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Francais 102

Brigham Young UniversityHawaii

Winter 2015-2016
Instructrice: Shirley Tovey
Adresse Electronique: toveys@byuh.edu
Texts et Materiels:


Debuts: An Introduction to French (by Siskin, Williams-Gascon,

and Field).
Debuts: Workbook and Laboratory Manual (Part 2)

Bienvenue tout le monde notre classe de Francais 102!!!!

This is the second part of a beginning course with continued emphasis on
conversation in which you will explore French in connection with a feature length
film designed for learners. You will grow in your ability to understand and speak
French by observing, listening, conversing, engaging in short readings, and
writing. You will continue to discover basic grammar, play with and practice
pronunciation, and gain vocabulary. We will pursue the exploration and learning
of French with the goal of making it increasingly meaningful to you and your life.
Our major goal this semester is to increase our French communication skills. We
will try to focus equally on the four language skills of listening, speaking,
reading and writing.
In class, we will spend as much time as possible speaking and listening. To
facilitate communication, we will often work in small groups. We will present a
variety to sketches, short lectures and impromptu dialogues in groups.

Attendance: Attendance is especially important in foreign language courseseven. You need all the exposure to French you can get in order to make real
progress. Consider your desire, motivation, and commitment to learn a new
language. Your record of attendance will be 10% of your class grade.


Weekly Oral Class Participation

Each week, you will be graded on your oral participation in class. The more you
speak French, the better your grade will be.

a. Homework Assignments

Each class day, I will assign homework. The purpose of the homework is to direct
your studying, to prepare you to participate actively in class. It is your
responsibility to learn the vocabulary and grammar points we will practice in
class before you come to class. The homework will usually be divided into 3

Journals (12)

Each journal assignment should be at least 100-200 words in length (about one
page), typed and well organized. You will be given different topics to write your
journal. Full credit will be given if it is completed and turned in at the beginning
of class on the day it is due. A 5 % deduction will apply to any journal assignment
received later that day, and an additional 5% will be deducted for each day
thereafter. Journal assignments are not graded for grammatical accuracy, but
difficulties with important structures and vocabulary will be pointed out. The
first journal is due this FridayNovember 13th, 2015


Workbook Chapters . Listening activities in the workbook for the

chapitre These listening activities are required. The language lab has on
their server a series of the chapters assignments from our workbook. You will
need to go to the lab and complete these activities of each chapter and turn
them in every week. (We will do Chapter 12-22).
Written activities and pages to read (mostly from the textbook)
d. Tutoring (Language Center)

To support for your learning process, you will meet, get to know, interact with a
French tutor at the Language lab for 1 hour every week. You and the tutor are to
speak to each other ONLY in French. The tutor will keep a record of your visits,
and you will need to turn in the green log each week. Make sure to have the
tutor sign your log. In case you are late or must unavoidable miss an
appointment, you must contact your tutor by phone or email as soon as possible.
If your tutor must be absent, he/she is instructed to leave a message at the
language center desk. ( I will keep you posted on this. Some modification may
be necessary).

Chapter Tests and Quizzes

Chapter tests and quizzes are given at the beginning of class, so plan to
arrive ON TIME. If you have an unusual circumstance that prevents you from
taking a quiz, be sure to contact me by email as soon as possible.

Oral Presentation and: A week before final exam, you will do an oral
presentation in class (Thursday & Friday.). Choose a topic related to
France (fashion, food, history, sports, a city or region, music etc) and have
it approved by the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Prepare a
containing interesting or useful information about your topic. Presentations
should be from 5-10 minutes in length-no longer. Use note cards if you wish,
but do not readthe presentation. Also, you can do your presentation on
power point. Simply share what you have learned about your topic. At the

end of your presentation, you should turn in a reaction paper (typed) on

your presentation. (1page).


Final Examination