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Mercury User Manual - May 2010


world’s first
speed controller
come with data
logging and live
view via cell
phone !


A break through technology that display real live information through Bluetooth enabled cell-phone

Introduction Thank you for purchasing the mercury,

world’s first electronic speed controller (esc) that can
stream measured and calculated current, voltage, rpm,
throttle level, temperature, watt and mah data right to your
cell-phone1. By eliminating awkward wires and bulky display
panel, Mercury is the smallest and lightest in its class, and it
can easily fit into your electrical powered radio control

When within range2, hobbyist can instantly get the critical

electrical parameters hassle free using their bluetooth
enabled java cell-phone, even when they are away from their
model and whilst their models are still in action.
rpm window provide live
view head-speed of your
e.g. you are 10 - 20 m away from your helicopter, you tach its helicopter, tach your
head-speed with your cell-
head-speed by live view its rpm right to your cell-phone phone while you are away
without tachometer ... from it 10-20 meters ...

1. Support standard JAVA MIDP 2.0 or below, and Bluetooth access via BTAPI

2. Depended on cell-phone model (as tested with Motorola SLVR L7, The range is up to 80M)

Functions The mercury delivery 50 amp3 rated current by n type mosfet with low
internal resistance, built-in logger measures and records current, voltage, rpm, throttle
level and temperature over time, then uses these measurements to calculate the maximum
power (watt) and capacity used (mah). real-time information as to live and peak current, rpm,
temperature, throttle, live and used voltage, current and maximum power (watt), as well as
existing and accumulated capacity used (mah) is transmitting using bluetooth technology.
User can use their cell-phone to read these data in real-time for their pleasure or to fine-
tune their electrical powered model. 3. Ratings are determined with 5 mph airflow on the ESC.

The mercury can save up to 27 hours of information by its

internal one mega byte memory. User can download their
logged data to their computer using raclink cable (usb data
link cable sole separately) and manage the data and
performance charts with the included raczing pc client

the mercury logged and live view data can be use in

difference ways to enhance your electrical-powered rc
model experience as follow :

flight data recorder,

battery health monitor,
tach your head-speed for governor mode in one place
flight-plan tools, and
system diagnostic and optimization equipment.

Benefits The mercury onboard logger and bluetooth module provides critical
information in a revolutionary way to give radio control model hobbyists a new way to fine-
tune the performance of their electrical powered model for things such as :

maximize flight time.

optimize gearing and propeller size and shape on power consumption and battery
esc and motor efficiencies through knowledge of current flow through an esc and
improve battery life by monitoring battery health.
eliminate potential risk of damaging components with peak
current data.

50 amps continuous, 100 amps surge power.

3 amps bec.

12.6 v or 3 cell lipo max with bec, 21 v or 5 cell lipo max

without bec.
low-voltage cutoff (4, 5, 6, 9, 12 v or auto).
over current protection (45, 50, 65,70 a or disable).
cutoff type (hard or soft).
brake type (5 options).

throttle type (auto, fixed, governor high or low).
electronic timing advance (standard, high or low).
start type (soft, very soft or hard).
pwm switching rate (12, 16, 24 or outrunner).
measure and record current, voltage, rpm, throttle, temperature over time.
motor-wizard help determine motor magnetic pole number.
real-time calculations of the maximum power (watt) and capacity used (mah).
displays real-time informations on java enabled cell-phone streamed via bluetooth.

massive built-in 1 mb internal memory delivered continuous live data recording up to 27

hours depended on sample rate.
computer management of logged data and performance charts using a usb link cable (sold
separately) included in raczing pc client suite.
future proof user firmware upgradable.
accurate & precise - 0.01 a current and 0.01 v voltage resolutions.
smallest and lightest in its class, fits right into your model.
comes with 90 days limited warranty.

Specifications ESC Core


mosfet type n type channel

rated current 50 amp *

surge current 100 amp

bec 3 amp

max voltage with bec 12.6 v (3s lipo)

max voltage without bec 21 v (5s lipo)

Bluetooth and Logger Module


internal memory 8 mbit / 1 mbyte

measurement update period 340 ms

operation current 60 ma

dimensions 55 x 26 x 9 mm

weight 36 g

nominal operation conditions 0 - 50 oc ambient temperature

operation range up to 80 m

Logger Module


voltage 5 - 21 v 0.01 v

current 0 - 80 a 0.01 a

power 0 - 65535 w 1 w

capacity 0 - 65535 mah 1 mah

rpm 0 - 99999 turn 1 turn

throttle 0 - 100 % 1 %

temperature 0 - 300 oc 1 oc

sampling time 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1 second second

