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Title I
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. My name is Ms. Pedraza. I teach Music
(Periods: 4 and 8)
Throughout these pages, you will find an array of information. Please take the time
to go through each of them. They are a resource of invaluable information that will
make this school year a successful one.
Please feel free to contact me throughout the school year with questions or concerns
you may have at gpedraza@dadeschools.net I look forward to an exciting and successfulschool year.
Ms. Pedraza
Class Expectations
All students must be prepared for class and be ready to participate in class discussions. They will be expected to remain on task and follow all procedures related to
class activities.
Class Materials
Students must have the following items:
Student agenda

Staff Paper
Class notebook for Music only
Pen or pencil
1 1/2 inches

Course Overview
Students discover how music works with an exploratory introduction to the compositional process, and develop fluency in music notation and rhythmic skills, as well as
knowledge of basic form. Acquisition of basic aural and keyboard skills provides students with skills to express themselves creatively through music. Public performances
may serve as a resource for specific instructional goals. Students may be required to
participate in performances outside the school day to assess learning in the classroom.
All students absent from class (unexcused or excused) are responsible for getting any
missed assignments or notes.
Unexcused Absence
In the event of an unexcused absence, any missed assignments or exams will receive a
"Z" as the academic grade.
Excused Absence
In the event of an excused absence, a student has 3 days to make-up any missed assignments or exams.
Make-Up/Late Work
Upon returning to school after an absence, a student has the responsibility to meet with the
teacher to develop a plan for making up missed work, quizzes, examinations, and/or performances. If the student does not meet this requirement, then the student will receive an incomplete which will affect their final grade.

Academic Honesty
You are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic conduct. When
you cheat, you are robbing yourself of knowledge, the learning experience and my
company. I will be holding you to high ethical standards to which you will be expected to maintain at all times.
You are guilty of cheating whenever you present work as your own and you did not do.
You are also guilty of cheating if you help someone else to cheat. Any student(s) who
is discovered cheating will receive a 0 for that assignment and have the work documented in their portfolio.
Remind App
All students are required to download and sign up on the app Remind. This app is free
and is utilized for important information. The class code will be provided on the first
day of class. Parents are highly encouraged to sign up as well.

Grading Scale/Policy
A = 100 - 90
B = 89 - 80
C = 79 - 70
D = 69 - 60
F = 59 0
I = Incomplete
Z = Did not complete the assignment
X = Excused from assignment
Grade Breakdown for Class
Tests/Performances: 35%
Quizzes/Projects: 25%
Home Learning/Participation: 20%
Classwork: 20%
Classroom Rules and Procedures
All Students are expected to be respectful to everyone and everything
All Students are expected to be prepared with supplies
All Students will be accountable of their work and actions
Students are expected to be sitting at their assigned seat
Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate F

My child and I have reviewed and understand the expectations and policies as presented in the syllabus. We also acknowledge the availability of all class information and the syllabus online through the teacher website.
Print Name
Parent/Guardian Signature
How would you like to be contacted?

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