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Operation Management Masterclass

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This Operation Management Masterclass intensive workshop covers the entire spectrum of
product and service requirements into facilities, procedures, and operating organizations;
includes production, lean management, resource planning, quality control, and project

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

Translate organisation goals into operational performance objectives of quality, speed,
dependability, flexibility and cost by establishing a solid operational strategy
Efficiently utilise resources by employing effective planning and controlling activities
Recognize the significance of operations and how it fits in the customer supply chain in
relation to other business functions, such as human resources, purchasing, marketing,
finance, etc.
Emphasize the importance of change, facilitation of learning, cross-functional teamwork,
knowledge capture, and analysis in manufacturing organizations
Develop problem-solving skills in relations to managing manufacturing operations so that
optimal productivity and efficiency is achieved

Who Must Attend

This course is specifically developed for managers, assistant managers, superintendents,

supervisors, team leaders, coordinators, officers and specialists responsible for: operations,
procurement, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, production, manufacturing, warehousing,
inventory, quality, R&D, project, business improvement, process improvement, plant, utilities,
applications, performance.

Course Details

Day 1: 9.00 am - 5:00pm

Module 1: Fundamentals of Operation Management
Translation of Company's Vision & Strategy into Operations
Seamless Operations Working in Synergy (SOWS)
The Customer-Supplier Chain Functional Performance & Interphases on the Chain
Module 2: Operations Design, Planning & Management

Optimum Capacity Planning

Process & Performance Design, Planning & Control
Total Productive Maintenance
Inventory Management
Production Planning
Quality Planning, Quality Assurance / Control
Enterprise Resource Planning (with Materials Resource Planning)

Day 2: 9.00am - 5:00pm

Module 3: Operations Management Tools & Techniques

Tools & Techniques for

Legal, Standards, Trade & Own-Values Compliance
Forecasting, Long-Term Capacity Management & Continual Improvement
Operations, Layout & Work-Flow (incl. Efficiency & Effectiveness)
Human Capital & Capability Management (incl. Work Study, Job Design & Competency
Needs Analysis)
Technology & Knowledge Management
Purchasing, Goods Receiving & Material Management
Production & Process Controls (incl. Time & Motion Study)
Lean Manufacturing, JIT & Bottleneck (Constraint) Management
Quality Management (incl. Quality & Productivity Tools)
Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility, Cost Trade-offs (incl. Statistical Process
Packaging, Finished Goods & Warehouse Management
Logistics Planning & Control


This workshops methodology is a combination of experiential learning ; expert input, case

studies, simulation, group discussions & final assessment. Uses live case analyses in 3

Phase 1: Identify all that can go wrong on your customer-supplier chain.

Phase 2: Learn the methods, tools and techniques basic appreciation level in work-groups.
Phase 3: Identify the methods, tools and techniques that can contain, resolve and prevent the
identified problems.

Wide scope is covered by introductory lecture, assisted workshop learning and presentation;
different groups prepare and present different tools and techniques at the basic application

Course Leader

Phd, Author-Trainer-Business & Technical Consultant, Trade Negotiator, Change Agent

Barrak specialises in training leaders world class negotiations around the Globe. He has been
actively developing customised trainings and conducted them in Malaysia, Thailand,
Indonesia, Philippines, the UAE, Sudan, Mauritania and Turkmenistan.
Senior Negotiator, Lead trainer, he has a clear and comprehensive understanding of what
competencies are to be developed to be a successful negotiation. His abundant knowledge
and experience addresses every situation in our fast pace business world and everyone is
guaranteed to take home valuable learnings useful for their next deal.

Barrak comes to you with more than 40 years of enriched, result-oriented experience in many
positions among SMEs, government agencies, multinational and businesses.

Equipped with solid experience and a wide range of state-of-art resources and latest
development, his training programs are geared towards competency development.

With only the minimum amount of necessary theory (he says the participants can read his
notes later) his training/ speaking sessions are filled with mindset, behavioural and capability
change activities. There is always excitement, A-Hah moments in every session at his

Barrak had worked with the Audio-Visual, Automotive, Printing, Property Development,
Construction, Timber and Food industries, in capacities ranging from Group Engineer,
Manager, Plant Manager, Senior Negotiator, Project Director and Managing Director.
Being a Management Consultant, Management System Auditor, Trainer and Counselor, he
had consulted for an even wider range of industries that includes Medical services, Financial
institutions, Petroleum industries, Metal, Plastics, Cellulose and Electronic components
manufacturers, and the Civil service around the world.

