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Bullet points: Reasons to vote FOR Donald J.

(Update 6. Continually adding more as I think of them.)


13,000,000 more Americans are on food stamps.

We are $20 trillion in debt with no end in sight.
One in six men ages 18-34 are incarcerated or out of the work force.
Many inner cities have become like war zones.
The corrupt media cabal are against Trump.
Establishment GOPe Whig Republicans are against Trump.
95,000,000 million Americans are out of the labor force.
We have the worst economic recovery since the 1940s.
We have the lowest home ownership rate in over 50 years.
The U.S. economy has been decimated by leftist policies.
Obamacare is a complete disaster.
We are less secure today and our borders are wide open.
Hillary is unfit for any office. Period.
Hillary #ClintonCrimeFamily is marked with scandals and has been for
30+ years.
Hillary supports all forms of abortion on demand, Roe v Wade, taxpayer
funding of abortion.
Hillary admires Margaret negroes are weeds Sanger and Robert
KKK Byrd.
Hillary supports full amnesty for illegal alien intruders.
Hillarys negligence and incompetence is responsible for four dead
Americans and is responsible for the #Benghazi tragedy.
Hillary orchestrated the disastrous Arab Spring that placed terrorists
and Americas sworn enemies in power throughout the Middle East.
Hillary is personally responsible for incalculable death, chaos and
genocide because of her Arab Spring.
Hillary is anti-second amendment anti-gun.
Hillary supports high taxes and irresponsible spending.
Hillary has NO PLAN to end Americas out of control debt problem.
Hillarys economic plan will cost 300,000 MORE American jobs.
Hillary is evil. She is dishonest. She is corrupt. She is self-serving. She
is disingenuous. She blatantly lies. She abuses her power and
influence. Hillary is President Obamas 3rd term.
Trump will secure our borders.
Trump will build a wall.
Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall.
Trump will let USBP & CBP-ICE do their jobs again.
Trump will ensure missing visa overstays are found and properly

Trump will ensure all unvetted-missing-terrorist visa violators inside the

U.S. are found and properly handled according to our laws.
Trump will ensure only lawful immigrants enter the U.S.
Trump will implement extreme vetting to stop jihadist radicals from
entering the U.S.
Trump will bring sensible leadership to Washington, D.C.
Trump will repeal all illegal executive orders on Day 1.
Trump will end politicized DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc.
Trump will work to stop executive overreach.
Trump will hold accountable rogue federal government employees that
dont do their jobs, abuse their power and/or endanger Americans.
Trump will get the EPA of the backs of Californians, specifically the San
Joaquin Valley water issue.
Trump will curtail the rogue business crushing EPA in general.
Trump will end fraud, waste and abuse in our government by enforcing
Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) laws.
Trump will ask Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate
Hillary Clintons actions regarding the use of a private email server for
Classified government electronic communications while she was
Secretary of State.
Trump will restore Law and Order in this country.
Trump will support and protect our police who keep us safe and do
their jobs according to our laws.
Trump was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).
Trump will fill Scalias vacancy and appoint other Supreme Court
Justices with Constitutionalists who believe the role of the #SCOTUS is
in INTERPRETING, not making, law.
Trump will reign in an out of control federal bureaucracy through strong
executive leadership.
Trump has a Five-Point Ethics Reform Plan he will ask Congress to enact
to shutdown lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and drain the swamp.
Trump will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits
on all members of Congress.
Trump will order a hiring freeze in U.S. Federal Government to reduce
the federal workforce through attrition, exempting Military, Public
Safety and Public Health functions.
Trump will require that for every new federal regulation, two existing
regulations must be eliminated. Regulations are hurting our country
and our jobs.
Trump will order a 5 year ban on White House and Congressional
officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.
Trump will order a lifetime ban on former government officials lobbying
for foreign governments.
Trump will order a complete ban on foreign governments lobbying and
interfering in American elections.

