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Negative to Positive

I was scared. I was horrified. I never thought art could turn into something so dangerous. I
never knew that art could almost destroy something so precious to me.
It all started on that one Wednesday, July 15th, 2019. I woke up from my rather messy
bed and took a scan around my room. I took a seat and turned on the tablet. The drawing that I
couldnt finish showed up and I was already filled with shame. Mothers day was coming up this
weekend and I wanted to draw my mother a picture of us, of how Alec and I are doing. I felt that
she would receive this sort of warmth when she sees it. Living around 2,500 miles away from
your children can be pretty lonely.
I returned my focus to drawing shown on the tablet after that pretty long daydream of
mine, I couldnt bring myself to continue it so I just decided to scrap it. Suddenly, my phone
vibrated on the desk.
Mom? I asked into the phone.
Leah, Im coming home for the weekend! my mom said with joy.
What about dad? I asked, questioning her.
Hes off for a business trip for the weekend. Ill send you the details for my arrival, she
said as her hung up the call.
The next day, my mom was going to coming over from California so my brother and I
decided to pick her up. I stayed up past midnight just to finish that drawing for her. It was a
picture of my brother and I all grown up with New York City behind our backs.
Alec, I need you to drive, I said throwing him the keys to the car.
You stayed up all night drawing, didnt you? he said glaring at me.
I had a artists block. Something you wouldnt understand, high schooler, I retorted
We got into the car and while Alec
was driving I dived into my phone and
started looking into recent news articles.
One that had caught my eye was, 3-D

Printing Saves A Life. I am majoring in

biology and I had an essay due soon about
how technology could help save some of our
lives today.
Moms terminal is B-5. Dont miss
it, I said with a stern voice.
Got it. Did you hear that people are getting closer and closer
to self-replicating things that are exactly the same? my
brother said with the sound of interest in his voice.
Alec, self-replicating is basically the same thing as the
3-D Printer, they both do the same thing, I said scrolling
through my phone not looking at him.

Why didnt you major in something like technology instead of biology, if you know so
much? Alec said with his forehead creasing.
Ive always wanted to be a doctor and drawing just isnt going to cut. They dont make a
lot of money, I said with serious tone.
As we emerged into the right lane, we saw our mom and she was standing there with her
suitcase next to her. I turned the AC in the car to max because I could smell the scent of the car
exhaust coming out of the cars around us. The smell that is dirty, dusty, and much more
overpowering and bullying smell than gasoline.
Hey guys! our mom said as she was entering in all of her suitcases and baggage into the
Mom, hurry up and close the door the smell is getting dreadful! I exclaimed with a loud
voice that probably everyone in the airport could hear.
We got home and I immediately went back to my room and went back to drawing. It was
just something to help the stress get off of my back. I turned on the tablet that my father had
given me when I was My family and friends all say that my drawings are just so realistic that it
looks like its going to come out of the tablet and become a real thing.
I had an assignment from Professor Harley to draw a forest that has this kind of spooky
mood. I was never a fan of drawing forest like areas because of my old art teacher, Mrs. Johnson,
who told me that when one is trying to draw a piece, become one with the piece then the outcome
will come out even better than what you can ever produce. Now, going into forests where it is all
dark and a bunch of poisonous plants and bugs is just not a place I would like to be.
I was sketching a poisonous snake in the air with my tablet
pen that looked like a 3D Pen with my eyes closed and my
brother walked in and all of a sudden the real thing popped out of
thin air, like it was some kind of magic or power that was just
unexplainable. Something you would find in a fictional book
about things popping out of thin air or when a magician makes
things just appear.
Hey Lea-, Alec said as he was walking into the room and a
snake came flying at him.
Alec had got bitten by the venomous snake and had
collapsed onto the floor pale as ever. The snake was slithering
around me as if I could care about it. I walked up to Alec and my
trembling hand reach out to him and touched his pale skin. It felt as if he was left in the Arctic for
months just there, cold as ever, icy. I screamed and I screamed as if my lungs were going to
collapse. My mother had walked in and she shouted for an ambulance. He was transported to the
Summerstone Hospital. Before we left, my mother had called animal control to take that snake in
so that it couldnt run loose.
At that very moment, I wanted to die. I wanted to scrap everything. I just wanted to lie
myself in my grave. I kept trying to think of positive thoughts, but it was just impossible. That