He graduated in Engineering from the Singapore Polytechnic in 1973 and continued with post
graduate and continuing studies in Engineering, Social Science, Rubber and Plastics
Technology, Training and Development, Radiation Protection, and Quality Management, with a
PhD in Organizational Management from Iowa State (US).

He has recently published his second book via Seaburn Publishing, New York, titled
Pre-Emptive Thinking Managing Problems and Threats, that identifies why organizations
continue to have problems at their middle management and operational levels in spite of all the
systems and what has to be done to resolve this. Being the first book on this thinking, its
reviewers expect it to have an international impact similar to creative and critical thinking.

To contact Barrak, please feel free to email us at info@itrainingexpert.com or call +603 8074


In the past, I felt that I lack the knowledgeable on overall operation process. During the
course, I learned about the overview for whole entire organization and its operation.
After the course, I gained more knowledge on organization operation. The trainer, Mr.
Barrak Adams is knowledgeable and keen to share his experience. The examples given
by the trainer is related to our questions raised. His teaching method is very effective
and he is able to answer all our questions. IE Manager AUO Sunpower Sdn Bhd

Before I attend this course, I had no idea about operation management

except for the manufacturing process. During the course, I learned about forecasting,
quality, logistic and process management. After the course, I feel I understood how to
manage the entire operation and move forward. The trainer, Mr. Barrak has good
presentation skills and he is able to clarify our doubts. He is a very experienced and
excellent trainer! Manager- AUO Sunpower Sdn Bhd

Before attending the course, I thought operation management is just

simple. During the course, I learned about all the management processes which are
useful to my company. After the course, I will share the knowledge that I learned in this

Operation Management Masterclass Intensive to my staff and implement it in my

company. Mr. Barrak Adams is a good trainer who gave me a lot of operation
management guidance. Rashidah, Executive Planner Malaysia Bio-Xcell Sdn Bhd.


After attending this course, I leaned what operation management is all

about. Mr. Barrak Adams, the trainer is knowledgeable on this topic, Operation
Management and he is an execellent and resourceful trainer. Roshisam, Lembaga Hasil
Dalam Negeri Malaysia.

I feel like I benefited greatly overall from learning about Operation Management,
particularly, Business Process Re-Engineering. The trainer was excellent in his
delivery, however, I feel like he could do more to improve his explanation of time
management. HC, You

Risk Management is something I learned that I feel I can apply to my

workplace immediately. Dr. Barrak Adams was good in his knowledge on the subject
and was easily able to attract participants to participate and understand the subject. If I
have a comment on the improvement of the course, it is that this course should be fitted
over a two day schedule. Wan Nuraina Zahra, Accounting, Gula Padang Terap Sdn. Bhd.

During the course I learned valuable knowledge about operations management and
planning and control, quality planning, TM & KM etc. I especially liked the topic about
Optimum Capacity Planning. I felt really motivated to get back to work after the
course was completed. - Aniza, Assistant QA Manager

Most of what I have learned can be applied. It is only a matter of studying how to
implement it technically. The trainer was very experienced in real situations pertaining
to the industry and was able to relate to the participants well point by point on each
subject. The training was very intensive and compact. Firdaus B. Mihat, Project
Engineer, Tradewinds Bhd.


Normal fee
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MYR 3,080.00
USD 720.00
Early Bird
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MYR 2,780.00

USD 650.00
Group Fee
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Pay 14 days before course starts
MYR 2,580.00
USD 600.00

(Fee inclusive of GST, Buffet Lunch, Refreshment, Welcome Pack, Training Materials Certificate of Achievement)

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Certificates are distributed on the final day of the program.

Payment mode:
1. ONLINE PAYMENT by Credit card: You can opt to register and pay online with our latest
payment integration system through our website.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm
your seat.
Courier your cheque payment to our Finance HQ.
*Note that we DO NOT take any payments during the event.
3. BANK IN CASH:You can also pay by cash through bank-in our company bank account.
4. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via
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