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Dear Sirs,Madams

I am interested to apply for a Bachelors degree in International Business

Management starting in October 2016.
The reason I chose Germany as a place of study is the fact that the German higher
education system combines theoretical studying with practical work experience
which results in highly professional graduates that are ready to face the challenges
of the work field since day one.Also,for that reason,I wish to take part in the study
program you are offering,your university providing the expertise for the new
generation of private and public sector managers.
For the moment,Romania,my country of birth,suffers from a lack of good
management skills in the field of International marketing and sales and I firmly
believe that with the experience I would gather at the Berlin School of Economics
and Law I could help strengthening the economical and cultural bridge between
Germany and Romania.
Being put up by hand by parents coming from different cultures,my mother coming
from Romania and my father being a Yemenite, has played an important role in my
interest in International bussines management,teaching me the idea of tolerance
and the immense potential of a tight economic link between states.Bussines is
communication,and no conflict can occur when the parties agree to communication.
After graduating Highschool in 2013 I started focusing on volunteering for a number
of international and regional ONGs,the first being The Romanian-Arab club of Press
and Culture,also popularly known as the Romanian-Arab Friendship Club,In which I
actively took part in organising cultural events for strenghtening the bonds
between the Romanian society and the Arab minority.This being my first experience
with marketing and its concepts,having to read a big number of professional books,I
got to experiment different tehniques and understand their yielded results.
The second organization I worked for is the National Association of Taxi
Employers,which assures the fairness and quality of Taxi transport and acts as a
middleman between the state and the Taxi drivers.My primary duty was office
work,but as time passed by I was appointed to assure the quality of a number of
leadership events the organization held.The experience gained while working with
highly respected business managers in the service sector slowly defined my wish in
becoming an Entrepreneur myself.
My goals for the future consist in acquiring experience in the field of marketing in
one of the big German international firmas and finally,after years of work and
further learning,to bring that experience back home as an entrepreneur,building the
foundation of what can consist the future of Romanias international business.

This is why wish to apply for a Bachelors degree in International Business

Management at the Berlin School of Economic and Law.