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Avaliao de Lingua Inglesa 8 CAluna: _______________________________________

Complete as frases com os verbos regulares ou irregulares

no tempo verbais corretos:
a-I ___________here yesterday. (stop)
b- I _____________last night. (work)
c-He _____________a lot yesterday. (dance)
d-We _____________soccer yesterday evening. (play.)
e-They _____________English last week. (study)
c-I ______________a nurse today.(be)
d-I _____________in So Paulo im 1999. [live]
e- You __________ for a big company. [work]
g- It _____________a lot in London last year. [run]
h-I ____________everyday.(run)
i-I ______________last night.(run)
j-I _____________English with Tom.(speak)
l-I ___________ Spanish with her.(speak)
m-You ___________an email in the morning.(write)
n-You ____________an email last Sunday. (write)
o-I _____________a blue car in my house.(have)
p-I ___________a green bike last year.(have)
q-I ____________a lot of coffee every day.(drink)
r-I ______________water yesterday.(drink)
s-I _______________the book on the table now.(put)

a-I stopped here yesterday. (stop)

b- I worked last night. (Eu trabalhei ontem a noite.)

c-He danced a lot yesterday. (Ele danou bastante ontem.)

d-We played soccer yesterday evening. (A gente jogou futebol ontem a noitinha.)
e-They studied English last week. (Eles estudaram ingls na semana passada.)
c-I am a nurse today.
d-I lived in So Paulo im 1999. [Eu morei em So Paulo em 1999.]
e- You worked for a big company. [Voc trabalhou em uma empresa
f-They played tennis yesterday. [Elas jogaram tnis ontem.]
g- It rained a lot in London last year. [Choveu muito em Londres ano

h-I run everyday.

I ran last night.
I speak English with Tom.
I spoke Spanish with her.
You write an email in the morning.
You wrote an email last Sunday.
I have a blue car.
I had a green bike.
I drink a lot of coffee.
I drank water.
I put the book on the table.
I put the pen on the desk yesterday.