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To whom it may concern,

My name is Mariah Besplug. I am originally from Calgary, but

spent most of my time growing up in Lethbridge. I graduated from
Catholic Central High School in 2013 and am currently in my fourth
year of completing a combined degree in Anthropology and Social
Studies Education at the University of Lethbridge. My previous teaching
experience includes working with a grade 5 class during my Ed 2500
practicum in the spring of 2015. As well, I had the opportunity to be a
teaching assistant for a university linguistics class this past spring and
during the summer worked to develop language skills with a threeyear-old girl who had cochlear implants. In 2013 and 2014 I had the
opportunity to coach grade 8 girls volleyball. This has given me
experience with a range of ages, so in this practicum I hope to gain a
focus on elementary aged students. Some of my other interests
include traveling, skiing, and golfing. Traveling has given me the
opportunity to experience the global perspectives of many different
people. It has also fuelled by desire to study other cultures through
Anthropology. Some of the places I have travelled include Cambodia,
Bali, and Australia.
During my practicum experience, I would love to contribute by
sharing my understanding of the world through social studies. My time
at the university has broadened my understanding of aboriginal ways
of knowing. I hope that my background in social studies will allow me
to explore the ways that this knowledge is embraced in all subjects. I
am also passionate about teaching science, math, physical education,
and art. Inclusive education and differentiated learning are areas that
interest me, so throughout this practicum I hope to develop knowledge
and experience about how to embrace it in an elementary classroom.
Further, I would like to better understand the ways in which teachers
can strategically set up a classroom in order to promote respect and
I am looking forward to being challenged by the teaching
profession. One of the reasons that I want to be a teacher is so that
every day I can face new challenges. The ability to think critically and
creatively in order to address student needs and create a safe and

caring classroom environment is something that has driven me to

pursue a career in teaching. As well, I look forward to the collaborative
aspect of the profession, always learning and growing with others.
Throughout this practicum, I hope to develop lasting relationships
with you and your students. I look forward to an amazing five weeks of
growth, collaboration, and learning.

Mariah Besplug