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Mass Transfer Questions

1.Define the terms a) diffusion b) mass diffusivity c) eddy diffusion

2.What is the unit for mass diffusivity?
3.Draw a graph showing concentration gradient for equimolal diffusion
4.What is Sherwood number and give its significance?
5.Give the relationship between mass transfer coefficient and diffusivity
6. What is the effect of temperature on the diffusion coefficient in gases?
7. Define Fick's second law of diffusion.
8. Discuss with the help of suitable examples the importance of mass transfer in
metallurgical proceses
9. Discuss the various modes of mass transfer along with their fields of application
10. State Ficks first law of diffusion. Based on this law, derive the dimensions of the
diffusion coefficient.
11. Describe the different ways of expressing the concentration of components in a
system. Derive the relation between weight percentage and mole fraction of a
component present in a system.
12. Discuss how Ficks second law of diffusion is applied to carburization of steel
13. Derive an equation for the rate of hydrogen removal from a steel bath, by purging
with argon.
14. Discuss the concept of mass transfer coefficient with suitable examples. How is the
overall mass transfer coefficient related to mass transfer coefficients in individual
15. Discuss the two film theory of mass transfer in slag-metal reactions
16. Discuss the penetration theory and its application to gas-metal reactions

17. How does the liquid-phase diffusivity of a solute depend upon the
temperature and viscosity of the medium?
18. How does mass transfer coefficient vary with diffusivity according to film
theory and penetration theory?
19. How mass transfer coefficient related to film thickness of liquid?
20. What is film theory? According to film theory, how mass transfer coefficient
is related to molecular diffusivity
21. What is penetration theory? How as per the penetration theory, the mass
transfer coefficient is proportional to the square root of the diffusivity.
22. How the penetration theory is different from surface renewal theory?

23. Why overall mass transfer coefficient is considered in many practical mass
transfer operations?
24. Derive the relation between overall liquid phase mass transfer

coefficient (Kx )and individual film mass transfer coefficients (k x )and

(ky ), considering interphase mass transfer between liquid and gas

25. The absorption of a very soluble gas is said to be gasphase controlling mass
transfer and the absorption of a gas of low solubility is said to be liquidphase
controlling mass transfer- Explain.
26. Show that DAB = DBA and JA = -JB for steady state binary diffusion of A in

B. Given total concentration is constant.

27. Differentiate between (i) molecular diffusion and convective mass
transfer and
(ii) Steady and unsteady state diffusion.
28. Write the relation between gas phase mass transfer coefficients (i) kC,
ky and kG and (ii) kC, ky and kG
29. The diffusional transport through a cylindrical wall of substantial
thickness shown in Figure below, where i and o denote the inner
and outer conditions.. if Ficks law of diffusion N=-DA(dc/dr)
A=Suface area of cylinder,D=Diffusivity of component . the desired
relation, which expresses diffusion rate N in terms of a driving force Ci
Co and the geometry of the system is.