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Label Instruction (LBL)

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The (LBL) instruction is used by the jump (JMP) instruction as a target for
the jump. In order to designate the (JMP) and (LBL) commands, parameters
may be entered from Q:0 to Q:999. One or more (JMP) instructions may be
used to jump to the same (LBL).
The Label (LBL) instruction is paired with the Jump (JMP) instruction by
designating the same number in each function. When the JMP command is
TRUE, it allows the program to skip over portions of the ladder program an
restart execution in the rung designated by LBL instruction.
The symbol for the LBL instruction is illustrated above. The LBL instruction
is placed on the left side
of the rung. The LBL command indentifies the jump (JMP) target for the command. The LBL instruction
is not located under the JMP command in the programming logic, then a FAULT will occur. The label
command becomes TRUE when activated by a jump command and any other logic inbedded on the rung
is evaluated.
The JMP and LBL parameter are assigned to the JMP and LBL commands by positioning the cursor on
the instruction and then double clicking the left mouse button. This opens a text box so that the parameter
value can be entered, or highlight the instruction by selecting it and then typing in the value.

NOTE: Rungs with the LBL commands will be scanned by the processor even if the JMP instruction was
not executed. Do not place the LBL inside a Master control reset (MCR) zone. Any instructions located
between the LBL instruction and the End MCR instruction will always be evaluate as if the MCR
instruction were TRUE without regard to its actual state.

Example Problem 1
Write a ladder logic program that will skip several rungs in a program when I:1/1 becomes TRUE.

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PLC Programming Command Guide Reference Web Site

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In this example the JMP instruction is activated when I:1/1 is true. This causes the program to skip to the
address Q2:0 LBL instruction. The program will continue from the LBL command.

Example Problem 2
Write a ladder logic program that will jump up to T4:2 timer when the output O:2/0 becomes TRUE.

In this example the JMP command is used to jump to a timer that may be used several times in the
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