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Scalar Energy Pendants

- The Energy Of Life Itself


What Is Scalar Energy? ..................................... 3

What Does A Scalar Energy Pendant Do? ........ 4
How Are Scalar Energy Pendants Made? ......... 5
What Will Your Scalar Energy Pendant Do For
You? ................................................................... 7
Your Health and Electromagnetic Fields ......... 11
Grounding or Earthing Yourself ....................... 13
Is There Any Scientific Proof? ......................... 17
References ....................................................... 19
Conclusion ....................................................... 20


What Is Scalar Energy?

There is a basic law of physics in relation to energy that most people aren't
familiar with but it's important to mention it here and it is this: Energy cannot be
created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. This is
known as the Law of Conservation of Energy and it's critical that you understand
this law about how energy works because it forms the basis of all scalar energy
tools and especially how a scalar energy pendant functions.
Now don't worry this isn't going to be a big lesson in physics because, to be
honest, I hated physics in school - it was too "dry" for me but as I grew older I
saw and began to understand that a basic understanding of how physics works
would help me better understand the world around me and in turn my body and
my health.
Before our universe existed there was nothing - just a vast expanse without form
or shape. Just a huge big expanse of nothing and then suddenly all of this
"nothing" condensed into a super dense and super hot mass called a quantum
singularity. Once this mass became dense enough and hot enough it eventually
exploded in what we call the "Big Bang" and our universe was born and we were
given light.
Scalar energy comes from this infinite energy that the universe is made from but
it's not something that's easily visible and it has only received serious scientific
study in the last decade or so. Put simply scalar energy is the energy that exists
in the spaces between everything else, in the vacuum of space and forms the
fabric of our universe as we know it. You might have heard of scalar energy by
another name - zero point energy and any Arthur C. Clarke or science fiction fans
will be familiar with the idea of zero point energy; its constantly mentioned in
science fiction novels.
Why is scalar energy important? Because it's infinite so there's simply no end to
the supply of energy we could tap into. In fact being able to harness even some
of the scalar energy that surrounds us would provide every person on planet
Earth with enough free energy to sustain them for the rest of their lives and there
would be no pollution as a result.
It's worth remembering that the big oil and gas companies can't generate profits
from scalar energy so they're not going to put very much money into researching
it, which is the main reason why you haven't heard about it until now most likely.
So what does all this have to do with a scalar energy pendant?


What Does A Scalar Energy Pendant Do?

Your body is made up of a form of compressed energy vibrating at a different
rate to say the energy you see produced by electricity but you're basically made
of the same "stuff. You see because everything you see around you was caused
by the explosion of all that energy in the "Big Bang" it means that everything you
can see, hear, touch or smell is made up of energy and that includes you too.
Now don't worry this energy is all put together nice and safely and you're not
going to electrocute yourself by accident anytime soon - that's not how it works at
all. But it's important to know that your body is a very complex piece of electrical
machinery and every muscle and thought in your body is driven by something
called a synaptic response, which is caused by a tiny electrical pulse. Yes just
like all that stuff they said in the movie The Matrix - it's all pretty much true.
When you look at the cells that make up your body they contain something called
free radicals and these free radicals carry a positive charge in them. Now most
people give free radicals a hard time because they see them as being nothing
but harmful because they can attack and destroy cells. The truth is that free
radicals can and do attack and destroy cells but that's because those cells were
damaged in some way and needed to be replaced with fresh cells and in the
same way free radicals also attack and destroy bacteria that try to enter your
So what's the beef with free radicals then? Can't we just get along with these
positively charged parts of our bodies?
Where the problem lies is when your body has too many free radicals that go
unchecked through your body and do actually wind up attacking healthy cells and
in turn causing you to experience a variety of health problems.
But free radicals aren't the only source of positively charged ions in the world
around you and in fact anything that uses electricity gives off positive ions that
can be transmitted to your body via Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Having this
many positively charged ions in your body increases the damage to your cells
and can lead to health problems from chronic fatigue, to migraines and even life
threatening problems like cancer.
A scalar energy pendant is charged with all the negative ions you need to restore
the energy balance inside your body. You see supplying your body with all the
negative ions provided by a scalar energy pendant you're cancelling out all the
positive ions roaming around your body and causing you damage. The scalar
energy pendant allows you to personally tap into and ground yourself with all the
negative ions you need to fight off disease, slow down aging and just generally
improve your health.


