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Mens Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter

Why you should be concerned:
100 overnight beds, 50-60 supportive = 160 max
Low Barrier: No restrictions (drug addicts, etc., chronic homeless)
No Security. Placed amongst densely populated area, adjacent to Bellevue
College and Eastgate Park & Ride.
Increased criminal activity & drug sales substantiated by Bellevue Police.
Adverse effects to a thriving business community. This use does not meet the
criteria or vision set by the Citizens Advisory Committee or the Planning
Commission, adopted by the City Council for Eastgate Subarea.
Mountains to Sound Greenway bordering I-90 could be confronted by
residents of the facility.
Critical Areas overridden to accommodate the shelter (steep slope and
forested area). No buffer between Bellevue College and shelter.
WA State does not have a shelter of this magnitude; no studies that reflect the
impacts to neighborhoods. Based on research of other shelter studies, we can
expect: Increased crime, decline in house & property values, tents in our parks
and forests when the shelter closes during the summer, retail businesses
discouraged rather than inspired to locate in the proposed Transportation
Oriented District (TOD) rezone. Reference Map: I-90/Eastgate Land Use &
Transportation Project. More information can be found on the citys website
under (bellevuewa.gov/eastgate-corridor.htm)

What you can do:


Make copies of this flyer: Hand out to your neighbors, friends & businesses.
Join the conversation: www.facebook.com/groups/BellevueUnited - or nextdoor.com/neighborhood/eastgatewa--BellevueUnited--wa/

For more information (ci.bellevuewa.gov/eastside-mens-shelter.htm) - or Send comments to Bellevue council members at council@bellevuewa.gov
If you have questions or want to join the Eastgate Residents Committee, email us at

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