* Ratings are determined with 5 mph airflow on the ESC.


servo type
standard or micro high torque or digital
battery type

5 - 6 ni cells 4 4

7 - 8 ni cells
2 cell lipo 4 4

9 - 10 ni cells
4 2
3 cell lipo

> 10 ni cells
disable bec disable bec
> 3 cell lipo

Read these instruction before use

Before installing your mercury esc, take a moment to look it over. The input battery side has
a black and red wire along with a throttle lead. The motor side has three wires with color
black, white and red. The black and red wires of your mercury esc must connect to your
battery pack’s red and back with correct polarity (red wire of esc connect to red wire of
battery pack and black wire of esc connect to black wire of battery), reversed polarity may
damage your mercury esc without warranty cover.

The three wires from your motor connect to the three wire from mercury esc output. The
order of connection to the motor is not important; you can plug any motor wire to any wire
of mercury esc, in case of motor runs reverse (not your desire direction) just simply switch
both outside wires.

Always start your system in the appropriate sequence

1. be sure to plug the throttle lead into the throttle channel of your receiver.

2. turn on your transmitter (some 2.4 g radio need to power up receiver then followed by
transmitter) and set the throttle stick to mid throttle or higher.
3. connect the power battery to the mercury esc. The esc will remain disarmed and will not
operate until zero throttle is detected.
4. When you are ready to fly, move the throttle stick to its break or lowest position.

When battery is connected to mercury esc in step 3 above, mercury esc will emit 3 short
tones immediate followed by the number of tones indicate that it is power up and number of
lipo cell is counted e.g. when 3 cell lipo is connected, esc will emit 3 short tones followed by
another 3 short tones, and both red and green leds blink indicate mercury esc is unarmed
and onboard bluetooth is ready for pairing or connect respectively, the middle yellow led
stay on indicate data flash is ready to record data.

The mercury esc will not delivery power to the motor until the throttle stick of your
transmitter is moved to its break or lowest position to arm the esc, when armed mercury esc
will emit 6 short tones and red led will be turned off.

Now yellow led is stayed on, when throttle stick is leave its break or lowest position or
throttle is applied, yellow led go blink indicate data is being written to onboard data flash.
When bluetooth mobile phone is connected, green led will be turned off.

LED Status and Error Codes

LEDs provides error codes and status for mercury esc core, data logger and bluetooth
transceiver modules with 4 types of indication below.

LED turn off

LED stay on

LED blink

LED flash(es)

The following table shown the onboard led action in response to errors and system status.

led color red yellow green

esc data logger bluetooth

full throttle is
on ready n/a

power off power off

off or power off or
armed connected

power on
blink data is logging ready
or unarmed

1 flash motor start problem n/a n/a

2 flashes low voltage cutoff n/a n/a

3 flashes over current cutoff memory full n/a

4 flashes motor problem n/a n/a

Power ON LED Status and Work Flow

Cell Phone ESC Beep Tone LED

connect esc’s
throttle lead to

connect motor to
esc 3 wire output

turn on transmitter

red led - blink

connect battery esc emit 3 short yellow led - on
pack to esc tones followed by green led - blink
number of tones
indicate number of
battery its counted

run raczing mobile red led - blink

client on cell yellow led - on
phone and connect green led - off
to esc

move throttle stick red led - off

to its break or esc emit 6 short yellow led - on
live view data on lowest position for tones green led - off
cell-phone screen arming

apply throttle, esc red led - off

start writing data yellow led - blink
to memory green led - off

cell phone is turn red led - off

off or bluetooth is yellow led - blink
out of range green led - blink

cell phone’s red led - off
bluetooth within yellow led - blink
range green led - off

transmitter is off red led - blink

or signal is not yellow led - blink
detected green led - off

transmitter is off red led - off

or signal is not yellow led - blink
detected green led - off

Programming ESC

Mercury series esc offer programming via transmitter stick or usb link (sole separately) for
advanced features such as helicopter modes.

When entered into programming mode, mercury esc

will emit red led and beep tones to indicate its
yes no current setting and option, by moving your
throttle stick to either full or break position
for answer yes or no.

