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Who we are

Assessment Analytics, Inc. (AAI) is the premier provider of assessment

Understand your
peoples potentials
and competencies
to achieve
outstanding results

solutions in the Philippines. We deliver world-class products and services

that support people decisions throughout the employment lifecycle, from
talent acquisition to talent mobility. AAI is the exclusive distributor of CEBs
SHL Talent Measurement Solutions in the Philippines.

Our solutions
We provide the insight for organizations to

Our global industry partner: CEB

make better people decisions. Our solutions

help maximize business performance and
deliver real return on HR investment.

In January 2011, SHL and PreVisor, two of the largest talent assessment
pioneers, merged to become SHL, the global leader in talent measurement.
In September 2012, CEB acquired SHL. CEBs SHL Talent Measurement
Solutions unrivalled assessment science and People Intelligence give customers the actionable insight they need to make the intelligent talent acquisition and mobility decisions that drive measurable business results and
sustainable competitive advantage.
Building on a foundation of 50 years of market leadership, innovation and
expertise, CEB delivers more than 25 million scientifically proven selection
and development assessments per year in 30+ languages. Offering the
broadest global footprint in the industry, CEB deploys solutions in more than
150 countries and maintains a local presence in more than 50 countries.

The power of assessment

Our tools support smart people decisions throughout the employment lifecy-

Talent Acquisition
We help you hire faster and smarter,
saving time and money, while increasing
recruitment quality, productivity and

Volume Recruitment

Graduate / College Recruiting

Managerial & Professional Hire

Talent Mobility
The ideal candidate for your new job
opening may already work for you. We help you
understand your talent and align it to the right
roles within your organization.

Talent Audit

skills, behavior and performance, and predict potential for all major job cate-

Succession Planning

gories and levels in every sector. We give you insight into:

Employee Development

cle and our portfolio of 1,000+ off-the-shelf assessments precisely measure

Work style and behavior

Cognitive ability

Fit to your culture and values


Specific work-related skills

Performance and development needs

Our clients
CEB supports more than 10,000 clients, including over 50 percent of the
Global Fortune 500, and over 40 percent of the Fortune 500. In the
Philippines, Assessment Analytics has partnered with scores of

I have proven Assessment Analytics competence and good will I

always have very good
things to say about AAI
and its services.
Hinduja Global Solutions

organizations across industries.

AAI and CEBs

integrated solutions
Acquiring talent?

Hire better and at lower cost

Rapidly identify the best person for any
given role
Enhance your reputation as an employer
of choice, improving quality of hire
Make fair and defensible people

Mobilizing talent?

Make better people development and

succession decisions, improving
engagement and productivity
Engage and retain talent through
appropriate development
Reorganize and restructure more
Achieve greater alignment of people with
strategy, maximizing competitive

Our clients

Assessment Analytics
has been very helpful
in making decisions on
promotion, selection,
and career development.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme

Our customer promise

Our Customer First engagement model puts
you at the heart of everything we do. We
promise to understand your core business
drivers, define realistic measures of success,
measure and collect relevant data, evaluate the
success of the project and promote this success
to your chosen stakeholders.
Our approach:

Ensures anticipated outcomes are realized

Helps your internal stakeholders recognize

the value of your investment

Creates a positive cycle of continuous


Contact Assessment Analytics

21/F Rufino Pacific Tower, 6784 Ayala Avenue,
Makati City, Philippines
Tel 846.6773 Email inquiry@assessmentanalytics.com