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Best Ab Initio Interview Questions and Answers List

Can a graph be infinitely run? If yes, how?

Can anyone give me an exaple of realtime start script in the graph?
Can anyone please explain the environment variables with example?
can anyone tell me what happens when the graph run? i.e The Co-operating System
will be at the host, We are running the graph at some other place. How the Co-op
erating System interprets with Native OS?
Can we load multiple files?
Describe how you would ensure that database object definitions (Tables, Indices,
Constraints, Triggers, Users, Logins, Connection Options, and Server Options et
c) are consistent and repeatable between multiple database instances (i.e.: a te
st and production copy of a database).
Describe the ?Grant/Revoke? DDL facility and how it is implemented.
Describe the effect of the "checkpoint" t-sql statement?
Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled "batch" jobs
do not "collide" with each other.
Describe the Evaluation of Parameters order
Describe the process steps you would perform when defragmenting a data table. Th
is table contains mission critical data.
Describe what the SQL Server tempdb and tlog files are used for?
Difference between conventional loading and direct loading ? when it is used in
real time .
Disadvantages of Ab Initio?
Do you know what a local lookup is?
Explain PDL with an example.
Explain the difference between the ?truncate? and "delete" commands.
Explain the differences between api and utility mode?
Explain the methods to improve performance of a graph?
Explain what is lookup?
For data parallelism, we can use partition components. For component parallelism
, we can use replicate component. Like this which component(s) can we use for pi
peline parallelism?
Have you eveer encountered an error called 'depth not equal'? (This occurs when
you extensively create graphs it is a trick question)
Have you used rollup component? Describe how.
Have you worked with packages?
How can i run the 2 GUI merge files?
How can we implement refrential integrity in Abinitio?
How can we test the abintio manually and automation?
How can you force the optimizer to use a particular index?
How can you run a graph infinitely?
How do we handle if DML changing dynamicaly
How do we handle if DML changing dynamicaly?
How do you add default rules in transformer?
How do you connect EME to Abinitio Server?
How do you convert 4-way MFS to 8-way mfs?
How do you improve the performance of a graph?
How do you truncate a table?
How do you truncate a table? (Each candidate would say only 1 of the several way
s to do this.)
How Does MAXCORE works?
How many components in your most complicated graph?
How many parallelisms are in Abinitio? Please give a definition of each.
How might you quantitatively measure an improvement made to a query?
How much memory do we need for a graph?
How the term Standard Environment can be explained?
How to create a computer program that computes the monthly interest charge on a
credit card account????
How to create repository in abinitio for stand alone system(LOCAL NT)?
How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?

How to do we run sequences of jobs ,, like output of A JOB is Input to B How do

we co-ordinate the jobs
How to execute the graph from start to end stages? Tell me and how to run graph
in non-Abinitio system?
How to find the number of arguments defined in graph?
How to get DML using Utilities in UNIX?
How to handle if DML changes dynamically in abinitio
How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?
How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio? Give some examples or tips.
How to retrive data from database to source in that case whice componenet is use
d for this?
How to run a graph infinitely?
How to run the graph without GDE?
How to Schedule Graphs in AbInitio, like workflow Schedule in Informatica? And w
here we must is Unix shell scripting in AbInitio?
How to take the input data from an excel sheet?
How to work with parameterized graphs?
How will you test a dbc file from command prompt ??
How will you use EME for view or publish metadata reports using EME?
How would you do performance tuning for already built graph ? Can you let me kno
w some examples?
How would you find out whether a SQL query is using the indices you expect?
Please let me know whether we have ab initio GDE version 1.14 and what is the la
test GDE version and Co-op version?
Sift links to MFS files on Unix for Ab Initio ? what is this .... 2) $pound what
is this 3) $? what for it is used 4) types of loading 5 overwrite when it used
State the first_defined function with an example
State the working process of decimal_strip function
We know rollup component in Abinitio is used to summarize group of data record t
hen why do we use aggregation?
What about DML changes dynamically?
What are Cartesian joins?
What are differences between different GDE versions(1.10,1.11,1.12,1.13and 1.15)
? What are differences between different versions of Co-op?
What are kinds of layouts does ab initio supports
What are local and formal parameter?
What are primary keys and foreign keys?
What are the advantages of Ab Initio?
What are the components new in 2.14 compared to 1.8 and State the usage of the c
What are the contineous components in Abinitio?
What are the different versions and releases of ABinitio (GDE and Co-op version)
What are the most commonly used components in a Abinition graph? can anybody giv
e me a practical example of a trasformation of data, say customer data in a cred
it card company into meaningful output based on business rules?
What are the operations that support avoiding duplicate record?
What are the supported layouts in Ab Initio?
What can we say about partitioning with key and round robin?
What can we say about the Scan component versus a RollUp component?
What difference does exist between Checkpoint and Phase?
What do you mean by .profile in Abinitio and what does it contains?
What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?
What does layout means in terms of Ab Initio
What is $mpjret? Where it is used in ab-initio?
What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?
What is a cursor? Within a cursor, how would you update fields on the row just f
What is a deadlock and how it occurs?
What is a look-up?

What is a ramp limit?

What is a Rollup component?
What is Ab Initio?
What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab-initio?
What is an outer join?
What is API mode versus the utility mode?
what is backward compatibility in abinitio
What is data mapping and data modelling?
what is difference between file and table in abinitio
What is driving port? When do you use it?
What is MAX CORE of a component?
What is mean by Co > Operating system and why it is special for Ab-initio ?
What is meant by fancing in abinitio ?
What is m_dump
What is semi-join?
What is skew and skew measurement?
What is the component that can be used to lower a file in size?
What is the definition of a multistage component?
What is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file?
What is the difference between a DB config and a CFG file?
What is the difference between a Scan component and a RollUp component?
What is the difference between check point and phase?
What is the difference between check point and phase?
What is the difference between conventional and direct loading?
What is the Difference between DML Expression and XFR Expression ?
What is the difference between look-up file and look-up, with a relevant example
What is the difference between lookup file and lookup?
What is the difference between partitioning with key / hash and round robin?
What is the difference between partitioning with key and round robin?
What is the difference between rollup and scan?
What is the difference between sandbox and EME, can we perform checkin and check
out through sandbox/ Can anybody explain checkin and checkout?
What is the function you would use to transfer a string into a decimal?
What is the importance of EME in abinitio?
What is the latest version that is available in Ab-initio?
What is the meaning of EME?
What is the purpose of having stored procedures in a database?
What is the purpose of ramp limit?
What is the reason for a database to contain stored procedures?
What is the reason for using parameterized graphs?
What is the relation between EME , GDE and Co-operating system ?
What is the relationship between partitions and joins?
What is the role of a driving port?
What is the syntax of m_dump command?
What is the use of aggregation when we have rollup as we know rollup component i
n abinitio is used to summirize group of data record. then where we will use agg
regation ?
What kind of layouts does Abinitio support?
What kind of parallelisms supported by Ab Initio?
What meaning has lock in Ab Initio?
What means writing of wrapper?
What methods exist for performance tuning?
What parallelisms does Abinitio support?
What possible errors we can receive from a graph execution?
What r the Graph parameter?
What role has the XFR function?
When running a stored procedure definition script how would you guarantee the de
finition could be "rolled back" in the event of problems.

When using multiple DML statements to perform a single unit of work, is it prefe
rable to use implicit or explicit transactions, and why.
Which one is faster for processing fixed length dmls or delimited dmls and why ?
Why might the optimizer use a table scan when an index is available?
Why might you create a stored procedure with the 'with recompile' option?