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Steven Greschner Bio

What does a successful company look like? It is possible that they became
successful because of the leadership. However, leaders will not be leaders if
they do not have the team. Steven Greschner is a graduate of BS in
Computer Information Systems, Extensive Sales, Management, and Industry
Training at the Arizona State University is rising up and already owns many
experiences. He is the CEO of Aviion Company that was formerly known as
Hummingbird. AVIIONs has a system called the Image Investigation system.
This was designed specifically for Law Enforcement. The system was
designed to rapidly search databases with millions of images quickly with
incredible accuracy. This company is very helpful especially if you are going
to find someone. The Image Investigation System has proven itself to be a
great tool for Law Enforcement in general. Over the years, our company has
been dedicated to helping in the war against terror and crime. The Aviion
Image Investigation Software (Formerly Hummingbird) won the Innovation in
Information Technology in the 7th Annual IACP - iXP Excellence in Technology
Award Program.
Before his career in Aviion, he was first employed at Data General
Corporation as an Account Executive/National Accounts Manager at Phoenix,
Arizona during the years of 1983-1994. During his stay there he established
and cultivated Motorola as a channel distributor for Data General Disk Array
products resulting in over 20 million dollars in sales to the company.
Now, he has made every project he handles successfully. He designed and
deployed a system for the Maricopa county sheriff using biometric
technology to verify inmates and Sheriffs Deputies. Steven also designed
and deployed a wireless surveillance system combined with a C4 platform
and biometric surveillance technology to secure areas as directed by the
Beijing Security Bureau. He has developed a centralized biometric database
for multiple applications. Lastly, designed and manufactured Biometric
Enrollment System for Chinas second generation ID project. This system is
the only ID-Card system approved by the Central Government to include the
capture of biometric information.
There are more to know about this man. If you want to experience how great
their Aviion Image Investigation System you can contact the Arizona, Utah,
or Idaho Fusion Center to find out for yourself. You can also contact him at
Steven Greschner

Chief Executive Officer, AVIION

Email: Steve@image-search.us
Phone: (480) 381-0778
Try their system for yourself. It is awarded as the best in Innovation in
Information Technology during the 7th Annual IACP - iXP Excellence in
Technology Award Program.