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Review topics for speaking.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.

2. Disadvantages of living in a big city.
3. Advantages of living in a village
4. Disadvantages of living in a village.
5. Benefit of reading books.
6. Benefit of listening to music.
7. Benefit of watching TV.
8. Advanced technology brings us many advantages.
9. Do you enjoy living in traditional or modern family.
10.Why do you study English?
11. what do you often do in your free time?
12.Which country do you want to visit?
13. what kinks of sports do you play?
14. What qualities of a friend do you like?
15. Do you want to be a singer? Why?
16. What kinds of movies do you like?
17. Do you like to live in a large family? Why?
18. What is the most difficult when you study at high school?
19. Who do you often share secret?
20. Tell me a book you like most? Why?
21. The Internet is like an access to the world. What do you think about that?
22. Being a child in a rich family is excellent. Do you agree or not?
23. High school period is the golden age of human beings. Is it right?
24. What do you expect from your closest friends?
25. Do you enjoy shopping in the supermarkets or in the shopping centre? Why?
26. Living in the village brings you a lot of experience as well as challenges.
Do you think it is true? Why?
27. Saving devices escape women from the cycles of household chores. Do you agre
e with this?
28. Do you want to love or to be loved? Why?
29. Whom do you want to travel with? Members of your family or your friends?
30. A good book is like a good friend. How do you think about this?
31. Do you think Government should build an industrial zone in your province? Wh
y or why not?
32. You can choose your friends but not your relatives Do you feel that friends are
more important than family?
33.What can we do to protect the natural beauty of the country?
34.How do Vietnamese people feel about the protection of environment?
35.Do you think it is important to know about other cultures?
36.How important is a higher education in getting a job in VietNam?
37.What are some benefit of playing sports?
38. What do you think about the role of internet in our modern life? How much ti
me do you spend on the Internet each day?
39.What outdoor activities do you enjoy?
40.what do you think about educational system in VietNam?
41.When did you start learning English? In what way do you think English is goin
g to be useful for you? Do you have any plans for a future care and will you be
able to use foreign language in the career you chose?
42.Do you prefer team sports or individual sports? Why? What skills team sports
require? Why?
43. who are the most important in your life? What do you most enjoy doing with y
our family?
44.Do you enjoy spending a holiday in a small village or in a city? Why?
45.What form of public transport do you use most often?
46.what are advantages and disadvantages of using computers?
47.Do you think we rely too much on modern technology? Why?
48.what is your favorite TV programs?
49. Do you prefer to shop alone or with friends?
50.what jobs are considered prestigious in your country and why?

51. Would you like to change your job in the future?

52.What are some practical skills you would like to learn when you have free tim
53.Do you think that successful people are always happier than unsuccessful ones
54.What did you like to do when you were a child?
55.Wha were some embarrassing situations when you were a child?
56.Describe a present you received when you were a child?
57. What can you learn from other countries or cultures?
58. Tell me something about Vietnamese food?
59. Do you prefer writing handwritten letters or e-mails for your darling?
60. Do you prefer working indoor or outdoor?
61. Could you describe some main tourist attractions in VietNam?
62.Would you like to move to another place to live?
63.Which room does your family spend most of the time in?
64.What are the most popular outdoor activities in Vietnam?
65.What are some main problems facing the elderly in VietNam today?
66.What do you like and dislike about Vietnamese culture?
67.Describe a foreign culture that you are interested in?
68.Compare reading habits today to those of the past?
69.What do you like most about your hometown?
70. Who usually does the cooking in your home?