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Welcome to Sharetronix Opensource

------------------------Sharetronix Opensource is a multimedia microblogging platform. It helps

people in a community, company, or group to exchange short messages over
the Web. Find more information in http://developer.sharetronix.com/
------------------------Please check out the license.txt file. By installing Sharetronix, you
agree to all the conditions of the license and also to the Sharetronix
Terms of Use: http://developer.sharetronix.com/license
------------------------Powered by Sharetronix link
------------------------Please check out the license.txt file. By installing Sharetronix, you
agree to keep the Powered by Sharetronix backlink in your system. If you wish
remove the link you need to purchase a link removal option. To do so please go
------------------------To install Sharetronix Opensource on your webserver, upload the contents
of the "upload/" folder to the preferred location on your webserver
(wherever you want to install Sharetronix) with your favorite FTP client.
Open with your browser the "install" location in this folder and follow
the steps in the installation wizard.
------------------------To upgrade Sharetronix Opensource from a previous version, just follow
the Installation steps. Replace the old installation files with the
contents of the "upload/" folder and run the installation wizard. But
first - don't forget to backup your old installation (database and files)
- it's important!
------------------------System Requirements
------------------------- Apache Web Server
- MySQL version 5.0 or higher
- PHP version 5.2 or higher
------------------------Official website
------------------------Important security setting
-------------------------If you want to increase the security level of attached images and files in your

uncomment the row "php_flag engine off" in ./static/.htaccess and ./storage/.hta
ccess files
Mail send problems
-------------------------If you have problems with the emails distribution and one of these two problem
- send emails with empty body
- send emails with incomplete text in the body
You can resolve this issue by changing a few items in the file ./system/helper
Go to line 126 and delete all lines that contain the phrase (DELETE_THIS_LINE)
---------------------------------------------/* (DELETE_THIS_LINE) This is a fix for everybody with mail issues (2 types)
(DELETE_THIS_LINE) 1. Your script send mails with blank body
(DELETE_THIS_LINE) 2. Your script send mails with missing text in the mail
(DELETE_THIS_LINE) To activate the fix delete all the lines which contains
do_send_mail($email, $subject, $message_txt, $from);
---------------------------------------------Once you have deleted the lines you should have only the following code left:
---------------------------------------------do_send_mail($email, $subject, $message_txt, $from);
---------------------------------------------Note: please backup the file ./system/helpers/func_main.php before applying an
y changes
------------------------Using Google reCaptcha
------------------------To activate the google reCaptcha on your sharetronix community follow the step
s below:
1. Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create
2. Create your private and public keys.
3. Open the ./conf_main.php file
4. Enter the value for the private key at $C->GOOGLE_CAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY
5. Enter the value for the public key at $C->GOOGLE_CAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY

One click install

------------------------Softaculous - http://www.softaculous.com/softwares/microblogs/Sharetronix
- http://www.ampps.com/apps/php/microblogs/Sharetronix
------------------------FACEBOOK CONNECT
------------------------To activate Facebook Connect integration for your Sharetronix site, first
you have to register a Facebook application and get its API key:
1. Complete the Sharetronix installation/upgrade script
2. Go to FB and join the Developers group: http://developers.facebook.com/
3. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click on "Create new app" bu
4. Fill in only the "App Name" field with the name of your application and cli
ck on the "Continue" button.
5. Enter the captcha code if captcha popup appear and click on the "Continue"
6. Fill the "App Domain", if your sharetronix community is hosted at http://ww
w.site.com or http://app.site.com or http://site.com/app, your domain is site.co
7. Click on the "Website with Facebook Login" section and add you community ur
l, eg. http://www.site.com, http://app.site.com, http://site.com/app
8. Click on the "Save changes" button
9. Your App key/ID and App Secret are in your application description, copy bo
th and paste in your ./system/conf_main.php file in

= 'Your Key';
= 'Your app id';
= 'Your app secret';

------------------------TWITTER CONNECT
------------------------To activate Twitter OAuth Login for your Sharetronix site, first you have
to register a Twitter application and get its Consumer KEY and SECRET:
1. Complete the Sharetronix installation/upgrade script
2. Go to the Twitter New Application form: https://dev.twitter.com/apps and cl
ick on "Create New Application" button
3. Fill App Name, Description and Website(eg. http://mysharetronixcommunity.co
4. Agree with "Developer Rules Of The Road", enter the captcha code and click
on the "Create your Twitter application" button.
5. Click on the "Settings" tab and in the "Application Type" section for acces
s type choose "Read and Write" and click on "Update this Twitter's application"
6. Go to the "Details" tab and copy your application's "Consumer key" and "Con
sumer secret" and paste them in your ./system/conf_main.php file in the

= '';
= '';

7. You MUST also put a Callback URL in the SETTINGS tab in your twitter applic

ation. Set it to your community URL

------------------------To activate Bit.ly

Create an account in Bit.ly

Go to Settings->Advanced
Copy "Login" and "API Key" values
Paste them to


= '';
= '';