vision of my brother lying on the ground like he was a dead corpse. Unmoving and gasping for air
because I drew a snake?!
He was taken in for surgery in the specific room, B-207. My mother and I were outside as
the light above the room EMERGENCY lit up.
Leah, you have to tell me. What happened in that room at that very moment? my mother
said as she grabbed my hand to comfort me.
I broke out in tears, I just couldnt keep in anymore. I was air drawing a snake, like
planning and all of sudden and snake just appeared, Mom! I dont why and I know you wont
believe me, but-, I said in a really fast manner as she stopped me, squeezing my hand even
Leah, I believe you. I know that what you saw may have been a bit unrealistic, but I
believe you. You wouldnt try to kill your brother and I know that for certain. my mother said as I
could feel her tears coming down, prickling down my skin.
A snake wouldnt just appear out of nowhere in your apartment. my mother said again
comforting me with her hands patting my head as if I was a child again.
It was around 2:00am now and finally the lights on the EMERGENCY sign had gone off
signally that the surgery was done.
Excuse me, Mrs. Kim? a man with a doctor suit asked to one of us.
Yes? my mother said clutching onto her shirt as she replied to the nurse.
It was told that my brothers surgery was successful. Of course, I am glad, happy, and
joyful for that. How can something that I was drawing in the air with a pen turn into something
real? It doesnt make any sense. It doesnt have any connection to the real world. Did I have
superpowers that make me draw stuff that come to life? No, thats just simply impossible and can
only happen in fiction books.
We had just recently conducted x- rays on your sons chest area where the snake had
punctured its venom into his body and during the x-rays we found out that he has a tumor in his
heart. I am sorry to say this but, he has heart cancer, the doctor said.
I just felt like my whole world stopped right before me. I couldnt believe my ears.
H-h-heart cancer? I said stuttering my words with shock.
Is there anyway to save him? my mother asked with tears streaming down her eyes.
The one way to save him is surgery which includes heart transplant, which is usually
from an organ donor. Changing the heart will get rid of the tumor. Currently, the list for a heart is
too long for your son to wait. Its just so rare to get a heart donor. Im sorry, but I just think
theres no way to save your son. the doctor said.
My mother sat down, putting her hands to her face. Sobbing uncontrollably, I know how
she feels. Then, it suddenly hit me that I could be the heart donner. Well, not literally, but I could
draw Alec a heart. I drew a snake and it came to life, maybe I can draw him a heart and save his
Excuse me, Doctor, is it possible for me to give a heart to my brother? I asked hoping
and praying.
Well, first off you have to get a heart that is
compatible with your brother and make sure you
are eligible for the surgery. The most the

important though is to make sure you have a healthy donor. The type of heart cancer your
brother has is rhabdomyosarcoma, where one of the muscles in your heart had created a tumor
and spreaded to your heart. It is certainly a fairly rare type of cancer, the doctor said.
Alec was left at the hospital to be checked up on every once in awhile just to make sure
hes okay. I decided I was going to try what I did this afternoon again, but hopefully for the better.
I started air drawing and I could see the lines appearing.
Woah, I said with my eyes wide.
I wanted to make sure I got this perfect. So, first I sketched the drawing out on my tablet. I
then tried to replicate what I drew on the tablet in thin air. I ran outside to get a mason jar and a
cooler so I could plop the heart in there.
Turns out, the operation was a success. Alec was back to normal again and our mother
had decided to say for a month to make sure everything was okay. The doctor was surprised how
I got a donor to give us his heart, especially since without a heart you couldnt live. I just made up
a lie of how I got an old person who was about to die to give us his heart. I knew he probably
didnt believe me. Now that Im all happy and smiles, I just want to keep this little power a secret
of mines. The person who can create things from drawings within a matter of minutes. Im sort of
like a 3D Printer, but faster!
I learned that you can always change negative experiences into positive experiences that
could change your life. Its like going to school. You learn from your fails and get better.

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