When answer either yes or no, mercury esc will emit beeps and flashes repeatedly
to indicate the answer is accepted, then move your throttle to middle
position to proceed for next setting or option. next

e.g. when entered into programming mode, it will single flash / beep and followed by
another single flash / beep repeatedly to indicate it is in setting 1 option 1 (cutoff voltage -
auto lipo), move your throttle stick to answer yes or no, if answer is yes, mercury esc will
emit beeps and flashes to acknowledge your answer is accepted, then move the throttle stick
to the middle position to proceed to next setting (double flashes / beeps followed by single
flash / beep for next setting current limiting - 45 a), if answer is no, mercury esc will emit
beeps and flashes to acknowledge your answer is accepted, then move the throttle stick to
the middle position to proceed to next option (single flashes / beeps followed by double
flash / beep for next option cutoff voltage - 4.0 v cutoff).

If you want to program some of the features without go through the rest features, you can
program it by move your stick to full position and have the acceptance tones then exit by
disconnect the mercury esc power.

Enter Programming Mode

1. connect motor to the mercury esc in order to hear the programming beeps. Make sure
the mercury esc is unpowered, turn on the transmitter and move its throttle stick to
full throttle or highest position. For some 2.4 g transmitter you may need to power on
receiver before turn on transmitter.

2. connect battery to the mercury esc, it will beep its initialization tones (3 short tones)
and emit single flash on red led repeatedly.

3. move the transmitter’s throttle stick back to middle position, the mercury esc will beep
its acknowledge tone (3 short tones) and emit double flashes on red led repeatedly.

4. move the transmitter’s throttle stick back to full or highest position, the mercury esc
will beep its acknowledge tone (3 short tones) and emit triple flashes on red led

5. move the transmitter’s throttle stick back to middle position, the esc will beep its ready
tone (9 short tones) followed by single beep and emit single flash on red led repeatedly.

Now mercury esc should emit single beep / flash followed by another single beep / flash
repeatedly indicate you are in setting 1 option 1 setting as mentioned before

Setting Tone Format

tone represent 1 second gap tone represent 2 second pause repeat
setting number option number

Stick Action
yes no next

Programming Setting Example

throttle stick in middle position after step 5 above

to enter into programming mode, ready for first

single tone followed by another single tone

indicate first setting and its first option

either move throttle stick to full or break

yes no position for yes or no on first question (setting 1

options 1) e.g. cutoff voltage - auto lipo

receive acknowledge tone

move throttle stick to middle position for skip to

next option

single tone followed by another double tone

indicate first setting and its second option e.g.
cutoff voltage - 4.0 v cutoff

move throttle stick to full position to take this

yes option

receive acknowledge tone

move throttle stick to middle position for skip to

next next setting

double tone followed by another single tone to

indicate second setting and its first option e.g.

- 10 -
Setting / Option Table
* = default
Setting 1 : Cutoff Voltage

option description

1 auto-lipo * use this mode for lipo cells only. after the initialization tones,
the mercury esc will flash / beep the number of cells it counted
and set the cut-off voltage to 3v per cell. if the cell count is
incorrect, please check your batteries are properly charged, and
start over again until you get the correct cell count before you

2 4.0 v cutoff 5 cell nicad or nimah packs.

3 5.0 v cutoff 5 - 8 cell nicad or nimah. packs.

4 6.0 v cutoff 5 - 10 cell nicad or nimah packs or 2 cell lipo pack only.

5 9.0 v cutoff 5 - 14 cell nicad, 5 - 16 cell nimah packs, or 3 cell lipo pack only.

6 12.0 v cutoff up to 16 cell nicad or nimah packs or 4 cell lipo pack only.

Setting 2 : Current Limiting

option description

1 45 a motor will be shutdown when 45 a or above current is reached.

2 50 a * motor will be shutdown when 50 a or above current is reached.

3 65 a motor will be shutdown when 65 a or above current is reached.

4 70 a motor will be shutdown when 70 a or above current is reached.

5 disable for experience user only, it is not recommended !

Setting 3 : Cutoff Type

option description

1 soft * power will be reduced when it reached the cut-off voltage or

current, until the batteries voltage is back-up above the cut-off
voltage again or current below current limit point, during this
period the mercury esc will continually modulated its power to
maintain the cut-off point.

2 hard power will be shutdown immediately when the batteries or current

reaches the cut-off point. The motor will restart by re-arming.

- 11 -
Setting 4 : Brake Type

option description

1 soft delayed for general aircraft with fixed or folding prop.

brake *

2 hard delayed hard brake power is applied on braking.


3 soft brake immediately small amount of brake force is applied on braking.

(no delay)

4 brake immediately hard brake power applied on braking.

(no delay)

5 disable brake is disable which is suitable for helicopter, 3d airplanes.

