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Saul, a married man, had an adulterous relation with Tessie.

In one of the trysts, Saul's

wife, Cecile, caught them in
flagrante. Armed with a gun, Cecile shot Saul in a fit of extreme jealousy, nearly killing him.
Four (4) years after the
incident, Saul filed an action for legal separation against Cecile on the ground that she
attempted to kill him.
Argue for both parties.
Paulita left the conjugal home because of the excessive drinking of her husband, Alberto.
Paulita, out of her own
endeavor, was able to buy a parcel of land which she was ableto register under her name
with the addendum "widow." Shealso acquired stocks in a listed corporation registered in
her name. Paulita sold the parcel of land to Rafael, who first
examined the original of the transfer certificate of title. 1) HasAlberto the right to share in
the shares of stock acquired by Paulita?