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New Found Piece Of Bach

_by Chia Hung, on November 27, 2015
THURINGIA, GERMANY - On October 5, a new
piece of music was found by a house owner of a old
building in Eisenach which was created by Johann
Sebastian Bach.
After examining of the musicians and investigators,
this piece of music is determine as the last piece of
Johann Sebastian Bach. But unfortunately, Bach gets
really ills and died under the high fever, thus this piece
hasnt been named yet.
I was shocked at the moment I saw this piece, I
could feel the soul of the music, and the feeling of
missing hometown as I hummed it. But unfortunately,
he died before he finish this piece, or it will be the best
work ever, said Samuel Brown, a musician who take Bach as his model. Furthermore, I hope I can take the
responsibility to complete this piece as if other musicians agree.
I did not noticed it until I found out its a music sheet, and I dont even know what should I do with it.
So I called one of my friends who work in music industry, then we decide to give it to a classical music
organization in Germany. said the house owner, Alfred Schmidt who found the last piece of Bach. I am glad
that this music had been treated well. Its lucky I didnt throw them into ashcan without reading it, so I think its
the fate that it will be famous someday.

Best Genre of Music

_by Chia Hung, on July 15, 2016
CHICAGO - Grant Park Music festival was held on July 9,
2016 in USA. Most of musicians attended to the festival agreed
that instrumental music is the best genre for listeners around
the world.
Kathie Smith, a famous scientist of Human brain said that
classical or instrumental music can help to improve verbal,
mathematical skills for human brain. Furthermore it helps
people to relax and calms their negative mood. According to
the research the best types of musics are from 1600 to 1900
which can be called the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic era.
Composers who were really famous in these eras are Bach,

Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin...etc. And instruments like Violin, Cello, Flute,
Trumpet, Viola, Horn, Organ are used in this period of time.
However, some pop singers dont agree. I believe Pop music will be the best genre of music since it
can be a good way to urge and incite the listeners, and also because lyrics in the music is a really good way to
express, said Justin Bieber, a Canadian famous singer and songwriter.
Lyrical music isn't the only way to express feelings. Many musicians believe that since there are no
lyrics in the instrumental music, listeners can catch what the composer is trying to express if they really calm
themselves and feel the music deeply. But lyrical musics are more likely to tell the story by words which arent
that expressive as non-lyrics music does, said Johnson Williams, a musician who participate in the
The festival is an annual 10 weeks of classical music concert series that held in Jay Pritzker
Pavilion,Chicago. Its a place to watch orchestras, concerts during the summer from June to August, which is
organized by Paul Winberg in 2016.

Instruments Can Benefit You

_By Chia, on July 15, 2016
HO CHI MINH - In January, CIS students sent a
survey to all citizens in Phu My Hung, asking them about
whether they prefer listen to music more or playing an
In fact, most of wealthy people living in a urban
area like Phu My Hung learn the basic music as their
talents and passion. Therefore, the result shows people
living in this area are more likely to play instruments
instead of just listen to music.
According to the research of Jason Swift, playing an
instrument can benefits brain in variety of ways. Basic
advantages are increase memory capacity, develop
organization and collaboration skills, improves reading
and comprehension skills, foster self-expression and
relieve stress for human. Therefore, its a good idea to let
children learn a musical instrument since they are young.
Some grade 10 students were asked to do a
homework assignment about how music is in the
community. One group of students decide to send the survey to all residents in PMH about whether people
prefer to listen to musics or play an instrument. To accomplish their project, they had to make posters and
posted them around the community, talking to other school and see if they can help them with fill out the
survey, or sending the letters home.
The purpose of this project is for students to understand more about music in society. So, I was
surprised they decided to do this when I first heard their idea, I am looking forward to the final result.
Moreover, the students may meet different problems when facing the outside community and learn to
communicate, to convince, and get along with customers, mates, and the boss. However, I will try my best to
support them as if they get frustrated, said Lindsay Willson in January, the teacher who gave this assignment.

About Author
Tzu Chia Hung is a grade 10 student who is a Taiwanese that live in HCMC, Vietnam. She likes to read,
to play instruments and basketball in her spare time. And some of the important things in her life would be her
family, food, water and friends.


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