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UEEA4473 Power Electronics and Drive

Tutorial 4

Tri 1/10

Tutorial 4
Question 1
In a regulated flyback converter with a 1: 1 turns ratio, Vo = 12V, Vd is 1224V, Pload is 6 60W, and the
switching frequency fs = 200KHz. Calculate the maximum value of the magnetizing inductance Lm that
can be used if the converter is always required to operate in a complete demagnetization (equivalent to a
discontinuous conduction) mode. Assume ideal components.

Question 2
Figure below shows a switchmode power supply that is to be designed with the following specifications:
Vd 48V 10%
Vo 5V ( regulated)
f s 100kHz
Pload 15 50W

A forward converter operating in a continuousconduction mode with a demagnetizing winding

(N3 = N1) is chosen. Assume all components to be ideal except for the presence of transformer
magnetization inductance.
(i) Calculate
if this turns ratio is desired to be as small as possible.
(ii) Calculate the minimum value of the filter inductance.

Prepared by: Dr. Chew

UEEA4473 Power Electronics and Drive

Tutorial 4
Tri 1/10
Question 3
A forward converter with a demagnetizing winding is designed to operate with a maximum duty ratio D max
= 0.7. Calculate the voltage rating of the switch in terms of the input voltage, Vd.

Question 4
In the pushpull converter as shown, assume the losses to be zero and each switch duty ratio to be 0.25.
The transformer has a finite magnetizing inductance and im is the magnetizing current.

(a) At a large load where iL (N2/N1) >> im, draw the im, iD1 and iD2 waveforms.
(b) At essentially no load, draw the im waveform and show that the peak value of im is higher than in
part (a)

Prepared by: Dr. Chew