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BCC Intensive English Program Grade One

Course Syllabus for Semester 2 / 2016-2017

Course Objectives:
To encourage children to be active and constructive in their own learning, using
English as a tool to do things and to create personally significant meaning.
To integrate learning English with other areas of learning at primary school.
To help children learn how to learn and to encourage them to begin to become
responsible, independent, reflective learners.
To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration in class.
English World 1
Teaching-Learning Materials and Resources:
Student book, workbook, flashcards, supplementary DVD, materials to complete projects
and activities; scissors, construction paper, card, coloured pencils, markers, glue, video
projector, active white board, CD player,
Course Schedule
Week 1 2
October 25thNovember 4th

Unit 7 Where is King Tub?


Through activities in this unit students will learn

Pupils book p.76-83

about rooms in a house. Students will also know how

Workbook p. 62-71

to ask and state where something or someone is,

using prepositions in, on and under.

Week 3 4
November 7th

Unit 8 This is my family

In this unit the students will learn about members of

Pupils book p.84-91

the family. They will also learn how to ask and make

Workbook p.72-81

possessive/negative statements using have e.g. I

have got one brother.

Week 5 6
December 2nd

Unit 9 Miss Silver

Through activities in this unit students will learn

Pupils book p.92-101

numbers 11-20 and be able to comprehend the written

Workbook p.82-91

form. Students will be asking and answering about

possession in the 3rd person using has got/has not
Reading CAT Week 6
Unit 10 The space rocket

Week 7 9
December 5




In this unit, the students will learn about action verbs.

Pupils book p.102-109

They will ask and state what people and things can

Workbook p.92-101

do, and write full sentences about ability. E.g. The

rocket can fly.
Writing CAT Week 7

Week 9

Christmas celebration week


19th 23rd
Unit 11 Up in space
Week 11-12
January 4th

Through activities in this unit the students will be

Pupils book p.110-117

asking/answering questions and identifying different

Workbook p. 102-111

types of weather. In this unit, the students will be

writing in the present continuous form, using ing in
full sentences.
Listening CAT Week 12
Unit 12 Welcome Home!

Week 13-14
January 16th

In this unit, students will be making statements about

Pupils book p.118-125

others in the present continuous form e.g. He is

Workbook p.112-121

eating/She is running. They will also be introduced to

adverbs and write them in a sentence.
Speaking CAT Week 13

Week 15
January 30th

Revision for End of Semester Exam

Units 7 -12

Week 16
February 6th

Units 7 - 12
IEP Exam week


Week 17
February 13th Main School Exams