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Human nature is highly complex and only those with great understanding of it's s

implicity, can fathom its depths.

Sri Chakra is an Universal Cosmic Map,
In the hands of a Child, its a piece of toy,
In the hands of a Scholar, its an encyclopedia of information,
In the hands of a Yogi, its a guide book to the universe,
In the hands of a Devotee, it is the verily the kingdom of Sundari,
In the hands of a Lover, it is verily the body of Devi indeed,
The Map although remains the same in the hands of everyone,
But it can change it's meaning, with one who understands it.
One day Air refused to sustain life,
Fire and Water too followed suit,
Space was anyway unattached to all of it,
Hence Earth that took all the beating,
Likewise don't take for granted those,
Who help you live life, as you had never before,
Without their presence our lives will go back,
To the same old dark hole...!!!
In this play of intersecting Triangles and Circles,
A Seeker gets lost in a maze of contradicting energies,
Every step he takes to reach the centre of the maze,
Is met with a force capable of destroying Him and his own,
Yet He plays the game and aspires to make them his very own,
Till all the forces conjoin together to take Him to their Queen,
Who is the real Mistress of the Multi Dimensional Universe,
This is a path of Evolution, Involution and Dissolution,
When the Seeker intuitively knows when and what to hold on,
And when and what to let go,
That's when the secret of the intersecting Triangles,
Will reveal their secrets in due course...!!!
Sri Vidya is the knowledge of Sri,
Sri or the truest wealth is Atma Jnana,
Many aim to foolishly get Money out of Lakshmi,
But they seldom realise the real wealth of Lakshmi,
Is no one but Sri Nath of course,
And that's why She enamours everyone with her false glam & glitter,
So you may happily forget the unsaid wealth of Sri indeed...!!!
When the Mind is like a thick rope,
Braided with endless ideas and thoughts galore,
How can it ever enter the pin hole of the Soul,
Without striping itself till there is almost nothing left of it no more?
All the spiritual practices are aimed to strip the Mind,
Strand by strand, all that's been braided from many lifetimes,
So whatever is left thereon, is thin enough to pass through,
The eye of the Soul...
"What is the basis of the Religion you follow?" asked an acquaintance.
He thoughtfully said, "Nothing!"
They were surprised to hear this and asked for an explanation.
He said, "The basis of my Religion, is a deep conviction that Everything has com

e from Nothing and Everything will go back to the same Nothing, hence Nothing is
the only permanent thing..."
~ There is nothing called as Hinduism, but it's known as Sanatana Dharma - The E
ternal Force that holds together all Beings!
"How much important is Money?" asked someone.
He smiled and replied, "As much as you give it importance!"
~ Money is one of the important ingredients to make life tasteful, but to turn i
t into the only important ingredient, shall take away the essence out of it.
The Master used to say, "Nothing really comes for free! If it does, then someone
, somewhere has paid it's price in full for you..."
There is an unsaid story of Ancient Kashi,
Which was ruled by their Beloved Queen Annapoorni,
She was famed for Her unparalled beauty and charity,
For Queen Annapoorni's heart flowed with compassion,
Especially for the poor and downtrodden,
She would feed them with food and give them money,
So much that there would be no one poor spiritually or materially,
Once a time came in the unsaid history of Kashi,
When the Queen went bankrupt after giving away everything,
But still a huge line of receivers were queued outside her home,
Undeterred She took a begging bowl and went into the city,
Seeking alms from the rich so she can give it away to the poor,
Such was the magnanimous heart of the Queen of Kashi,
That She gave up everything, including Her self diginity,
So She can give more and more...!!!
~ Not many know to give, as they feel they are obliging the world by giving. Not
many know to receive, as they often feel, what they received is not more.

Many a times, a small voice whispers within, "You have got nothing to gain, so w
hy not give it all up?"
As He is about to heed, yet another voice even more softly whispers, "If you giv
e up, all Humanity will have to give up along with you..."
~ Many work hard for their families, but for a few, the whole World becomes thei

r family.
"What do the Ten Heads of Ravana represent?" asked someone.
Well, many portray it to be the 10 cardinal vices, which has to be won and overc
ome, viz., Ego, Passion, Pride, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, Lust, Hatred, Jealous
y and Selfishness.
However in conjunction to the above belief, Ravana's 10 heads also signifies his
total mastery over the 6 Shastras and 4 Vedas, thus making it 10, a complete nu
Ravana had 10 heads and 20 arms, signifying the fact that he was a Jnani of the
highest calibre and at the same time a Dhaani, which means he gave a lot in char
The more you grow in knowledge, the more arrogant you become. The chopping of Ra
vana's head signifies the fact that Knowledge can be used for good purposes and
the same can be used for a destructive end, till the end.
"I want to worship you as my Mother?" said one.
She smiled and said, "So be it!"
"I want to love you as my Spouse?" said another.
She smiled and said, "So be it!"
"I want to experience you as my Paramour?" requested another.
She smiled and said, "So be it!"
"I want to pamper you as my Daughter?" asked another one.
She smiled and said, "So be it!"
"I want to experience you as my ultimate Nemesis?" asked yet another one.
She smiled and said, "So be it!"
"I want to experience you As Is!" said some one.
She laughed and said, "That's not possible!"
~ She can be worshipped in any way YOU want to; but to experience Her AS IS, you
'll have to become Shiva for it!
"So what's the relationship you share with Shiva?" He asked of Her.
She smiled in compassion and said, "I feed Him when He is Hungry, so what does t
hat make Him to me?"
~ The one who feeds you when you are hungry, physically or spiritually, is but y
our Gaurdian indeed.
"How many Questions you ask?" She complained.
He smiled and replied, "It ain't the answers I seek Mother; just the joy of list
ening to you speak..."
~ There is nothing more to be known, when the Unknown is known.
"What prompted you to create the Universe?" asked he.

She replied, "Shiva!"

"Why would that be?" he asked.
She laughed like a child and replied, "If not then, He would be jobless!"
~ Creation is nothing but a prelude to Dissolution!