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Pakistan is the fourth largest mango producer the world after India, Cheha Thailand respectively. According to Food and Agricultural Graanization (FAO), Pakistan isthe eighth largest exporter of mango in een ty country annually exports about 85,923 tons of mangos: ny tote Middle Eastand the UK and gets foreign exchange inflow say St mullon dollars. Mango, being the major fruit, is a source of Trelihood for millions of Fumibes of mango growing areas both directly ‘and indirectly. The value chain of mango sector provides jobs to the aruitforce involved in input supply, production, harvest and postharvest handling, export and local retail sales and value addition segments. merging trends in mango sector are acting employment potential and requres skied worker Ineraional cerification and food safety Standards lke, GlobalGAR, Hazard Analysis Critieal Control Point (HACCP), British Retailers Consortium (BRC) and Intemational Features Standards (IFS) require skilled labor for nurseries certification, cultural practices and ‘harvest and. post harvest. handling. The «establishment of on farm mango pack houses and cold stores, new trends ion (mango leather, mango chips, and mango candies from ‘puree / pulp) and self marketing has open new avenues for semi-skilled and skilled workiowe. Similarly there is an incfeasing demand for professionals / experts to provide technical services for planation of new orchards, improvement of management practices and to ‘Suggest remedial measures to control disease / pest and nutrition ‘maagement of mango orchards,