Our scalar energy pendants are your own personal gateway to the infinite energy
of the universe.

How Are Scalar Energy Pendants Made?

Now you understand why scalar energy pendants are so important to your health
you're probably wondering exactly what these pendants
are made from that make them so special? The secret
"ingredient" in OUR pendants is actually Icelandic
volcanic rock. (Typically most Lava rock pendants out
there are STILL made from Japanese rock, as were
ours PRIOR to the Fukushima Incident). Ill first
explain why Japanese rock is excellent and then
explain why we transitioned to Icelandic rock and why
it is truly superior AND safer!
First though, how has lava rock improved the health of the
Well you might have noticed that Japanese people tend to have longer lifespans
than most other people on our planet. The United Nations and the WHO (World
Health Organization) both estimate that Japanese people have the longest life
expectancy of any peoples in the world with men having an average life
expectancy of 83 years! This is in stark contrast to the United States which ranks
#38 in life expectancy at just 78 years for the average male.
Many people attribute the long lifespan of the Japanese to the quality of the food
they eat based on the soil it grows in. The deep earth lava rock minerals in the
soil have a direct positive effect upon the soil and the crops grown in it. This is
because Japanese volcanic rock is so dense in essential mineral concentrations
that are critical to the pendant being able to emit high levels of negative ionic
Volcanic rock has long been recognized in Japan as a source of beneficial
energy and for thousands of years Japanese people have said that certain types
of volcanic rock can improve mental focus, shorten the amount of time you need
to recover from exercise, help with headaches and migraines and are even able
to boost your immune system too. So it comes as no surprise that making a
pendant out of this lava rock would be of great benefit.
You see volcanic rock is created by lava flows after an eruption and lava carries
some of the rarest elements on earth back to the surface of our planet from
inside the heart of our world. As a result our pendants contain over 70 naturally
occurring minerals that are found in dense concentrations in this type of rock.

The manufacturing process for the pendants involves exposing the volcanic rock
to extreme levels of heat to allow the materials involved to bond at a molecular
level and form what is called a bio-ceramic. And it's this molecular bond that
allows these pendants to give off such high levels of negative ions on a
consistent basis.
Why Icelandic Rock instead of Japanese Rock?
Its quite simple really... Its equal to if not BETTER than Japanese rock in every
way. It contains the identical mineral profile of Japanese rock without any risk of
contamination due to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.
All our pendants since the disaster have been made using Icelandic rock, all our
test videos and test information is based off of these superior Icelandic volcanic
rock pendants. In fact all the testimonials on our site are based on people who
were using the Icelandic based pendants!
Ironically as well we pay MORE for our Icelandic rock than Japanese rock. We
cant say the same for those peddling cheap pendants likely still using Japanese
rock and completely unaware of what may be contained in them.
All deep earth minerals will emit low level earth based radiation (which is another
discussion and something that should be embraced and not feared once there is
understanding). However Japanese rock may have contamination with high
levels of unnatural radiation, this is where the problem stems from.


What Will Your Scalar Energy Pendant Do For You?

Because these pendants harness the same energy that was used to create the
entire universe you would imagine that they would have some pretty impressive
health benefits - and you'd be right too. The pollution that we've managed to
create on this planet through the Industrial Revolution has begun to poison both
us and planet Earth in a little over 150 years of "modern industry". If we just stop
to take a few moments and look at all the pollution in the air from combustion
engines and power plants and all the junk (called particulate matter) that's
floating around us and being inhaled by us every single day its no surprise that
the world has a plague of health problems right now.
The by-products of combustion engines and fossil fuelled power plants are
responsible for the oxidative damage that causes an inflammation in the lungs of
adults and children. Because the body is under attack it produces more free
radicals which are created in addition to the normal levels of free radicals in your
body and then you have a positive ionic charge in your body, which as we know
isn't good for you. It's not just an irritation of your lungs that you need to worry
about because these pollutants can affect your children and in heavily polluted
areas children with noticeably stunted growth are becoming more and more
So when it comes to dealing with airborne pollution that causes your body to
produce too many free radicals and positive ions
your scalar energy pendant can eliminate the
harmful effects of these positive ions by charging
your body with all the negative ions it needs.
Does the idea of scalar energy and positive and
negative ions still seem a bit hokey to you?
That's ok because when I first heard about them
I was a tiny bit reluctant too - I'm naturally a
skeptic until I see proof. Look at it this way have you ever noticed that people and pets can
be more irritable, restless or just plain old unwell
during bad weather or a storm?
Now the weird thing is that when you have a major cold front or low pressure
weather system approaching the entire atmosphere is heavily charged with
positive ions and you'll see people complaining about everything from back pain
to migraines to old injuries becoming inflamed. Is this a coincidence or is it
directly related to the positive ionic charge in the atmosphere?
There's a favorite quote from a movie called V for Vendetta where the hero
says, "God doesn't believe in rolling dice nor does he believe in coincidences"

