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Chemistry Lecture: Critique Paper

A Bridge between Two Cultures: Uncovering
the Chemistry Concepts Relevant to the
Nursing Clinical Practice

Naguit, Andrew Philip R.
Noor, Ali Yussaf
Ofalsa, Paula Louise C.
Ortiz, Erica Mae S.
Peñalosa, Patricia Angelica Louise

1 NUR 1 GROUP: 8


looking on how they have different perception of the subject matter and the participants chosen for this study was from different expertise in the medical. solutions. three categories . experts agreed that measurements. Following the Phenomenography theoretical structure. The results obtained helped identify topics from the GOB chemistry course that are relevant to the clinical practice of nurses. topics overall were considered foundational in relevance to clinical practice. despite not being as adept as they should be on the subject as this would have to change because it is a basic and fundamental topic that is needed in the clinical practice. four GOB chemistry instructors. with the exception of nuclear chemistry. This is to identify the important topics that are applicable to the nursing profession and what is not important or insignificant to the profession. with the exception of nucleic acids. Qualitative methodology was used in this study to show descriptively the data collected directly from the participants. The interview transcripts were analyzed in order to answer the relevance of chemistry in the nursing clinical practice by digitally recorded and verbatim transcribed interviews. participants’ opinions were differentiated. For Biological Chemistry topics. Another purpose is to view a chemistry instructor’s perspective versus a clinical educator’s perspective on the subject.Introduction The author’s central purpose of this article is to know the fundamental topics that should prioritized and are considered relevant to a clinical practice of a nursing profession for general. From the statements made by the experts. which formulate the questionnaires or surveys that will tackle the relevance of the topics in GOB chemistry. based on participants’ different views and responses. six nurse educators and four nursing graduates with two – five years of clinical practice are the participants who were person-to-person interviewed to derive the topics that are applicable. nursing field. For Organic Chemistry. organic and biological (GOB) chemistry. For the General Chemistry topics. clinical practice. there was good agreement among experts regarding the importance of biomolecules and their metabolic pathways. Data (excerpts of transcripts) were organized into categories that addressed the phenomena. According to the study. the author’s central purpose is to emphasize that from the interview and research conducted that GOB chemistry is essential to nursing practitioners. but have equal importance and are not applicable and useful to the nursing. thus showing that three categories emerged regarding the relevancy of chemistry in nursing. Lastly. where the opinion was divided. This shows the different cultures of chemistry and nursing to the reader to further understand the two different views of instructors though they are interrelated. for which experts’ opinions were divided. with a few exceptions. Phenomenography was chosen as the theoretical framework to guide this research and the researchers used questionnaires or surveys for quantitative research. All other topics of general chemistry were considered foundational. not directly applicable. and acids−bases−salts are important.

in the study of GOB chemistry of nursing students. Many of the general chemistry topics also ranked higher (either important or foundational in the latter study). The reported observations/interpretations supported or agreed on to those interpretation. “It is imperative that Nurses question. especially topics that they need to emphasize in teaching. Henry. 1120-1121) A. which will later on be applied and is important in clinical practice. namely. from the information provided by the experts. a new understanding of a phenomenon in the field and a new research technique all in all by gathering information and empirical evidences from research participants that influence the subject matter. pp. analyze. “By Walhout and Heinschel. According to the article. Henry. The significance of the work is described by the importance of the study of GOB chemistry for nursing students and the nursing profession. Many of the organic topics were ranked lower (either foundational or not important in the latter study). The results were interpreted through qualitative analysis on the tables of the ratings of topics in General. most biological chemistry topics ranked higher. which were expressed by the chemistry instructors. according to the article. with many organic chemistry topics receiving the lowest ratings in importance. Organic and Bio Chemistry that are outlined. 2012) The author(s) were able to answer the question raised. Introduction The objective of the study is to determine the topics for GOB chemistry that are significant to a nurse to their clinical practice hence the importance of how GOB chemistry needs to be learned and given attention to as it is needed for the profession and should not be treated as a trivial matter. & Hyslop. with clinical implications. nurse educators and nursing graduate students.emerged regarding the relative importance of topics presented in a GOB chemistry course and relevancy of topics to clinical nursing practice. as well as those influenced by it. Barbera.” (Brown.” (Brown. information from this study can provide GOB chemistry instructors a blueprint of the topics. Barbera. 2012. The result is based on the highest number of average votes among the three categories. Since this study is focused on the main topics of GOB chemistry that are relevant to the study of nursing students. and make decisions based on appropriate scientific knowledge. Though most pre-nursing students dread . regarding the importance of the major categories. These can be implied to promote efficiency and understanding. Of the topics examined in both studies. the experts consulted ranked biological chemistry topics along with many general chemistry topics as important. The research provided factual information. along with opinions from the openminded interview. & Hyslop.

