket for Transistor Amp Cover PANEL(ALPHA SUB 1200) UL PVC sleeve 300V 105deg Bracket black ROCKER SW (POWER) Power Cord Wire #16AWG UL1007 Wire #18AWG UL1007 BLK Wire #16 UL1015 WHT Wire #16 UL1015 PN:211-107-000-400 7PIN PN:211-111-000-400 11PIN 28x20mm t=5mm C4305 12x15 t=5mm CR 196x10mm t=1mm 320x10mm t=1mm EI-125 YT-9313-2 PN:49001-W (18)D=15.83x8.35 PN:BZX84C5V6 5. 85 deg Electrolytic cap.33"x3.20" SPCC cadium PN:RF1003-BB4-0 SPT-2 #18 12'+T187 red L=720 T250 terminal + sleeve blk L=110mm+7mm T187 transparent sleeve L:140mm T187 transparent sleeve L:160mm Capacitors 031-100244-100 031-100343-100 031-100344-100 031-180344-100 031-470244-102 031-560243-100 031-560343-102 034-100625-303 034-100715-202 034-330615-301 Semiconductors 051-000600-100 051-222200-100 051-555100-000 053-211100-000 054-000100-100 054-001002-100 054-007200-100 054-033906-100 054-050601-100 054-414803-100 054-540100-100 054-555100-100 Miscellaneous 072-040229-000 072-040230-000 008-060302-032 008-061215-000 008-062001-000 008-063001-000 042-014107-001 061-001052-000 061-100016-000 061-314002-000 061-700035-000 061-700044-000 063-010010-000 063-332101-000 063-332103-000 065-040102-090 073-014044-000 074-020018-000 086-021836-000 181-911622-148 181-911800-338 181-921600-000 181-921699-000 20 PIN2 PIN1 X'FORMER Thermister COVER(front)x2.125 C79 C117 C109.DIP.60.216.49 PN:TL072CDR SO-8 (TI) U9.984"SPCC φ1mm blk 6.82.8 PN:ES1D 200V 1A D35.Alpha 1200s Part Number Description Reference Designator 024-560598-120 024-680498-120 SMD Resistor SMD Resistor 56K 1/8W J 0805 6.94.124 C92.83 C93.61 PN:MMBT5401 LT1 SOT-23 Q33.15 For Q13.15.39.93" ABS 94V0 12.8K 1/8W J 0805 R38 R135.166 SMD Ceramic Cap.DRIVER SMD DIODE SMD ZENER DIODE SMD IC SMD Transistor SMD ZENER DIODE SMD DIODE SMD Transistor SMD Transistor (NPN) PN:MPSW06RLRA TO-92 (ON) Q31 PN:MPS2222ARLRA TO-92 Q20.COVER(Rear)x2 For R233.5 PN:BCMS-8 L=8mm NY 66(UL) P/N SB4F-2 PN:TO-220AWO 13x18mm TO-220 P/N:TRK-2 12.33" t=0.132 C32 NPN Transistor NPN Transistor (ON SEM) NPN Transistor IC.131.105.50"x3.83"x8.46.43 PN:BZX84C10 10V SOT-23 D42.140 C81.

Alpha 1200s 21 .

R224.R264 CHANGE:C224 CHANGE:R78.R244.R33.C323.R249.R249.R264 22 HARMAN 350089-001 ALPHA-SUB-1200 ALPHA-SUB-1200-P1F ALPHA-SUB-1200 2002/09/16 1 of 4 P1F BELLE .C328 ADD:D218.R254 CHANGE:R76.R119 CHANGE:R32.R254.C221 DEL:D218.Alpha 1200s P1A P1B P1C P1D P1E P1F NEW Design CHANGE:R119.

R224.R264 CHANGE:C224 CHANGE:R78.R254.C328 ADD:D218.R244.R119 CHANGE:R32.R33.C221 DEL:D218.R249.Alpha 1200s P1A P1B P1C P1D P1E P1F NEW Design CHANGE:R119.R254 CHANGE:R76.R264 23 HARMAN 350089-001 ALPHA-SUB-1200 ALPHA-SUB-1200-P1F ALPHA-SUB-1200 2002/09/16 2 of 4 P1F BELLE .C323.R249.

R244.R249.C328 ADD:D218.R249.R254 CHANGE:R76.R254.R119 CHANGE:R32.C323.R264 24 HARMAN 350089-001 ALPHA-SUB-1200 ALPHA-SUB-1200-P1F ALPHA-SUB-1200 2002/09/16 3 of 4 P1F BELLE .C221 DEL:D218.R33.R224.Alpha 1200s P1A P1B P1C P1D P1E P1F NEW Design CHANGE:R119.R264 CHANGE:C224 CHANGE:R78.

C328 ADD:D218.R254.R264 P1D P1E P1F CHANGE:C224 CHANGE:R78.C323.R249.R119 CHANGE:R32.Alpha 1200s P1A P1B P1C NEW Design CHANGE:R119.R249.R264 25 HARMAN 350089-001 ALPHA-SUB-1200 ALPHA-SUB-1200-P1F ALPHA-SUB-1200 2002/09/16 4 of 4 P1F BELLE .C221 DEL:D218.R33.R254 CHANGE:R76.R224.R244.

Description Spike Foot Kit Outer Carton Top and Bottom End Pads Owner’s Manual Warranty Card Part number Qty.Alpha 1200s PACKAGING 11 12 Legend on Page 9 8 10 Item 8. 11. 338076-001 350613-001 350615-001 350614-001 335841-002 1 1 2 1 1 10 26 Alpha 1200s 9 . 12. 9 10.