Setting 5 : Throttle Type

option description

1 auto to utilizes your transmitter’s full available throttle range.

calibrating full throttle for 4 seconds, mercury esc will remark the full
throttle * throttle point and redistribute its throttle range with esc
power for better linearity.

2 fixed use transmitter’s default endpoints.


3 governor low governor control power which is attempt to keep motor’s rpm
with throttle stick position / throttle percentage regardless
of how the load changes. For collective pitch helicopter 3d fly
where a constant head speed is desired. mercury esc capable to
use bluetooth java enabled cell phone act as tachometer :

1. set either governor low or high from here

2. check your motor’s magnetic pole number via motor wizard
3. enter gear ratio and magnetic pole number and store to esc
for correct head-speed live view
4. pair / connect your cell phone and live view mercury esc data
on your cell phone
5. place your helicopter away from you around 10 - 15 meters
6. move your throttle up and monitor the rpm (head-speed) data
on cell phone until desired head-speed is obtained
7. mark your throttle stick position or percentage and set it
for your idle-up flat curve

if desired head-speed is not reach with motor pole number or

gear ratio, you can switch the governor mode to high and re-
tach e.g. 80 % throttle can not obtain head-speed to 1800 or
above !

4 governor high see governor low above.

- 12 -
Setting 6 : Electronic Timing Advance

option description

1 low advance motor rpm decrease with less current draw. recommended
for lower pole count motor.

2 standard advance * best balance of power and efficiency for motor.

3 high advance motor rpm increase with more current draw. recommended
for higher pole count motor.

Setting 7 : Soft Start

option description

1 very soft start slowest spool up and softest start.

2 soft start * medium spool up and soft start.

3 fast start fast spool up and faster start.

Setting 8 : PWM Switching Rate

option description

1 12 kHz recommended for most motors.

2 16 kHz recommended for low inductance motors.

3 24 kHz recommended for very low inductance motors.

4 out-runner * recommended for out-runner motors.

raczing Mobile Client

Mercury esc provides real time data streaming into any bluetooth equipped java cell-phone.
Download and copy the software to your cell-phone via either bluetooth or data cable as a
normal java game and install accordingly. Since installation methods for java applets vary
from brand to brand, they may display entire different dialog; e.g. nokia phones allow
copied java program to run directly while sony ericsson phones require you to install
copied java program to another folder ! The following example is based on a sony ericsson
k770i model.

1. download raczing mobile client from raczing website and copy to your cell phone folder.

2. turn on your cell phone’s bluetooth.

3. run (some cell-phones need installation first) the raczing mobile client from where it is
saved or copied.

- 13 -
4. press the search button on the raczing mobile client’s menu and start searching for
bluetooth device - “mercury”.

5. press ok or yes when the "allow application to create client bluetooth connection"
dialog box appear.

6. press ok or yes when the "mercury add to my devices ? " dialog box appears.

7. when ask for passcode, enter 00000 which is default passcode and can be changed via
raczing pc client later.

8. raczing mobile client display current, voltage, rpm and watt on its front page.

9. press number1 0 - 9, # from keypad for different views or features.

10. press number 5 from the keypad to create a new session that also wraps up current
recording session. e.g. measuring power of different start style like soft-start, hard
start, and exponential value without the need to reconnect the battery to reset. This
feature is especially useful when electronic components are sealed inside waterproof
compartments on boats ! (Note: the new session feature only works when the mercury
esc is in range to receive commands)

11. press exit from client menu to exit program at any time.

1. Raczing Mobile Client Display Hot Key

0 view all 4 main data on front page 4 power (watt) and it peak value 8 new session

1 current (a) and its peak value 5 temperature (c) and its peak value 9 about us page

2 voltage (v) and its minimum value 6 throttle (%) and its peak # screen saver off

3 rpm and its peak value 7 capacity (mah)

- 14 -
Java Cell Phone Action Mercury ESC Action

Workflow of java
cell phone
Download and copy
connection to raczing mobile client Power on mercury by
mercury esc ! connecting A 5-21v
to java enabled cell source to it
example based on
Sony Ericsson
Turn on Bluetooth by
going to “Menu -
Setting - Connectivity -
Bluetooth - Turn on”

Go to the folder
where the “Raczing
Mobile Client” program
is located e.g.

Start recording to internal memory when throttle is applied and esc is armed

Select and run the

program “Raczing”

Green light flashing and red light steady

Raczing Mobile Client


Exit button to search
for any available
Bluetooth device,
“Exit” button
to quit

Select bluetooth
“Connect to “Mercury” (which is
Mercury the default name) from
error, the drivers list
Please try
again !”

