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“The smallest good deed done in time is better than the biggest good intention”

Guards Krupha Trust – This seed has been rooted on 21st May 2009 with the intention of Serving the
Poor and needy. It has been registered on 28th January 2010 having its registered office at H.No.3, Railway
Colony, Picket West Marredpally, Secunderabad-26, Andhra Pradesh.

GUARDS KRUPHA TRUST is the Social service organization for providing livelihood and upliftment
with extra activities to the women, children, aged, Destitute, disabled, orphaned, widow, poor and needy.
Initially, GUARDS KRUPHA TRUST was set up specifically for the empowerment of abundant children
and the aged persons, now our work extends to serve the widow, poor and the downtrodden in the society
irrespective of caste creed or religion. GUARDS KRUPHA TRUST has designed a variety of training and
support programmes to assist and create a self respect and self confidence to lead their life independent to
achieve their goals.

On going activities
Providing food, clothing, shelter and the education for the orphaned children. We also teach them the
Vocational Training Like Screen Printing, Candle making, Phenoil Making and Vim Powder Making etc…

For the aged by providing cloths, food and medical facility. For Poor widows helping them to getting trained
for self employment Like Appalam/ papad making, Candle making, Tailoring etc…
Conducting the seminars and self Development courses to improve their lives efficient and valuable.

Aims and the Objectives

 To Establish, Promote, Setup, Run, Maintain, assists, finance support and aid to Run institutions like
orphanages, widow Homes, Lunatic Asylums, Poor Houses, Old age Homes, or other Establishment
for relief and Help to the Poor, Old and inform people and destitute and disabled.

 To give, provide and render help and assistance in cash or kind to the poor, destitute people, and
widows. And assistance to implement any scheme to providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor.

 To provide and render Food, Medicine and other help and assistance in any shape to the poor,
deserving any needy persons.

 To Promote, advance and encourage and aid in helping, promoting primary, secondary, higher
education including Technical and Medical Education and short term courses and technical workshops
on various subjects.

 To give , provide and render monitory and other help and assistance for the relief of person and
animals affected by nature and other calamities, to give donations, subscription or contribution to
institutions, Establishment, centers or persons doing relief work on such occasions.

GUARDS KRUPHA TRUST is having the advisory committee members in various portfolio like IAS,
IPS, Advocate, Doctor, Business and Social service Minded. Also GUARDS KRUPHA TRUST is having
trained personnel who got adequate experience in organizing Children/women Rehabilitation.

We are in work of extending our service wider in establishing the old age Homes, Day Care centres for the
children and the aged, Mobile Medicare, Health Camps, Eye Camps, Dental Camps, Blood donation
camps and counseling/ Rehabilitation centres for the Abused children and the women and Promoting
AIDS awareness/prevention programmes etc.

Administrative office:


H.No.3, Railway Colony, Picket ,West Marredpally,
Secunderabad-500026, Andhra Pradesh. India
Tel: +91-9440649498, +91-9542880850
E-Mail: guardskrupha2010@gmail.com

We believe that everything we do for the poor and needy is as a response to poverty and human suffering
should acknowledge the dignity and potential of all life while demonstrating respect for the shared resources
of our world.

Our visions and objectives be fulfilled only through the donations from philanthropist and well wishers.
We request you all for your kind co- operation and generous donations to fulfill the noble cause. The
management committee requests you to come forward to donate generously to meet the growing need of
the Orphaned children, Aged, widow, poor and the deserving people.

These Neglected people need your love, affection & recognition. Your moral & financial support will
enable them to leave behind their rest of life in peace & tranquility. We request and look forward you kind
patronage support to this selfless service to fulfill this noble mission for a global glorification with your kind
and continued support.

Donations can be made in form of Provision, Cloth (or) cash/ cheque /DD in favor of GUARDS
KRUPHA TRUST. We are grateful to you for spending your valuable time.

Thanking you and looking forward your kind co-operation.

Yours Faithfully,

Authorised Signatory.

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