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First of all, we know that Maybelline is one of a well-known cosmetic brand in
Indonesia, that is why we interested to conduct brand tracking survey on Maybelline
to prove that Maybelline is familiar to Indonesian women as cosmetic brand.

Before we distribute the questionnaire, we did the interview to 5 people in MBA ITB,
to get more information about maybelline brand in their mind and experience. We
also do the observation in several media such as website of maybelline, Instagram,
snapchat and youtube. Then we took 46 sample to answer the questionnaire as the
target respondent because the segment and target of Maybelline are young and
adult women which is interested in make up. We believe that MBA ITB student
represent our respondent requirements.
Next we will explain the result and studies of our survey.
First I will discuss about brand awareness and usage of cosmetic
There is no significant differences on percentage between the place of purchase
Gerai Khusus Merek Kosmetik Tersebut, Toko Khusus Kosmetik, Department Stores
and Online Store
The reason why majority of respondent choose that four distribution channels
because have a complete variety of makeup products compare with convinience
store and drug store.

Of all the cosmetic brands that exist as much as 30% of the respondents wrote
Maybelline as known cosmetic brand. This can be happen because they have
integrated marketing communication especially maybelline active on digital media
such as snapchat, instagram, youtube but maybelline is still exist on TV
commercials. This affected for Maybellines awareness and recall.

Maybelline chosen as the number one cosmetics that used by our respondent by
27%. It means most of the respondent that already aware about Maybelline product
also used Maybelline as their daily cosmetics. However, the differences with the
other brand did not significant the gap with Nyx and Wardah only 5% because
based on the observation respondent not only use one brand for daily cosmetics. for
instance, a respondent use Maybelline for their mascara but use Wardah for the

33% of respondents choose quality as their main reason of using cosmetic. So,
quality of the product from the cosmetics brand is really important for the
respondent. They will looking the information about the quality of the cosmetics
brand. Cosmetic quality must be good because it has a direct contact with our skin.
The other reasons is about suitable with skin, means if the respondent already met
the brand that suitable with skin they will not do the switching brand.
Many respondents choosing friends or family for information. Proven with over
23% of respondents who believe the recommendations or experiences from people
nearby. Some respondents have many experiences about incompatibility. In the end,
the cosmetics are useless or wasted. So they need recommendation from their
relative before they buy the product because usually relative will give us honest
information based on the experience

From our result studies proven the statement that maybelline is a well-known brand,
because 100% of our respondent are of maybelline brand. Because maybelline keep
on developing interesting advertisement to make a potential buyer aware of their
36 out of 46 respondent use Maybelline as their daily cosmetic brand.
The Majority reason why respondent use Maybelline Cosmetics is Affordable Price,
Good Quality, and sutitable with their skin. Because Maybelline conduct a research
about the type of asian skin color to know what kind of product that suitable for
asian women. so, there is no doubt if Maybelline has a good product quality, given
we know Maybelline is always aware of what consumers needs.


43% of respondent choose Mascara as their product from Maybelline. It can be

affected because of Maybelline that always do the advertising about their mascara.
Maybelline always develop their mascara product and have several version of