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Walter Woodward

Red ribbon week

October 24-27, 2016
Monday the 24th

- Friends Dont Let Friends Do Drugs

Twin Day
Pass out Red Ribbon wrist bands
Do Red Ribbon Pledges (hands, iPods)
Red Ribbon message on the fence
Begin Door Decoration contest

Tuesday the 25th

- Give Drugs the Boot

Wear western wear to school

Hang pledges on posters

Wednesday the 26th Use Your Head, Dont Do Drugs

Crazy Hair Day

Thursday the 27th - Team Up Against Dugs

Wear your favorite team jersey
Door Decoration Judging

Participation Raffle:
Each student will receive a bookmark to track their participation
in RRW theme days. Teachers will stamp the bookmark each day
for each student who participates.
Each teacher will conduct his or her own raffle every day for
students who participate. Two winners from each class will go to
office EVERYDAY to receive his or her prize. Two winners per
Final day: Raffle for one winner per classroom for 4 days of
participation in Theme days as noted on bookmark stamps.
Decorate your classroom door with any Anti Drug
to Win a Prize!!