which he actually kinda robbed from Einstein because he didn't believe in

coincidences either - things happen for a reason.
Studies have shown that during these types of weather changes and weather
patterns people will be more irritable, suffer from thyroid problems and also
generally suffer from lethargy or even chronic exhaustion. In the same studies
equipment that emits negative ions has been shown to counteract all of these
health problems almost immediately.
This isn't just some wacky alternative medical theory - this stuff is based on hard
scientific fact.
So what other health benefits can the negative ions produced by a scalar energy
pendant have?
Sleep related benefits
The Centre for Sports and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool England conducted a
study on the potential benefits of negative ions on athletes and students. They
made many observations during the study but the ones that's really stuck out
were the fact that not only do negative ions help improve your recovery time after
heavy exercise but they also help you sleep more soundly. They do this by
balancing something called your circadian rhythm which is your sleeping pattern
in any 24-hour period.
There have been numerous other claims that negative ion emitters can help
people with any number of different sleeping problems sleep more soundly each
night. And as we saw earlier that because your scalar energy pendant can help
with respiratory problems caused by particulate pollution in the air they might
also be able to help with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.
Cardiovascular benefits
Having a healthy balance of negative ions in your body can help with a wide
range of cardiovascular problems because they help to dilate blood vessels
which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Studies have also shown
that negative ions help stabilize blood pressure which is ideal for anyone with an
existing heart problem and they also help to decrease your pulse rate.
One of the mechanisms for achieving this is because negative ions stop your
lungs becoming damaged by pollutants in the air which could lead to your lungs
producing chemicals that could harm heart function and increase your blood
pressure to dangerous levels. Negative ions have also been shown to make your
blood less viscous or thick so they further reduce the risk of clots or blockages
that way too.


Asthma and other respiratory problems

There is a direct connection between cold fronts and low pressure weather
systems and increased asthma attacks in any area with low pressure weather
systems and this connection was first noticed in Calgary, Canada. These types of
weather systems carry a very large positive ionic charge and in turn this can
cause a variety of respiratory problems including hay fever, emphysema and
Studies conducted in the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate Hospital, and the
Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia found that over 60% of patients suffering from
hay fever or bronchial asthma have experienced either partial or total relief
because of therapy that used negative ions to treat their problem. So hospital
studies can also back up the fact that negative ions are helpful in treating
respiratory problems!
Are you a believer in scalar energy pendants yet?
If not then keep reading because you will be very soon.
General health benefits
Negative ions and in turn a scalar energy pendant are just good for your overall
health when it comes down to it. Having acidic blood is one of the single worst
health problems you can have and oddly enough a scalar energy pendant can
increase the levels of calcium and sodium in your blood giving your blood a more
alkaline pH balance to it.
Or if you're struggling with a weak immune system or some type of auto-immune
dysfunction then negative ions from a scalar energy pendant increase the
production of globulin (a serum protein) which helps improve your immune
system and, in turn, your ability to fight disease.
Negative ions have also been shown to be of benefit in treating people with
depression by helping to increase serotonin levels in the brain and a study by the
Russian Academy of Sciences demonstrated clinical evidence that negative ions
helped to reduce stress in both humans and animals.
Viral infection protection
A feature in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, dated 1987, showed that
negative ions were capable of reducing the presence of airborne viruses by up to
40% and that there were no harmful side-effects as can be experienced by
people or animals taking powerful antibiotics for example.
A scalar energy pendant will help you correct the ionic imbalance in your body so
that your body can repair itself and you can live in harmony with the energy of the
world and the universe around you. To get the maximum possible benefit from a
scalar energy pendant it needs to be worn next to your skin. If you're using a

scalar energy pendant to heal a pet or help with their overall health make sure
the pendant is worn close to their skin and if not there then on their collar instead.


