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Important Instructions:
1. The deadline to provide the solution to the case study is October 16th, 2016 10:00 p.m. Late
submissions will be immediately disqualified. Also, once uploaded you would not be able to
edit/change your submission.
2. You must upload your answer in PDF format only (<1MB) and your answer of the problem
statement must not exceed 2 pages.
3. Your answer to Business Case problem statement would be evaluated on the following

Business acumen
Creative solution to business problem
Structured thinking

4. If you need any data to devise the solution, make reasonable assumptions and state them
clearly in your working.
Good luck!

Case Study: Driver Engagement

Uber is a company which depends on its driver partners for supply. Driver partners are
extremely important for success of Uber. For Uber, driver engagement is the measure of its
ability to get the most from its driver partners and for driver partners to get rewarded for their
high engagement and loyalty. The more drivers are motivated to drive on Uber platform, the
more it helps Uber in terms of having a reliable supply for riders at any point in time. This ties
back to the vision of Uber of providing transportation for everyone and everywhere as reliable
as running water.
There are multiple metrics which are affected by the level of engagement shown by a driver.
Some of these metrics are weekly supply hours provided by the driver, the time taken by the
drivers to reach milestones (eg. 100 trips), percentage of drivers who hit their milestone trips
mark within a stipulated time duration etc.
As a part of this case, you have to develop a comprehensive engagement program to increase
the driver productivity, happiness and loyalty. Following approach can help you in developing
the above program.

What are the factors which motivate drivers to drive on Uber platform?
How to manage the lifecycle of a partner who joins Uber through to his first 100 trips?
What would be the communication plan for the program?
What budget/ resources you will need for this program?
How to measure the effectiveness of the program?