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Q: What is your name?

A: I am Marco Polongco


Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in 168 Corner Zinnia Drive, Ladislawa Garden Village, Davao City


Q: How old are you?

A: I am 35 years old


Q: What is your occupation?

A: I am a businessman here in Davao City.


Q: You said you are a businessman, what then is your business?

A: I have a business under the name and style of E-Wonderlight Philippines


Q: Where is your business situated?

A: My business is situated at Amazon Street, F.S. Dizon Road, Bacaca,
Davao City


Q: What is the nature of your business?

A: I belong to the lighting industry wherein I sell all kinds of light for indoor
and outdoor purposes like fluorescent light, pin lights, strobe light, street
lights etcetera.

Q: Where do you get your stocks for your business?

A: I import it directly from Busan, South Korea


Q: How long have you been in this kind of business?

A: I have doing this kind of business for five (5) years already.
If my memory serves me right, I started the business last April of 2009.


Q: Do you know Mr. Junie Jung?

A: Yes, I know him.


Q: Can you tell the court how you came to know Mr. Junie Jung (Junie)?
A: He is a close friend of mine. I have known Junie since 2009 when we met
on that year for the annual Business Convention conducted by Davao
Chamber of Commerce. He was selling electronic devices which was
manufactured in Korea and plans to establish his own business here. I was
enticed by his product, so I decided to get my supplies from him. (rephrase)


Q: How do you manage to communicate with Mr. Jung?

A: Junie is very fluent in speaking Visayan and a little of Tagalog. He has

been in the country several times, most especially in Davao City.

Q: Mr Witness, you told us a minute ago that Mr Jung is the supplier of your
fluorescent light, pin lights, strobe light, street lights and other similar
electronics, am I correct?
A: Yes Atty.


Q: how often do you meet with junie.

A: We meet every January and July Atty. I order from him personally.
Q: how many years, if u know, did Mr Jung stay in davao.
16. Ok. Mr. Polonco, where were you on the night of July 14, 2014?
-jacks ridge..dinner.
17.what were you doing at Jacks Ridge?
-Business meeting with Junie. Catch up with friend.
Upon arrival at Jacks Ridge, what had transpired?
-we were checked by the security guard of the Resto..the usual security measures
of Resto.
And then what happened?
-we searched for a vacant table..and after 2 mins we were lead to an open area
So after you were seated, what transpired next?
-the accused approached us to get our orders.
And then?
-balikan lang kay wa pa kaisip unsaon ang I order.
18. you told us a minute ago that you were at Jacks ridge for a business meeting,
how many were you in that meeting?
-Just the 2 of us.
19. Can you tell this court what transpired during your meeting?
-the usual. We order food and discuss business.
20. What happened unusual during that night?
-well, at first, we order drinks and foodunfortunately, what was given to us was
the wrong order.
21. Knowing that the waiter gave you the wrong order, what did you do?
-Junie/I reprimanded the waiter because what he delivered was SMAB and not
22. Now, Did the waiter gave you the proper order since then?
-no. our second order which wasagain, he delivered us the wrong order.
23. so for the second time of erroneous order, what did you feel?

24. Kindly inform the court what transpired next?

-we waited for around ___mins before our order arrived..and because of that we
were furious.
25. so after you told the waiter that (order delay for how many mins), what
happened next, if any?
-again, we reprimand the waiter...
26. After you reprimanded the waiter, what did he do?
-he said he will get our last order which is the steak.
27. what happened afterwards Mr. Witness?
-when our steak arrived, we notice that what was delivered to us was a well done
steak..and not a MedRare.
28, so again, there was an erroneous order. What did you feel?
- Suko na kaau. Pataka lang ka serve, dili man kani akong gi order.
29. what did you do afterwards?
-slap the waiter.
30. after slapping the waiter, what did the waiter do, if any?
31. Did the waiter said anything, if any?
- _____
32.after the slapping incident, what happened if any?
-Junie walked out.
33.Do you have

*at this juncture your honor, I want to put on record that the victim is a regular
customer of the Jacks Ridge Resort

Q: Now Mr. Witness, on the night of July 5, 2014, where were you?
A: I was having dinner with Junie Jung at Jacks Ridge Resort.
Q: What time was this?
A: (?)


Q: Can you please enlighten the Court what happened during your meeting?

A: The usual Atty. (discuss further)then I went to the rest room because
(naiihi na po ako..lol..wa ko kbalo unsaon pag english)


Q: How far is the comfort room from your table?

A: Around 15 meters Atty.


Q: And then what happened Mr. Witness?

A: While I was in the Rest Room, I heard some commotion outside. I heard
a man shouting (insert Bisaya na nasuko).
Q: Do you recognize the voice?
A: No Atty. But I am sure it was not Junie.

Q: Then what transpired Mr. Witness?

A: When I was about to go out of the Rest Room Ive heard Junie shouting
ayaw KOL! (or other na relevant sa ana na statement..hehe). Then, I rushed
towards our table to check on Junie and there he was, sitting on his chair, lifeless,
blood all over the table.

after mo nakita katawan ni Junie, anong un among ginawa?

-chineck ko kng may pulso pa xa. Nag patawag kaagad ako ng
ambulance at ng pulis. Ngtanong tanong din ako kng sinong nakakita kaso
walang may gusting mag salita. Ang guard that time ay malayo sa scene of
the crime. After ilang minute, dumating na ung unang police na sinecure ang
place. Pagkatapos, tumawag na xa ng investigator.


sabi mo, chineck mo ang pulso, anong na npansin mo?

-wala na syang pulso atty.
Ok. Gaano katagal bago dumating ang investigador?
-mabilis lng po atty. Nasa matina police station 3 po ang rumisponde na