Your Health and Electromagnetic Fields

The world around you is filled with electronic and electrical devices of all kinds
from the cell phone you carry around in your pocket to the computer you use at
work and the microwave you use at home to heat your meals. Then you have
microwave transmitters, radar dishes and all
kinds of other equipment which create and emit
electromagnetic fields (EMF) and these particular
waves are charged full of positive ions. This is
worth repeating - anything in your home that
uses electricity is capable of generating an
Electromagnetic Field which charges both you
and your body with the positive ions you don't
need - the types of positive ions that result in a
surplus of free radicals and damage to your body at a cellular level.
But don't Electromagnetic Fields occur in nature too? That's absolutely true and
without EMF we wouldn't have our north and south poles and the human body
emits its very own EMF too. But the EMF we're talking about here don't occur
naturally and aren't part of the natural cycle of life on this planet.
If you look at most modern workplaces they're multistory buildings crammed full
of computers, scanners, fax machines, photocopiers, projectors and lots of other
electronic equipment. So this means you're spending most of your day
surrounded by a dense field of positive ions created by EMF that are bombarding
you from the moment you walk into work till the moment you leave.
And of course the first thing most people do when they leave work on their drive
or commute home is to use the cell phone to text or call their friends. When you
use a cell phone it literally makes all the negative ions drop out of your body at
once. Have you ever noticed that you feel exhausted after talking on a cell phone
for any length of time or the amount of heat it generates on your face? The
reason this happens is because you're basically holding a small, portable
microwave oven to your face - it emits the same type of energy. No sane person
would do that right?
Then when you get home you turn on your TV, digital radio and your laptop or
tablet computer and maybe make yourself a quick microwave meal because you
haven't got time to cook yourself a proper meal. You've just taken another bath in
positive ions.
To finish off your long day you drag your laptop or tablet to bed with you, set your
alarm on your cell phone and stick it under your pillow so it'll definitely wake you.
So you're going to sleep each night with a source of positive ions sitting on your
crotch and a portable microwave as a pillow....that just can't be healthy folks. It


would actually be funny if it wasn't true but this is exactly how most people work,
eat and sleep each day. Year in and year out.
Don't you think it's a little bit of a massive coincidence that the industrialization
and modernization of our world has led to a whole new range of health problems
appearing and ones that had never been seen before in history? Your human
body is a very highly tuned machine that is designed to work in harmony with the
world around it so when you introduce all these artificial energy sources and
toxins into your life you're going to cause yourself health problems.
This isn't just some form of "imaginary" science either because I'm sure anyone
reading this has heard of the cancer clusters that exist in towns that are either
built under high voltage power lines or are near radar stations. The reason this
happens is that both power lines and radar stations emit massive amounts of
EMF radiation that your body simply isn't able to fight off because it lacks the
negative ions it needs to keep your ionic energy in balance.
So when you look at your home or office you'll notice that you're surrounded by
sources of EMF at a level that has been never been seen before in human
history. And you wonder why you feel ill when you're stuck in that cubicle in work
all day or why when you get home all you have the energy for is to microwave
some dinner and sit in front of the tube all night? Your body is literally being
drained of the natural energy, of all the negative ions, that make you feel
energetic and healthy. In short your home and where you work are energy
parasites which are, most probably, having a very serious and very negative
effect on your health.
Is there any way to stop yourself being bombarded with all of these positive ions?
Well you could throw out or avoid every single piece of electrical equipment that
you own and live in a forest but for most people that simply isn't going to be an
option (tempting as it is to get off the grid completely). Using a scalar energy
pendant is an ideal way to give your body the negative ionic charge that it needs
every single moment of the day. The negative ion charge in these pendants is so
strong that it completely counteracts all the positive ions you receive from
computer equipment or cell phones for example.


