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Contents of Section oat: ie Tite utang Planning Regulations Gaze Nine: Replat s Heat: Stare vrson Date e098 (1) Every building which exceeds 1 storey in height shall be provided with astairease or coef such upper floors, (2) The main stairease of every building which exceeds 4 storeys in height shall be continued to the roof ofthe building unless a secondary stirase of ite escape is provided. (G) The main staircase of every building which exceeds | storey in height shall rases to give access to upper loors unless there is separate (a) havea clear height of mot ess than 2 (b) have a clear width of not less than 900 mm; (6) be constrected with teads not les than 225 mm in width (measured atthe centre of the flight) fom the face of one riser to the face the next riser and with risers not exceeding 175 am in height, (4) have not more than 16 steps in any flight without the introduction ofa landings (be provided on one or bot sides with propery fixed handrails which, in section, shall be ( iftubular, not less than 38 mm and not greater than $0 mm in exteral diameter; i) i rectangular, not less than 40 mm and not more than 50 mm wide with an overall depth or depth toa deep groove, of not more han SO am, in any ater case, such as to afford tothe user thereto & rip analogous fo tat specified inthe case of ether tubular or rectangular handrails, whichever may be the more appropriate having regard tothe shape ofthe section. (L.N. 365 of 1984) (® be so arranged as to provide acess toa stecto to an open space leading thereto; and (continued tothe rof ofthe building as a means of eseape incase of fre be provided with door at his level, such door tobe glazed in he upper panes. (LN. 294 of 1976) pagan ve nreeaate THCCSCSEIDD STC NODIND opaOseet|