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DESIGN GUIDELINES For Water and Sewer Facilities September 7, 2004 TECHNICAL REVIEW Helix Water District: Gatlos V. Lugo, F jirector of Engineering, Chief Engineer Otay Water District: Ma bf——~ ‘Mehdi Arbabfan, P.E Chief, Engineering and Planning Padre Dam MWD: ‘Yyod Qu bon. Neal D. Brown, P-E. Ramona MWD: ‘Sweetwater Authority: wes =) Ad ce [James)Smyih, P.E \ Chief Engineer The Water Agencies’ Stendards Design Guidelines (WASDG), have baen adopted by the Signatory Agencies for the use in planning and design of Potable Water, Recycled Water, Raw Water and Sewer Facilities within their service boundaries. The above-signod are Engineer representatives signing only for technical review. The Signatory Agencies and Engineers ere not responsible for the use of all or any portion of this document on projects: built or administored by any other public agency or private entity. No representation or warranty of eny kind is made concerning ihe accurecy, completeness, suitability, or utlity of any Information or product discussed in this document, and the agencies listed above assumes no lability arising from such use. ‘The Weter Agencies’ Standards Design Guide Committee (WASDGC) wishes to oxoress iis eppreciation for the services provided by Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California (CELSOC}. CELSOC's involvement throughout the development of the WADG was instrumental in providing input and insight to industry standards through their technical review of all sections of tne guidelines. CELSOC's evaluation assures that the Design Guide will be user friendly for the private development end consulting engineer who works with the various water agencies.