Grounding or Earthing Yourself

If you look at the exhibits in almost any natural history museum you'll see that for
a very long time our ancestors walked everywhere in their bare feet. Even when
they first developed "shoes" they were organic in nature because they were
made from animals skins and hide. In fact some people still prefer walking
around in their bare feet as much as they can - they feel somehow better
"connected" to the earth this way and the crazy thing is that these same people
who like to walk around barefoot are more right about feeling grounded than they
could ever imagine.
We already know that our planet Earth produces energy in the form of an
Electromagnetic Field but it also produces and radiates other forms of energy
too. You see as our tiny little planet hurtles through space we're subjected to
something called the solar wind which is a stream of charged particles being
blasted towards us by our sun. You can see evidence of these charged particles
that soak our planet whenever you see the aurora borealis or the Northern
Lights; this spectacular lightshow of nature is simply highly charged particles
from the sun interacting with our atmosphere and producing the type of effects
that Industrial Light and Magic (the Star Wars guys) would be proud of.
The thing is that our ionosphere receives a lot of energy from the solar wind and
when it reaches a certain level it has to discharge this energy into the earth,
which it does in form of lightning. When lightning strikes the surface of our planet
it charges it with massive amounts of negative electrons that have been gathered
by our atmosphere from the solar wind. Electrons themselves are their own
special type of particle and without worrying too much about the physics of
particles all you need to know is that negatively charged electrons are good for
your body.
So these negative electrons flow from the earth, through your feet and up into
your body. Well they will as long as your body is grounded or connected to the
earth but because the vast majority of people wear shoes made from synthetic
materials you're preventing your body from grounding itself and receiving the all
the health benefits that negative electrons have to offer you.
Grounding or earthing your body is something which has been receiving a lot of
scientific attention for the last few decades and more and more doctors and
health specialists are starting to speak out about the amazing effects that simply
grounding yourself with the earth can have.
Why do you think you always feel better when you're walking around barefoot in
a park or at a beach? Sure you're away from most, if not all, the stresses and
strains of your life but you're also connected to the earth and receiving a constant

flow of negative electrons from it. Have you also noticed that you don't need to
stay at the beach or park for hours to feel better and that after about 15-minutes
you've managed to reach a state of proper relaxation and calm?
Oddly enough this is roughly the same amount of time that it takes for your body
to recharge itself with negative electrons from the earth. Coincidence perhaps?
Or perhaps not?
But why does it have to be your feet that ground you? Why can't you just bend
down and touch the earth with your hands instead? Or just lay flat on the ground
and charge your entire body at once?
You see the ball of your foot is one of the key acupuncture points on the body
and is referred to as "kidney 1/KD1" by acupuncturists and reflexologists and the
Chinese word for this is Yong Quan which translates to, oddly enough, "Gushing
Spring". You'll notice that many Eastern traditions involve exercises where you
stand on the balls of your feet or KD1 and this is based on the fact that your KD1
or Yong Quan point is connected to all the other energy meridians or channels in
your body, so it's the ideal point on your body to ground with. Any negative
electrons that flow into your body through this point have free access to the rest
of your body.
The Health Benefits Of Grounding
All of those negative electrons flowing up from the earth are an extremely
powerful antioxidant in the same way that negatively charged ions are. Your body
is actually designed to be grounded by design because there's a type of "gel" in
your skin tissue called "ground substance" that actually stores any negative
electrons that you gather while you're walking around in your bare feet. If we
didn't need to store negative electrons then this grounding "gel" wouldn't exist in
our body.
Numerous clinical studies have shown than stress literally drains out of your body
when you're grounded. Your heart rhythm changes and your breathing pattern
changes. People with inflammation of the joints and other health problems
related to inflammation have also noticed that being grounded gives them almost
instant relief from these problems.
And it's not just effective when you're actually grounded - you can receive the
benefits of grounding later on in the day when you're trying to sleep. Grounding
helps reduce the levels of cortisol in your body which is a stress hormone.
Elevated levels of cortisol also means that you'll have trouble sleeping at night so
anyone suffering from sleeping disorders or insomnia can also benefit from being
grounded too.


Grounding can help you with everything from chronic fatigue to circulatory
problems because it prevents your blood from becoming too viscous so that it
flows more freely which can help prevent everything from heart attacks to
If you have an existing wound or injury grounding can help speed up healing
time, your circadian rhythm can be improved, it reduces stress and anxiety, it
helps boost your immune system and can even help improve your digestion and
this isnt a complete list of benefits by any means.
It's going to be very difficult to achieve and maintain a consistent state of health
in your life unless you're receiving a flow of negative electrons from the earth.
Imagine being able to feel as calm and relaxed as you do at the beach but having
that feeling available to you every single day of your life whenever you choose to
have it? How absolutely incredible would that feeling be?