Trump has a 1st day plan composed of 7 actions to protect American

Trump will renegotiate NAFTA. If agreement cannot be found, withdraw
America entirely from NAFTA.
Trump will announce Americas withdrawal from the disastrous TPP.
Trump will direct the Secretary of Treasury to label China as a currency
Trump will direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify all foreign
trading abuses that unfairly affect American workers and to use every
legal means available to end those abuses.
Trump will lift the ban on production of $50 Trillion dollars of job
producing American energy reserves.
Trump will lift the Obama/Clinton roadblocks imposed that interfere and
prevent rebuilding American infrastructure.
Trump will cancel billions of dollars in payments to the United Nations
Climate Change programs and use the money instead to fix Americas
water and environmental infrastructure.
Trump will cancel U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Accords.
Trump will cancel ALL federal funding of Sanctuary Cities.
Trump will suspend immigration from terror prone regions.
Trump will protect the Constitutional rights of ALL Americans.
Trump will protect our 1st Amendment rights, specifically religious
liberty, and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Trump was endorsed by the NRA.
Trump will secure our borders a nation is not a nation with open
Trump received the first ever endorsements of both the USBP and ICE
Trump will lower taxes and close tax loopholes for the wealthy.
Trump will work with legislators to end the destructive #globalist
NAFTA & TPP agreements that undermine our national sovereignty,
harm American business and American workers.
Trump will work with legislators to repeal Obamacare and replace it
with a sensible plan that opens competition between states and works
for ALL Americans.
Trump will stop ISIS.
Trump will defend the United States against radical Islamic terrorists.
Trump will get rid of Common Core and return education to local
Trump will work with legislators to enact School Choice reforms.
Trump supports our military and reveres our veterans.
Trump will end ridiculous Rules of Engagement (ROE) that endanger
our troops and get them needlessly killed.
Trump will fix the badly mismanaged, incompetent and dangerous
Veterans Administration for our veterans once and for all.

Trump will address and empower people to solve the horrific 22

veteran suicides per day problem.
Trump will work hard for middle class America to restore the American
Dream and our economy.
Trump will revitalize our economy through reduced taxation, better
trade deals and emphasizing Free (and FAIR) Market Enterprise
Trump will bring industry/manufacturing back to America & put
Americans back to work.
Trump will reign in China's currency manipulation & force them to play
Trump will stop foreign nations from ripping off #WeThePeoples U.S.
Trump will stop the nonsensical payouts of American taxpayer money
to nations that mean us harm.
Trump will use revenue surpluses to fix/renew our own crumbling
infrastructure. ie: Bridges, roads, airports, etc.
Trump will end American dependence on foreign oil, a national security
mistake that was made in American energy policy in the 70s.
Trump will revitalize and restore American production of coal using
clean coal technology and put coal companies and coalminers back in
Trumps economic reforms on taxes, trade, regulation & American
energy will produce at least 25 MILLION new JOBS in a decade.
Trump will end foreign influence over OUR government.
Trump will ensure that nations that benefit from defense functions we
provide, pay their fair share.
Trump will stop the economic extraction of America by foreign nations
and globalist billionaires. Hes the only one with the skills to do it.
Trump, I believe, will be the greatest jobs president America has ever
Trump will stop dangerous Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) from
killing Americans with their violence and the poison they bring to
Trump will end the deadly cycle of crime, violence and poverty in our
inner cities.
Trump is an outsider and beholden to no one, but his supporters,
Trump is not a politician in the conventional meaning. He tells the
Trump is a threat to those in power who want to keep the status quo of
the system they helped to break.
Trump is an Abolitionist Republican who is restoring the proud heritage
of the GOP, the party of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Booker
T. Washington, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and hundreds of other
notable people.

Trump was the first in the nation to hire a female project manager for a
skyscraper project in the 80s.
Trump ended gender, color and religious discrimination at Mar-a-lago
when he took over.
Trump is a fighter and a bold leader.
Trump is a patriot who loves this country.
Trump is an American in his heart and soul who will make
#AmericaFirst his priority in all decisions.
Trump will protect #WeThePeople by restoring Justice for All.
Trump will bring back American leadership and global stability to a
dangerous world by restoring Peace Through Strength.
Trump will rebuild our military.
Trump will not get the U.S. involved in war unless there is a clear and
present danger to America.
Trump can negotiate a dtente with our complicated cold war
adversary, Russia.
Trump will renegotiate an Iran deal that prevents Irans acquisition of
nuclear weapons.
Trump will keep the UN busybodies out of OUR business.
Trump will protect Israel and recognize Jerusalem as Israels true
Trump will work with other nations to establish a refugee safe zone in
the Middle East for Syrians fleeing war.
Trump is excellent at picking the right people for high level positions.
Under a Trump administration, America will once again be Israels
strongest ally.
Trumps organization is composed of 515 individual companies, 7 of
which failed. Thats a staggering and impressive 98.6% success rate!
Of the 7 that failed, all creditors were paid back in full and restored
lawfully through existing bankruptcy laws.
Donald Trump is 90+% what #WeThePeople have wanted in a
presidents policies for DECADES.
Leftists say the system is broken. No its not. Its being misused and
abused. Trump will make it work again for ALL Americans.
Donald Trump will, in fact, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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