No application to
create client


- 15 -
No ESC within
range and
ok ?


No Answer
“mercury add to my

Start recording to internal memory when throttle is applied and esc is armed
devices ?”

Green light blink


Enter passcode
(default = 00000) for
device pairing

matched ?


Display all 4
Current, Voltage, RPM
Communication channel is established via
bluetooth, start sending information to

and Watt
Green light off

the paired cell-phone

Exit keypad number

for different view
or “Exit” to

Press key “1” Press key “0”

Display only Display all 4
Current (A) and values
its peak value

- 16 -
Press key “2” Press key “6”

Communication channel is established via bluetooth, start sending

Display only Display only
Voltage (V) and Throttle (%) and
its minimum value its peak value

Press key “3” Press key “8”

Display only

New session feature is exceptionally useful when new peak value logging is needed and reset mercury esc is difficult for
Create new
RPM and its peak session

Wrap up current logging & start a new log without need to reset power by disconnect power source and connect back
Green light off
Press key “4” Press key “7”
Display only Display only
Power (Watt) and Capacity (mAh)

information to paired cell phone

its peak value value

Press key “5”

Press “Exit” Display only
Temperature (C)
Quit program and its peak

Press key “#”

Disable screen Press key “9”
saver (set About us
screen always

Communication channel is broken,

mercury / Bluetooth is out of range switch to LISTENING mode

instance mercury is tightly sealed inside the compartment !

Green light blink

Out of range trying to
connect device /
request ...

within range
Communication channel is
Green light off

established again


Power off mercury by

disconnect battery

- 17 -
Raczing PC Suite

Windows based pc suite provides rich esc setting rather than

traditional stick programming and management for logged
data such as graph plotting, editing, saving and deleting.
other device related settings and
features like motor wizard, firmware
upgrades and device name as well as
bluetooth passcode can also be
configured though the single
Raczing PC executable program without

Suite function

Raczing PC Suite

submit comment firmware upgrade file management device control

import data record list open file save file

chart edit delete change device name / passcode

esc setting motor wizard

- 18 -
Step 1. Install Raclink (usb link) USB Driver (Windows 7)

1.01 download and unzip 1.02 connect a raclink usb

raczing pc suite to your cable to the throttle
desktop or perfected lead of mercury esc,
location. windows will try to
installing driver for it,
just leave it, install
usb driver from device

1.03 1.04
go to “control panel”, click on the “device
go into “hardware and manager” for devices
sound” setting. setting.

1.05 1.06 click “update driver”

click open “other
devices” and see if to update the usb
“unknown device” is driver.
there, double click to
open it.

click on the “browse my click “browse...” to

1.07 1.08
computer for driver locate the downloaded
software” driver on pc.

1.09 to folder located the 1.10 click “install this

downloaded driver driver software
“raczingusbdriver” . anyway” when windows
can’t verify the
publisher of this
software dialog

- 19 -
1.11 driver for usb name 1.12 now under device list,
“raczing usb” is you should see the usb
installed. driver is installed
under usb 1/0

Step 1. Install Raclink (usb link) USB Driver (Windows XP)

1.01 download and unzip 1.02 connect a usb cable to

raczing pc suite to your both mercury and pc
desktop or perfected usb port, windows will
location. immediately prompt
“found new hardware”

1.03 1.04
in the found new select “install from a
hardware wizard dialog list or specific
box, select “yes, this location”, and press
time only”. windows will the next button to
not ask for drivers continue ...
next time when the
mercury is connected

1.05 1.06 the raczing usb driver

select “search for the
best driver in these is installed. the pc
locations” and check suite software is ready
“include this location to import and manage
in the search:”, press recorded data from
the “browse” button to mercury esc
locate the downloaded

- 20 -
Step 2. Run raczing PC Suite and import your first record

2.01 click to “raczing- 2.02 when raclink usb cable

pcsuite” program which is connected and
is downloaded and detected, you can click
unzipped earlier. “ok” to import
recorded data to pc.

2.03 when data is imported, 2.04 imported data will be

you can either keep it listed, and its date is
or purge it all from set to import record
mercury to prevent date, don’t worry you
duplication on next can change it later.

2.05 click on any record and 2.06 wait for data graph is
select “chart” from being plotted.
menu “action” to view
in graph form.

Step 3. plot graph

3.01 move your mouse 3.02 drag your mouse left

pointer on the graph to or right to show
show its values in time. particular time frame.

