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Momentum Transfer
Fall 2016
Lecture Time: Tu, Th 5:00pm 6:20pm, SSL 290
Prof. Mikael Nilsson, nilssonm@uci.edu
Office hours:
Tuesday 9 10am, ET816C
Discussion: Th 6.30 7.20pm, SSL 290
Edward Jenner, ejenner@uci.edu , Jisue Moon, jisuem@uci.edu
Office hours:
Course Goals:
To master the elementary principles of fluid statics and dynamics. These include
control volume analysis and application of mass, momentum and energy
conservation principles. Topics include Bernoullis equation, laminar and turbulent
flows, viscous flows, dimensional analysis flow in pipes and pipe networks, boundary
layer theory and flow behavior in the presence of solid particles
Philip M. Gerhart, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein, Munson, Young and Okiishi's
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. 8th Edition, Wiley, 2016
Reference texts:
Fluid Mechanics, by Robert A. Granger
Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics, by Rutherford
Due at the beginning of class. Late homework will not be accepted.
Grading Criteria
Homework: 20%
Midterm Exam: 35%
Oct 25, Tuesday
Final Exam: 45%
Dec 8, Thursday, 4:00-6:00pm, Comprehensive
Total: 100%
Exams are close-book. Equation sheet will be handed out during the exam. No
make-up exam will be administered.
Academic Honesty
UC Irvine policy is located at: http://www.editor.uci.edu/catalogue/appx/appx.2.htm
Student discussions regarding lecture topics are encouraged. However, assignment
submitted for credit must be the students individual work. Copying or submission of
identical work will not be tolerated.

Tentative Schedule
Thu, Sep 22: Course overview, Fluid Properties and Fluid Statics
Tue, Sep 27: Inviscid Flow
Thu, Sep 29: Fluid Kinematics
Tue, Oct 4:

Conservation of Mass

Thu, Oct 6:

Conservation of Linear Momentum

Tue, Oct 11: No Class, Professor on travel

Thu, Oct 13: No Class, Professor on travel
Tue, Oct 18: Conservation of Energy
Thu, Oct 20: Conservation of Energy
Tue, Oct 25: Midterm
Thu, Oct 27: Differential Equations of Fluid Mechanics
Tue, Nov 1: Differential Equations of Fluid Mechanics
Thu, Nov 5: Dimensional Analysis
Tue, Nov 8: Flow in Pipes: Laminar Flow
Thu, Nov 10: Flow in Pipes: Turbulent Flow
Tue, Nov 15: No Class, Professor on Travel (Flow in Pipes: Moody Chart and
Pipe Networks)
Thu, Nov 17: No Class, Professor on Travel (Flow in Pipes: Moody Chart and
Pipe Networks)
Tue, Nov 22: External Flows: Introduction
Thu, Nov 24: Thanksgiving, no class
Tue, Nov 29: External Flows: Boundary Layer Theory
Thu, Dec 1: External Flows: Lift and Drag
Thu, Dec 8: Final Exam 4.00 - 6.00pm
As we will miss class on 4 occasions there is a need to make up for lost time by
scheduling at least 2 make-up sessions.