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Among other things, corporations and alliances allow formal wars to be

fought over resources, trade routes, strategic systems, customs offices, etc.
Corporate wars allow the two warring corporations to attack each other with
impunity, bypassing all security status penalties and CONCORD interference.
A war declaration (war dec) is a formal state of war between two player
corporations or alliances. When corporations or alliances are at war the
pilots belonging to them become legal targets for each other in all security
levels of empire space. NPC corporations cannot be war decced by a player
Corporation or Alliance assets are also considered legal targets, i.e. Starbase
Structures, Customs Offices, or anchorable containers.
You can see what wars your corporation is currently involved in, and check
other corporations' wars on the wars tab of the corporation menu.
Declaring War
How do I declare war on a corporation or alliance?
To declare war on another corp you must have the director or CEO role in
your current corporation, and then go to the 'Wars' tab in the corporation
menu. Here you click on the 'Declare War' button at the bottom of the
window. This will bring a new window where you can search for any player
owned corp or alliance to declare war upon.
For an alliance, the process is different. The CEO or a director of the
Executor Corp must open the Corporation interface, go to the Alliances tab,
and then view the "Home" tab. At the bottom of the window is button
labeled "Declare War." The CEO must push the button and enter the name of
the target corporation or alliance, then press search. Once he or she has
confirmed the selected alliance is the correct one, war is immediately
declared, with fighting becoming possible after a 24 hour notice period.
How much does a wardec cost?
It costs 50 million isk, plus an additional cost for each member in the target
corporation/alliance above 51. It will now start to increase with the 51st
member and reach the ceiling of 500 million ISK at 2000 members.
The war declaration fee must be in the Master Wallet of the corp wallet.
I just started a war, what now?
After declaration, the war will go active 24 hours later. Wars will last 1 week
unless either surrender is agreed upon, or if the war is extended by paying
the fee for the next week of war. If the war bill is not paid, the war will end
24 hours after its due date.

Ending a war
To end a war, either the war bill must not be paid, or either corp must
surrender (Directors and CEOs can offer surrender). When the war is ended
a message will be sent to involved parties confirming the war invalidation.
When a war between corporations has been ended it takes 24 hours for the
war cancellation to take effect. During that time players can still shoot at
each other without security status loss or Concord intervention.
Either corp can make a surrender offer to end the war. In the corporation
menu, under the 'Wars' tab and the 'Our Wars' tab there under, click on the
white flag icon to make a surrender offer. A new window will pop up where
you can enter a message, and make an ISK offer.
If the offer is accepted by the other corp, the ISK will be transferred
automatically between corp wallets, and the war will end in 24 hours
thereafter. There is no war dec cool down period, so the same war may be
declared again after the 24 hours.
Please note: A Corporation leaving an alliance at war will take with it all wars
the alliance was in, with immediate effect. New wars will be declared with
the leaving corp as aggressor if the alliance was the aggressor, and vice
versa. The first week of war will be free. A bill will be issued for the second
week of war, and if it is not paid, the war will end at the end of the free
Mutual Wars
A mutual war can be ended by either side surrendering to the other.
Alternatively, the aggressor can retract the war if the defender has set the
war to mutual.
Defending corporations in wars can enlist other corps to ally with them in
the war. For more info, please refer to this dev blog:

Current war declaration mechanics are very one-sided, they favour the
aggressor for two main reasons:
The aggressed has no control over how long the war lasts.
The aggressor tends to be better prepared for the war.
Since it is highly unlikely a corporation/alliance will declare war
knowing/thinking they will be steamrolled, it is fair to assume parties will
only war dec when they are prepared and ready to fight, and when they
know/think they will be able to handle or beat their opponent. The party
being war dec'd does not have this luxury, so on average, you will find that
aggressors are better prepared to deal with the war than the aggressed.
In addition to this, empire war is one of the few mechanics in Eve that has
no direct consequence associated with it for doing badly. Whether a party is
performing excellent during a war, or whether they are being steamrolled, it
has no impact on the actual war. This makes war almost meaningless,
turning them into little more than a license to kill. Of course, ships will be
lost, and excessive losses can get expensive, but ISK is not too hard to make
and losses can be sustained for quite lengthy periods of time before they
become a real reason to end a war for many players. This and the very low
war declaration cost mean that wars can be sustained by the aggressor
Potential Solutions
Meaningful war through victory conditions
I propose the introduction of a Victory Condition. A victory condition could
be ISK damage done (calculated by Jita median price of the destroyed ship).
The aggressor would specify the exact Victory Condition in their war
declaration (for example, 1bil ISK damage done), and the aggressed is
notified of this in the CONCORD mail.
If the aggressor makes or surpasses his Victory Condition, and prevents his
enemy from doing the same, the aggressor officially 'wins' the war. This
gives them the option of continuing the war another week. Should the
aggressor fail to meet their Victory Condition, or be unable to prevent the
enemy from reaching the Victory Condition, they officially lose the war, and
will be unable to redeclare war on that specific target for the duration of the
previous - lost - war.

By allowing both parties to meet the Victory Condition, we encourage the

use of a fair Victory Condition. After all, if the Victory Condition is very low, it
will be easy for an opponent to meet this as well, while a very high Victory
Condition will be a difficult mark to reach for the aggressor. A Victory
Condition also gives both corporations a real, strategic goal to work towards,
giving more meaning to empire war declarations.
Wins and losses should be announced or visible somewhere ingame,
whether it is the Wars page in the corporations window, or on CONCORD

Both aggressor and aggressed have equal control over the duration of the
Wars become goal oriented, giving it more meaning to the players.
Performance in the war matters, and encourages involved parties to actively
Corporations can stay docked (turtle) for a week, denying the aggressor
kills and thereby forcing a loss on the aggressor.

Extension on the victory condition solution

Source: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?
The detail needs a lot of thrashing out there. I think as long as a war is
continuing without either side reaching a decisive advantage it should go on
as long as the aggressor wants to maintain the payment. I also thing the
penalty for losing a war should be significant - maybe a couple of
percentage points of tax on the corporation wallet from the defeated to the
winner as a victory boon / "reparations".
I also support the principle of 3rd party buy-ins to wars from allies and
mercenaries that would impact the overall results and advantage factor in
the fighting.
It is a complicated issue though and its very important that if we do see an
overhaul to the war dec system it maintains the essential principles of Eve ie that pvp risk and consequence attends the founding of player corps and
The goal should be to change the war dec system to make for more
entertaining and enjoyable wars. Yes the attacker should risk having to pay

reparations as a penalty for defeat, but its also important that corporations
can gain advantage and political leverage by threatening and conducting
wars of aggression.
Allows mercenaries to factor into war decs more directly, encouraging this
style of play.
Gives a tangible (ISK) reward for winning, and a tangible penalty for losing a
Makes it easier for corporations/alliances to wage prolonged campaigns,
even if they are losing (by a small margin), as it might be hard for the
aggressed to beat the aggressor by a large margin.

Incremental war declaration fee for prolonged wars

Source: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?
Increase the war declaration fee by a certain amount each additional week a
war is active. While this does not really give the aggressed more influence,
nor give the war more meaning, it is a fairly easy fix that will prevent any
prolonged wars.
An example would be to increase the war dec fee by 50% every additional
week the war is active. Eventually this will result in a considerable war dec
bill, which acts as discouragement to continue a lengthy war.
Lengthy wars are discouraged
Very easy to implement
Corps/Alliances could work around the limitation by letting the war expire for
one day, and then redeclare war.
It only discourages lengthy war (which may be a con in itself), while it does
not give the war more meaning, or give the aggressed more control about
the war.

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