Because most of the participant. two different point of view such as an instructor’s view on chemistry versus a nursing educator’s view and so on in that would be all mention in the introduction itself. After analyzing the introduction of the article it can be said that all the information leads to the purpose of the study. in a way that the relevance of the GOB chemistry topics was answered and loop holes of the study didn’t surfaced. The flow of the statements in the study was adequate enough to support all the methods used in this study. . As the title states “A Bridge between Two Cultures: Uncovering the Chemistry Concepts Relevant to the Nursing Clinical Practice” it gives a direct and concise title to the article because of how the abstract gives an overview of the topics that would be tackled that are all related to it. Another objective of the study is to point out that the nursing education literature shows that the level of science in nursing is far from complete and that the need for further knowledge is evident. based on research bioscience proves to be a potential way to gain more knowledge as it can enhance and help improve nursing practice and with the scientific to guide them to the best clinical judgments and to safe nursing practices. There are some flaws because the approach is qualitative. but it doesn’t affect the result in this study. making it clear and penitent to arrive to the answer the study of this research.this subject this connotation should be changed as those in the profession should think the other way around because these topics gives a stable foundation to the knowledge needed to advance their mathematical skills and conceptual skills. The introduction gives a background on what is to be tackled in the upcoming paragraphs or parts of the article such as the purpose of the study. Methods The use of qualitative methodology made the study possible to derive why chemistry is essential to the nursing practice. The abstract first gives the objectives of the article then after identifying all these with the topics that have been stated that would be discussed the article then continues on the introduction in the order that the abstract has stated in the introduction. Phenomenography theoretical structure guided the whole study. agrees that chemistry is relevant. The abstract gives an outline to what the topics such as what is relevant and what should be given importance on the topics in GOB chemistry that should be learned. Though despite the researchers who have conducted this study for two decades. B. some of the answers might be repeated. but it will still show the relevance of the study. It is possible for duplication of the study. despite of the differences in expertise. there are no published studies yet that have a concrete guide as to what is the main topic of GOB chemistry that is needed to the nursing profession to be a good practitioner. However. thus making all the opinions of the participants in the study valid. The introduction gives the reader an idea of the topic discussed and after the significance of the study further solidifies its importance on what the article is talking about.

Chemical Education Research. describe the content accurately. Creating a structure that is easy to follow and clearly explains every point rose in the parts and sub-parts of the research. (Brown. The flaw of the research. Results The data gathered in the experiment are presented in tables and are organized for ready comparison and interpretation. There are no discrepancies between the results in the text and those in the tables. There are no other research possibilities/directions suggested in this research. as well as the column heading and labels. Biochemistry. in the two decades since their study. The interpretation is supported by a previous study by Walhout and Heinschel wherein they explored the perspective of nursing professionals regarding the ranking of topics included in a nursing chemistry course. Discussion The discussion does not merely repeat results but it also incorporate open-minded opinions based on experiences of experts from different categories.C. 2012) The study considers key studies of First-Year Undergraduate/General. Organic Chemistry. D. Barbera. E. thus shows clarity and defines every result that occurs after all the explanation of the whole gathering of data for the research. The interpretations arise logically from the data since it is incorporated with empirical evidences. Henry. It further explains the results and the opinion of the participants and doesn’t simply repeat the data. Divided in a logical manner. there have been no published studies pertaining to the main chemistry topics nurses should understand in order to be good practitioners. The study revealed what the researcher intended and that is to the study was to identify topics from the GOB chemistry course that are relevant to the clinical practice of nurses. The text complements with the data presented in the tables. regarding the relevance of the main topics of GOB chemistry. Curriculum and Non-major Courses. Conclusion . The whole overview of the article expresses what the study is about and what the reader can digest throughout reading it. Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary. However. Overview The abstract summarizes the whole point of the research study in this article. & Hyslop. The title. has been successfully addressed through in-depth presentation of data and interpretations.

Naguit. This article enlightens the reader the relevance and importance of chemistry in the field of medicine. but it will still fall on the answer that chemistry is relevant on the nursing profession. In summary of the article. technologically by going on par in the technological aspect of chemistry in the clinical setting and medically by studying how chemistry plays an important role in the health and wellness of a human being. As a reader of this article. the need of adjusting in the way people percept things is important and it is practical if some parts of the GOB chemistry topics. specifically on nursing profession. Andrew Philip R. this helps an individual to understand the importance of chemistry. it clearly opens my mind that studying chemistry in this chosen field of mine will play an important factor when I entered in a clinical setting. which greatly increase the understanding of this profession on how chemistry itself affects the daily life of a person. I agree to this point raised in the article. regarding the thought of some parts of GOB chemistry is not applicable in the clinical setting or some are not applicable and unnecessary in the nursing profession. are change into what the present needs in the clinical aspect of nursing. socially by how this will digest by the students or individuals using the said subject. The research study can be implied politically by seeing how chemistry works on the field of education. . In the practical aspect of this article. which are not applicable nowadays. The research study of “A Bridge between Two Cultures: Uncovering the Chemistry Concepts” tackles on why nurses need to study chemistry as a part of their profession. on why and how it helps the nursing profession. As time passes by. Contributing on the basic knowledge of human those GOB chemistry topics plays an important role in the client-caring role of a nurse. Different views might surface.

