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Of course, leaving him to his meal
might afford the others the opportunity to escape...

SMs Section
This is a little or no prep one-shot RPG. Character creation takes about 60 seconds.
This is a collaborative story-telling game and has no stats and uses only a single die
to do every significant action. Its unlikely the game will last more than 2 hours.
Each scenario is an exercise in improvisation for the SM. You are given a setting and
expected to run with it in whatever direction Shia chases your players. Think of it as
a particularly tongue in cheek horror film. Vivid descriptions are key, whereas maps
and miniatures are discouraged.You describe a scene, the players respond and you
insert Shia's actions where appropriate. Players roll for actions that may result in
bodily harm. This game is not intended to be kind to the players.
People will die.
Shia Labeouf is supernaturally fast, powerful and possibly naked. Think the bastard
son of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers with the cruelty of Freddy Krueger and the
speed and power of the Wolfman. He hunts mercilessly and will not stop once he
has tasted blood.
Guide your players by describing the areas they are in. Rolls should take place when
there is a risk of harm to the player.This includes when Shia attacks them which
should be described by the SM whenever appropriate. Give them a roll to attack,
attempt to dodge or otherwise avoid the assault. A roll that is greater than the
number of blood tokens causes them to lose a blood token. A roll that is equal to or
less than the number of blood tokens they have succeeds without harm to them. A
roll of 1 always succeeds. Players can choose to give up a blood token in lieu of a
roll to succeed at a particular action, though these go directly to Shias total.
Mundane actions or actions with precautions taken never require a roll e.g.
smashing a window with a rock is safe, while smashing it with your fist is not.
Obviously precautions take time and Shia is always moving to his next assault.
For game purposes Shia Labeouf has
a minimum
of 5 + [2x the number of players] in
blood tokens, though the number can be adjusted by the SM if they wish to increase
the challenge, particularly against seasoned RPG players who have the mentality of
If it bleeds. Be fair(ish) in your decisions to remove tokens from Shia. He may be
horror movie powerful but hes not invincible.

If the players successfully attack Shia, either with a weapon or with environmental
hazards, remove one of his blood tokens then have him retreat to give the players a
brief respite. Fighting him barehanded will not do any lasting damage and puts you
in harm's way. However, if you could for example bodyslam him into some
environmental hazard or to set up another player to attack him, it could be worth
it. If the players somehow manage to deplete all of Shias tokens, they are
victorious but forever scarred by their horrifying experience.
Once a player has no more blood tokens, they can no longer take actions that
require dice-rolls, but they can still attempt to flee to safety. If a player dies as a
result of being attacked after expending all their blood tokens, these discarded
tokens are added to Shias total as he consumes the body, bones and all! Of course,
while he feasts, the other players can flee unimpeded. Interrupting his feeding will
greatly anger Shia and cause him to target the interrupter more viciously than the
If the players manage to get into a safe situation (locked in a safe room, trapping
Shia permanently) you can expend 2 of his blood tokens to cause a
Shia Surprise!
where he escapes the situation, however implausible his escape may be and

resumes the hunt. Do not allow the players a huge amount of time to think or plan.
More than five minutes of safety or inaction should be interrupted, using a

if necessary. Feel free to play on horror story cliches and make the game
as serious or silly as you wish.

Some locations are given overleaf to get you started.

A final note: These are simply guidelines made by one person. If something doesnt
feel like its working, change it! All I ask is that if you changed how something
worked, make a post and tell me how it went!


Roll a d6, 1-3 is the left column, 4-6 is the right column then roll d6 to determine
the hunting ground.

A Dark Wood

A locked shopping mall

A high school or university


A large manor house on the hill

A ship at sea or in space

A national park

The Ghetto at 3am

An office building

A suburb on Halloween night

A summer camp

A sprawling subway system

A disused amusement park

Questions, Comments, Feedback etc can be directed to /u/mattzm on reddit,

the subreddit /r/ACSLB or his Twitter account @mattzm

About the Author: Matthew J. McPherson or mattzm has been an RPG fan since he
discovered Baldurs Gate at the age of 11. Since then he has sampled numerous RPG
systems, though not as many as he would like and yearns to one day publish a
full-scale game system. For now however, he is a research chemist in Scotland, living
with his girlfriend and brewing beer when hes not playing RPGs.

Example Play Conversation

Alice, Bob, Jack and Jill are inside the disused fairground and have been selected as
Shia's targets for the evening. They are currently inside the Hall of Mirrors. Shia is
inside with them.
SM: In the dank, smoky house of mirrors, vague flashes of Shia Labeouf pass in your
peripheral vision. You can no longer see the main exit, though you can travel north,
south or east. What do you do?
Alice: "I'm going to smash a mirror to give myself a weapon!
Bob: "I'll watch the south in case he comes that way. I've still got my garden shears."
Jill: "I'm going to close my eyes and listen to see if I can hear him approach"
Jack: "I've still got 3 bullets in the revolver so I'll watch the east direction since
that's where we came from"
SM: "Ok, Alice since you aren't just picking it up off the floor, roll for me.
Alice: "4"
SM: "Ok, that's less than your tokens, you're fine. You have a large shard of sharp
glass to defend yourself with. Bob, Jack, you don't see anything but swirling smoke.
Jill, you can hear slithering footsteps but they sound like they are coming from all
around you. Suddenly from above, Shia Labeouf drops from the rafters and begins to
savage Jill. Roll for me.
Jill : "Damn 6!"
SM :" Ok, you lose one blood token. Shia sinks his teeth into your neck and rips away
at the flesh. What do you guys do?"
Jack : "Should I shoot him?"
Alice : "No, save the ammo. I lunge forward and jam the shard of glass into his
Bob : "I'll pull Jill to safety and begin to run north"
Jack : "I'll cover Alice's escape in case it goes wrong!"
SM: "Ok, Alice roll for me again."
Alice: "And a 1! Yay!"
SM: "Damn you're lucky. You bury the shard half its length into Shia Labeouf who
let's loose a horrific scream. He leaps what must be over ten feet vertically and
disappears into the rafters again. He loses one token. That's 9 left.
Alice: "Hell yeah! It bleeds and I can kill it!"
SM: "Ok, so Shia has retreated for now. Bob is running and carrying Jill north, Jack is
watching the ceiling with the gun, Alice you're in the middle of the intersection.
What do you guys do?

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