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Read the text below:
Hi Ellie,
Im so pleased you can come surfing in August! Paul, Rose and Kevin are coming too, so there
will be five of us. Weve decided to return to New Sands, because the surf board hire is so cheap
Im starting to think about accommodation. We wont camp again after last year! I hated staying
in a tent in all that rain!
Kevin wants to hire a caravan. There are some nice ones with 3 bedrooms, showers and cooking
facilities. The problem is, none of the caravan parks take short bookings in the summer. The
minimum stay is a week. Its a shame because there are several nice parks near the beach.
Theres a youth hostel in New Sands. Its the cheapest option after camping, and theres a big
kitchen and dining room where we can cook. The problem is, accommodation is in dormitories
and I dont really want to sleep with strangers.
There are a few guest houses in New Sands. Some have triple rooms, so wed only need to book
two rooms. Theyre not expensive, but we wouldnt be able to cook there. Wed have to eat out at
restaurants, or eat sandwiches for every meal! Well have to book soon if we choose that option,
because many guest houses are already full. The hotels in New Sands are far too expensive, even
though Id love to stay at the Sunrise Pavilion with its rooftop pool!
Let me know which option you prefer.
1. Choose the correct answer: 5x3p=15p
1 Last year the friends stayed in a
a. caravan
b. tent
c. youth hostel
2 Last year the friends had problems with
a. the weather b. the transport
c. their surf boards
3 The friends want to stay in New Sands for
a. a week
b. a week and a half c. less than one week
4 The problem with the caravan park is that
a. caravans are only available for full weeks.
b. there are not have enough beds for everyone.
c. all the caravans are fully booked.
5 Natalie doesnt want to stay in the youth hostel because
a. it is too expensive.
b. she doesnt want to share with people she doesnt know.
c. it does not have any self-catering facilities.
2.Write full answers to the questions: 5x3p=15p
a. Why have they decided to go to New Sands?
b. Why cant they hire a caravan?
c. Why wouldnt a guest house be a good choice?
d. What option would you choose and why?

e. What are the names of the people that want to go surfing?

1.Turn the sentences into Reported Speech: (5x2p=10p)
1. When do the children sing?, I asked Tom.
2. What did they build last year?, I asked Paul.
3. This place is absolutely fabulous., Samantha said
4. "I went to the cinema with my boyfriend yesterday.", she said.
5. "We have never been here before.", they said.
2.Put the verbs in brackets into an appropriate tense. (5x1p=5p)
1. Now were lost! If you had written down Marys directions, this ..... (not/happen).
2. If we ..... (live) in Australia, at least the weather would be better.
3. If we didnt punish him this time, he ..... (only commit) more crimes.
4. If it ..... (not/be) for Dr.Jones, I would be dead for certain!
5. You know that if I had had it, I ..... (lend) it to you.
3.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form: (10x1p=10p)
1. A: _____ _________(you/ know) that man over there?
B: Actually I do. Hes Marys husband.
2. A: What are you doing?
B: I ______________ (write) a letter.
3. I went to the gym. I __________________ (just /arrived) home when Michael called me.
4. A: What were the children doing when you ______________ (arrive) home?
B: They ________________ (dust) the furniture.
5. A: Linda is very good at her job, isnt she?
B: Yes. She _______________ (do) the same job for thirty years.
6. A: Did Alan arrive on time?
B: No, I __________________ (wait) for an hour before he arrived.
7. A: Where is Jack?
B: He ______________ (talk) on the phone when I saw him.
8. A: ______________ (you/ever/be) to Australia?
B: No, I havent.
9. ________________ (you/study) for an exam at the moment?
4.Complete each sentence with a word formed from the word in bold: (10x1p=10p)
1. Nowadays it is very important to get a good (educate)..........................................
2. Our company helps (employ) .................................. people to find new jobs.
3. Paul has good ideas, but writes very (care) ......................................
4. Helen has become a (succeed) ................................ business woman.
5. I hope to leave school with some useful (qualify) .............................
6. Mr. Dale was my (employ)................................. for ten years, and paid me well.
7. According to the (time) ............................. , the French lesson starts at ten.
8. Cathy has three jobs, so she has a high (come) ...............................................
9. Johns (know) ............................ of history is amsing for a boy of his age.
10. All the (employ) ............................... in this company are given free meals.
5. Fill in the blanks with:, could, shouldnt, must, might, may. (5x1p=5p)
1. Gail's flight from New York took more than 11 hours. She ____________ be exhausted .
2. You _________________ smoke so much, its bad for your health.

3. Please make sure to water my plants while I am gone. If they don't get enough water, they
________________ die.
4. I ________________speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Egypt.
5. _____________ I borrow your pen?
Your name is Ann/Tom. You have recently been to stay with an old friend, named Mark/Alice,
for a few days. Write a letter (100-10 words) to the friend. In your letter:

say how you felt about the visit

ask about his/her family

refer to something enjoyable that you did while staying with him / her

invite your friend to visit you

Not: Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Timp de lucru: 2 ore. Nu se acorda puncte
din oficiu

1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-a, 5-b
1. Theyve decided to return to New Sands, because the surf board hire is cheap.
2. They cant hire a caravan because they want to stay less thana week.
3. A guest house wouldnt be a good choice because they cant cook there.
4. Open answer
5. The names are:Natalie, Ellie, Paul, Rose and Kevin.
1. I asked Tom when the children sang.
2. I asked Tom what they had built the previous year.
3. Samantha said that place was absolutely fabulous.
4. She said she had gone to the cinema with her boyfriend the previous day.
5. They said they had never been there before.
1. wouldnt have happened
2. lived
3. would only commit
4. werent
5. would have lent
1. Do you know
2. am writing
3. had just arrived
4. arrived; were dusting
5. has been doing/ has done
6. had been waiting/ had waited
7. was talking
8. Have you ever been/gone
9. are you studying
1. education
2. unemployed
3. carelessly
4. sucessful
5. qualifications
6. employer
7. timetable
8. income
9. knowlwdge
10. employees

1. must
2. shouldn't
3. might/may
4. could
5. may

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