The Best Places for Grounding

Of all the places that you can ground or earth yourself the very best of these has
to be a beach or near a lake. Walking in fresh wet sand near moving water
means you are being exposed to a huge amount of negative electrons which can
have you feeling better in just minutes. If you're not living near a lake or the
ocean then standing or walking on fresh grass that's still wet with the dew of the
morning is an excellent way to receive a charge of negative electrons.
The most important part of being grounded is removing all artificial or synthetic
barriers between you and the ground. This means no shoes or sandals and you
also need to avoid covered floors and wooden floors too. Synthetic materials and
other floor coverings such as wood are poor conductors of energy as is asphalt
so you'll need to avoid all of these when you want to earth yourself. Your bare
feet need to be in contact with the earth and without any barriers between you
and her.
If you're living in a high-rise apartment block or just several storys off the ground
then you might find it difficult to get downstairs to ground yourself when you need
to. The good news is that you can get a grounding sheet that you can stand or
sleep on that helps you ground yourself for a negative electron boost. These
grounding sheets have silver wire in them which help conduct the negative
electrons into your body and the more modern types of grounding sheets even
allow you to use your electrical socket to help ground yourself. You can also help
ground yourself by charging your body with all the negative ionic energy it needs
by using a scalar energy pendant, which you can carry around with you all day
and nobody will be any the wiser youre wearing one


One small health tip on grounding yourself is that it's going to be pointless trying
to sleep on a grounding sheet if you're sleeping in a room surrounded by
electrical equipment like a television, DVD player, laptop, iPad or other similar
electrical devices. Your bedroom should have absolutely nothing inside it that
can generate an EMF and if that means using an old type of wind-up mechanical
alarm clock then so be it.


Is There Any Scientific Proof?

Like most people reading this you'll want at least some scientific proof that
negative ions actually do have health benefits and we're happy to spoil you with a
whole variety of sources and studies that you can use to read up on the level of
research that has been done in this field.
The notion that negative ions are beneficial to your
health and in treating a huge number of medical
conditions isn't new by any stretch of the imagination
nor is it restricted to the Western world or Eastern
mysticism or tradition either.
Studies into the health benefits of negative ionic
energy dates back to the 1950s and these same
studies have been conducted in the United States,
Europe and Russia by accredited and trusted
scientific and medical professionals.
These studies have shown that negative ions and negative ion generators are
beneficial in:

Treating respiratory problems

The treatment of depression

Improving general mood

Burns treatment and healing

Killing airborne viruses

Helping with insomnia

Reducing cortisol levels

Treating certain types of cancer

Reducing recovery time after physical exercise

Improving mental focus and overall concentration

For your benefit and reading pleasure we've included a list of these resources
just below here - there's as much scientific proof there as anyone could need.

Testing The Intangible

Now I can hear some people say "...but you're testing something that's
invisible....how can we know that negative ions exist or that a scalar energy
pendant can work?"
In the interests of pure, verifiable science I decided to test this exact problem
with a piece of equipment called a negative ion tester. In test after test I have
been able to prove that these scalar energy pendants give off 4,000+ negative
ions every single time they're tested. The only other source of natural negative
ionic energy that comes close to this is an actual waterfall, which might explain
the Japanese purification ritual of misogi where Samurai and martial artists would
meditate in the cold, flowing water of a waterfall.
Any of these genuine scalar energy pendants can be independently tested to
prove that they do emit several thousand negative ions every single time. In
addition to which they will continue to emit negative ions for well over a lifetime.
So you dont have to worry about them running out of energy anytime soon, I
guarantee your pendant will emit energy for life.


Polarized Air as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Burns
Dr Igho Kornbleugh
"Why is Fresh Air Fresh?"
Dr. Bernell Baldwin
Enriching Heredity: The Impact of the Environment on the Anatomy of the Brain
Marian Diamond
Biopsychology of Mood and Arousal
R.E. Thayer
The Ion Effect
Fred Soyka
Effects of negative ions on cognitive performance.
Journal of Applied Psychology, Feb 1987
Journal of Applied Microbiology
1987 issue
The PC Blahs: Do You Have Ion-Poor Blood?
Finley, M.
Influence of Artificial Air Ionization on the Human Electroencephalogram
Dr Felix Sulman
Air Ionization: Its Role in the National Economy
Tchijewski, A. L


You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in a
scalar energy pendant today. These pendants are scientifically proven to improve
your health and help counteract all the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields
and the flood of positive ions that your body has to endure every single day.
If somebody told you that you could improve your overall quality of life, have
more energy, have a stronger immune system, sleep better and just generally
feel great in your own skin and it would only cost you $50 what would you do?
Because that's the exact offer were providing to you. You can own your own
natural negative ion generating pendant that will provide you negative ions
wherever you go for the rest of your life!

Visit http://www.scalarenergypendants.com and take advantage of our scalar

energy pendant special offers.


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