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: Denik Islamiyah (0402515093)


: Bahasa Inggris Akademik

DOSEN PENGAMPU : - Prof. Drs. Nathan Hindarto, Ph.D


Dr. Andreas Priyono Budi Prasetyo, M.Ed.

My English Learning Target

My name is Denik Islamiyah. I am from Gresik, East Java. I am a student

from Biology Education Study Program of Semarang State University. I
have some goals in a month to achieve English learning target.
First week : I will be able to improve my listening
I promise to study English seriously. I try listening to one hour of English
song, and I don't write anything down. Just listen and enjoy it. Sometimes,
in the bedroom I choose a song that I like it and try to find the lyrics online
by typing a key phrase from the chorus, or the singer into a search
Sometimes I watch the English movie. I dont use Indonesian subtitle
because I want improve my listening. I paused the movie a while, I dont
understand the vocabularies. I will look up and record at least ten English
words and try to understand them in context.
Second week : I will be able to speak English well
I begin to speak a little English every day, because the absolute best way
to learn any new language is by practicing. Doesn't matter if only know
five or thirty English words. The most importance is I am trying to speak
After that, I will speak English with another person in spite of slowly, i feel
more comfortable speaking in English and enjoy it. I won't reach that level
for a long time, so i push myself to start speaking English today.
In my boarding house I found someone who is willing to spend some time
speaking English with me. She is my friend, she is student from Biology
education study program of Semarang state university also. She usually
spends 1 minutes speaking English with me. Sometimes I also practice by
starting simple conversations with the someone or the people meet,
whether it's saying hello, how are you, good morning, good afternoon,
see you, have a nice day, I miss you, etc . By doing so, I hope my English
language skill can be improved.
Third week : I will be able to active reading
I will read an English children story or read book given by my lecturer.
After read the book, if I dont understand some vocabularies, I will write
down some difficult words and try translate then by using google translate
or dictionary. If we reading actively I think we can improve our
Fourth week : I will be able to improve my writing
I will try to listen to English song for at least one hour. Use the radio or
Internet, after that try to writing the lyrics. To improve my writing, next
time I will write a journal about my weekend or review some English

spelling rules. This way I will write a story using as many of the words as I
Try to make a complete sentence or Work on some dictation exercises,
and review them before going to.
I will re-evaluate my study sessions and goals and sign a new

contract at the end of this study period.