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Main image- The

main image is the

key picture because
it captures the
audience eye. It also
sometimes leads the
audience to making
the decision to
purchase the
The magazines slogan is
the worlds biggest
movie magazine which
has been done to
promote the magazine in
the best way possible.
The magazine is giving it
self praise and letting
viewers aware that they
are the best to achive

Barcode- The
barcode is used to
indicate to the
audience how much
the magazine may
cost when scanned.

Masthead- The
masthead is the main
font you will see within a
magazine because it tells
you what the magazine
is called. As you can see
this masthead is red with
big font writing which is
empires signature style
when it come to their
title font. The red
emphasise danger and
The pug is what is used
to get the readers
attention towards
another articles that are
within the magazine
rather then just the
main one. usually at the
side of the magazine.

Anchorage text- This is

used to make the text run
along with the main
image. The title of the film
is in the middle of the
magazine cover and runs
along James bond (Daniel
Craig) body.

The pug is used

to usually
promote other

articles inside the

masthead is


the text

however in this

usually at the

case the

top of

magazine decides


to promote the


film in an even

The barcode is
on the
magazine to
indicate to the
audience the
value when
The main image is
The title of the film

you can see is the

as you can see is

revenant star

called the

Leonardo dicaprio.

revenant and it is

Leonardo is a well

written in big bold

known actor so this

white writing. The

can help in boosting

white is used to

sells. The image

emphasise the mood

shows a male who is

in the film which is

very untidy in

bold and cold.

appearance in a cold
environment. This
builds major
suspense and makes

The slogan is usually

something the

The price of the magazine

magazine is known for

is indicated right at the top

which could be for

of the magazine in small

many reasons. The

text. The issue month is

slogan at the top

also printed within the same

which is written as

space. The price for a total

the modern guide

film magazine is 3.75

to ,ovies indicates
that they are known
for modern straight
forward magazines

The main image is

which some viewers


usually what attracts

the audience the
most into purchasing

indicates to the

the magazine. In this


case the cover

what name the

image of the

magazine is

magazine is harry
porter (Daniel
Radcliff) who is an
The anchorage line

extremely famous

is the text that is

Pugs- the pugs
within total films
Cover lines- the cover
The barcode is

lines in total film

there to indicate to

magazine give the

the audience the

audience a sense of what

price of the

will happen in the harry

magazine when it

potter film plot. The cover

is used to be

line reads no school no


rules can harry cut it in

located on the total

film title and reads
the worlds best
movie reviews
total film uses the
word best to
indicate to us as an
audience that we
should look no
were else when it
comes to finding
quality film

usually placed in the

middle and runs
across the main
image. In this case
harry porters legs
crosses over the text.
The anchorage line
helps to promote the
films title due to the
title rarely being seen
on the magazine