Personal opinions are also given importance since these will provide a more factual and perceptual overall view or evaluation of the research. Knowledge of the GOB Chemistry can be implied in nursing practices like the administration of drugs. in order for students to have a more cognizant approach in GOB Chemistry. The research produced practical applications regarding on how GOB Chemistry instructors will consider the results of the research in their way of teaching GOB Chemistry to nursing students. . In the clinical practice of nurses. and to provide excellent service for the welfare of the patients. Organic and Bio Chemistry (GOB Chemistry) that are relevant in clinical practice for nurses.Ofalsa. elements. This research provided ideas for GOB Chemistry instructors regarding what main topics are to be emphasized in their teachings. knowing what it is for and its side effects. knowledge in GOB Chemistry is essential as it enhances nursing practice. Since approach is one of the factors that greatly favour the understanding of a subject matter. components and the results of the research. With the application of the knowledge. The significance of the research is evaluated through considering the purpose. As an undergraduate program for nursing students. Paula Louise C. taking into account and considering the results of this research will most probably improve learning. it is important for these students to have a complete understanding of the main topics in GOB Chemistry it will equip them with the right knowledge that in necessary for clinical practice. The research made a significant contribution to human knowledge through introducing a new way of understanding the importance of the main topics of General. it guides nursing practitioners in making effective communication with patients at their level of comprehension. make the right clinical decisions that will promote safe quality care.

The research makes a significant contribution to human knowledge by enabling the identification of main GOB chemistry topics perceived to be relevant to the clinical practice of nurses. especially using the metric system. Henry. By associating these topics with clinical examples. p. which may directly affect their level of confidence with the nursing profession. Ultimately. the topic of measurements.Ortiz. pre-nursing students may be more motivated to learn. Barbera. The medical implication of this research is that knowledge of the important topic in GOB chemistry can improve the clinical skills of nurses. 2012. For example. & Hyslop. 1120) Research has identified that bioscience knowledge enhances nursing practice and that the incorporation of suitable scientific knowledge will help nurses in their clinical judgment and safe nursing practice The social implication of this research is that it can help GOB chemistry instructors to communicate and teach their students the important topics needed in the nursing profession in a way that can be easily understood. (Brown. nursing graduate students. and nurse educators to help them to better understand the topics or/and teach them to nursing students to improve nursing skills. This research is important for chemistry educators. Erica Mae S. . This information can be applied in assisting GOB chemistry instructors to better understand which topics to emphasize in their teaching. was considered critical in nursing clinical practice for drug dosage and concentration calculations. pre-nursing students’ self-efficacy toward chemistry may improve.

In summary this research is significant as it has an impact to the human knowledge and growth as a science because this article gives awareness that GOB chemistry is important and is basic and fundamental topics that are needed in the clinical practice of nursing because it makes up the necessary skills of a nurse. A medical implication that can be inferred on this research shows that there is a gap in the nursing profession is lacking from their level of science and knowledge needed in the profession that is needed to be filled.Peñalosa. Another contribution of the research is it gives two points of views to the reader and lets one understand a perspective of a GOB chemistry instructor and a nursing educator’s take on GOB chemistry. . Though there isn’t any actual published guide on what topics or the main chemistry that should be learned it is proven in the article that with the aid of GOB chemistry it helps them improve their mathematical skills and conceptual skills thus making them a better in the clinical practice of nursing. The study produced that with their research it was found that the nursing field is in need of increasing their knowledge and level of science as it is lacking in those aspects. Patricia Angelica Louise The research contributes as a step closer to identify the topics that should be learned in GOB chemistry and what topics should be taught as to what is considered important and relevant to the nursing profession. With these skills being used it helps to improve their mathematical skills and conceptual skills that would benefit them in their practice. To help with this is for the nursing community to give more importance to GOB chemistry as it has been stated that these topics being discussed in the subject are fundamental topics that are need for clinical practice of nursing that would be used. Also a significant contribution that can be considered is it lets the reader be aware that GOB chemistry is needed in the nursing profession because it is basic and one of the fundamental topics that are going to be used in the clinical practice of nursing. an example of this is computing for the right dosages needed in drugs.

net/publication/258660133 .. 89(9).References Brown. Henry.. June 25). Barbera. M. L. R. 1114-1121. C. Journal of chemical education.. & Hyslop. J. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate. E. (2012. M. A Bridge between Two Cultures: Uncovering the Chemistry ConceptsRelevant to the Nursing Clinical Practice.