3.03 or press the play, 3.04 use mouse’s scroll

forward or backward wheel to zoom in or
button to show data on out, or press the zoom
particular time. in out button located
on top right corner of
chart window.

- 21 -
3.05 to toggle view or hide
individual data by click
to its data label.

Step 4. edit / save / open / delete record

4.01 to edit record, simply 4.02 update record’s date,

click on the record and title, description or
select “edit” from tags for easy
menu. reference.

4.03 4.04 to save the imported or

press the “update”
button to confirm the updated record, simply
change. click on “save file”
from menu “file”
located on upped right

4.05 to open the saved 4.06 select the saved file

record, click on the from where you has
“open file” from menu previously saved e.g.
file located on upper desktop.
right corner.

4.07 to delete individual

record, click on the
record and select
“delete” from menu.

- 22 -
Step 5. Change device setting

5.01 click on the upper 5.02 change the device name

right corner - settings (default mercury), this
menu for bluetooth is the name that appear
setting. when cell-phone
searches for the
mercury. the passcode
can also be changed.

5.03 click on the upper 5.04 features like throttle,

right corner - settings brake, motor, cutoffs
menu for esc setting type and motor wizard
and go into motor is available from rich
wizard page. interface !

Step 6. PC client upgrade

6.01 click to the “check for 6.02 click to the “download

new version” icon on now” button under
the home page to check raczing pc client
for available upgrade section to download
new version

6.03 wait for the software 6.04 save the downloaded pc

download to complete. client to ... e.g.

- 23 -
Step 7. Firmware upgrade (manual)

7.01 click to the “check for 7.02 click to the “download

new version” icon on now” button under
the home page to check firmware section to
for new available download new version.

7.03 wait for the firmware 7.04 save the downloaded

download to complete. firmware to ... e.g.

7.05 click on the “upgrade 7.06 select downloaded

firmware” button on firmware e.g. on your
the home page to desktop.
install the downloaded

note : button appears

when mercury esc is
plugged in.

7.07 press the “ok” button 7.08 wait until the upgrade
to confirm firmware process is completed,
upgrade. do not disconnect
power at this time.

- 24 -
Step 8. Firmware upgrade (automatic)

8.01 click to the “check for 8.02 click to the “download

new version” icon on now & install” button
the home page to check under firmware section
for new available to download new
upgrades. version and install.

8.03 wait for the firmware 8.04 save the downloaded

download to complete. firmware to ... e.g.

8.05 wait until the upgrade 8.06 firmware upgrade is

process is completed, completed.
do not disconnect
power at this time.

- 25 -
Safety Precautions

Electric-powered rc model use high and any other person and objects.
power electrical systems may pose The mercury esc is not intended to be
dangers, and it is the user’s use by children.
responsibility to be When the battery has to
familiar with these connect to the motor
dangers and take any whilst working on the
necessary action to aircraft, it is a good safety
ensure safe use. precaution to remove the
Improper use of the propeller.
Mercury esc may starts Understand and observe
the motor without warning all local laws and
and cause the propeller regulations before
to rotate, which risk operating any remote
serious consequences control models.
including but not limited As a safety precaution for
to damage to equipment and peoples around you, please
serious personal injury. Always keep a refrain from flying over others or
safety distance between the propeller, close to a crowded area.

Caring Instruction The Mercury contains no user serviceable parts inside. It does not
require special care, just gentle wipe the mercury with a damp cloth if it gets dirty and it
can be stored anywhere other than an extreme environment or under direct sunlight for a
prolonged period of time.

Technical support Please visit out site www.raczing.com or email us at

support@raczing.com for more technical support if you are still having difficulties or have
questions that aren’t covered in this manual.

Warranty The Mercury is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and

workmanship for a period of 90 days starting from the date of your original purchase.
Please refer to the Raczing product warranty page for detailed terms and conditions as
well as procedures for warranty claims.

Changes The material in this manual is for owners’ information only and is subject to
change without notice. While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this
manual to ensure accuracy, Raczing assumes no liability resulting from errors or omissions
in this manual or from the use of information contained herein. Raczing reserves the right
to make changes in the product design without reservation and without notification to
users. Please check out our website www.raczing.com frequently for the latest user manual.

Copyright Copyright (c) 2010 by Raczing. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may,

without the written permission of Raczing be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by

an means, analog, digital, electronic or mechanical, including imaging, photocopying and
recording, for any purpose other than the owner’s personal use.

- 26 -