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I am Mehdi Sufi. I am not Johnny Depp. My name is Mehdi Sufi. My

name is not Johnny Depp. Im from Iran. Im not from America. Im
a teacher. Im a good teacher. I have good students.
You are Johnny Depp. You are not Mehdi Sufi. Your name is Johnny
Depp. You are from America. Youre not from Iran. You are a
student. You are a good student. You have a good teacher.
She is Nicole Kidman. She is not Mehdi Sufi. Shes not Johnny
Depp. Her name is Nicole Kidman. Her names not Mehdi Sufi. Her
names not Johnny Depp. She is from Australia. She is not from
America. Shes not from Iran. She is a student. Shes not a
teacher. Shes a good student.

There is a blue cat. He is very thin. Hes from Alaska. Hes four
years old. His name is Mr. Justin Bieber.
He has one small problem. Hes the only child.
Theres a black dog. Shes very fat. Shes from Arizona. Shes six
years old. Her name is Mrs. Katy Perry.
She has two big problems. Shes very fat. And she has nine
brothers and seven sisters.

This is my grandma. Shes very thin. Shes from Alabama. Her

name is Mrs. Whoopi Goldberg. Shes in her house in Montgomery.
Shes not happy. A person says Hello. My grandma is happy.

This is my president. Hes very fat. Hes from Arkansas. His name
is Mr. Tom Hanks. Hes the only child. Hes five years old. Hes not
three years old. He is in a house in Little Rock. He has one small
problem. He always says Bye.

There is a doctor. That is my doctor. Hes very good. Hes from
California. His name is Mr. Jack Nicholson. He has eight brothers
and one sister. Hes four years old. Hes not three years old. He is
in a house in Sacramento. He has two small problems. He always
says Hi. Whats up? And he is always sad.
There is a student. That is my student. Shes very thin. Shes
from Colorado State. Her name is Mrs. Sally Field. She is the only
child. Shes ten years old. Shes not nine years old. She is in a
house in Denver. She has one big problem. She always smiles.
She always says hahaha.
That is your aunt. Her name is Mrs. Lopez. Shes eleven years old.
Shes not sad. Shes very good. Shes not vey bad. Shes a very
good aunt. Shes not a very bad aunt. Your aunt is at her house in
Washington. Shes very happy. Shes not sad.

That was their doctor. His name was Mr. Marlon Brando. He was
good. He was a good doctor. He was twelve years old. He was not
ten years old. He wasnt seven years old. He had eight brothers
and nine sisters. Their doctor was in his home in Florida State. He
was happy in Florida.
This was our worker. Her name was Mrs. Julia Roberts. She was
from Georgia State. But she was in Hawaii. She was the only
child. She was thirteen years old. She wasnt twelve years old.
She wasnt serious. She had a problem. She wasnt rich. She was
poor. That was very bad.
They were boys. They were good boys. Their names were Robert
De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.
They had thirteen sisters and no brother. They were strong. They
were strong boys. They were from Canada. They were Canadian.
They werent Iranian. They had a small problem. They talked a lot.
This was his brother. His name was Anthony Hopkins. He was
fourteen years old. He wasnt thirteen years old. He was from
Idaho State. He was weak. He wasnt strong. He went to Kennedy
school. He was sad because he couldnt speak English. His English
was bad. He went to a language school. He was happy because
he could speak English. His English was good.
That was their president. His name was Mr. John F. Kennedy. He
was fifteen years old. He wasnt fourteen. He was from America.
He was weak. He wasnt strong. He had a very big problem. He

could speak English, but he couldnt speak Persian. His English

was good, but his Persian was bad. So he went to a Persian
school. The Persian school was on Brookline Street. It had a big
yard. He was happy because he could speak Persian.

This is our president. His name is Mr. Hassan Rohani. He is sixteen
years old. He isnt fifteen years old. He is from Iran. He isnt from
America. He is strong. He isnt weak. He has no problem, because
his English is good and his Persian is good too.
This will be their president. His name will be Donald Trump. He will
be seventeen years old. He will not be sixteen years old. He will
not be fifteen. He will be from New York. He will be fat. He will be
very fat. He will not be thin. Hell be weak. He wont be strong. He
will have a lot of problems. He wont speak English. He wont
speak Persian. His English and Persian will be bad. He wont go to
Persian school.
Persian School will be in Brookline Street. It will have a big yard.
He will be sad because he wont speak Persian. He will be vey
There is a girl. There is not a boy. Theres not a man. There isnt a
woman. Theres a girl. Theres a fat girl. Her name is Emma. She
is from America. Emma is nineteen years old. Shes not eighteen
years old. She has a problem.
She has a big problem. In fact she has a very big problem. She is
fat. She is very fat. In fact she is a very fat girl. Shes not thin.
Shes big. She likes foods. She does not like sports. She wants to

be thin. She goes to a gym. But she does not become thin. She
goes to a walk. But she doesnt become thin. Finally she visits a
man. The mans name is Mehdi Soofloo. Mehdi tells her to eat
less. She listens to him. Then she becomes thin.

There was a boy. There was not a girl. There wasnt a man. There
wasnt a woman. There was a boy. There was a thin boy. His name
was Jeff Bridges. He was from Los Angeles. Jeff was twenty years
old. He wasnt eighteen years old. He had a problem.
He had a small problem. In fact he had a very small problem. He
was thin. He was very thin. In fact he was a very thin boy. He
wasnt fat. He was thin. He didnt like foods. He liked running. He
wanted to be fat. He went to a restaurant. He ate a lot. But he
didnt become fat. He went to a walk. But he didnt become fat.
Finally he visited a woman. The womans name was Ms. Marilyn
Monroe. Ms. Monroe told her to eat more. He listened to her. Then
he became fat.
Denzel Washington
There was a young actor. There wasnt a young lawyer. His name
was Denzel Washington. He was twenty one years old. He wasnt
twenty two years old. He was from Idaho. He was the only child.
He could think. He could speak English. He could speak Persian.
He could help. He could go to Jefferson School. Jefferson School
was on Lincoln Street. It had a big yard. Denzel went there. He
had a good teacher. The teachers name was Mr. Michael Caine.
Denzel went to school on weekdays. He didnt go to school on
weekends. He liked acting. He wanted to be a famous actor. So he
practiced a lot. Then he became a famous actor.

Elizabeth Taylor
There will be an old actress. There will not be a young lawyer. Her
name will be Elizabeth Taylor. She will be twenty three years old.
She wont be twenty four years old. She will be from London. She
wont be the only child. She will have one sister. Shell have no
brother. Shell be able to think. Shell be able to speak English.
And shell be able to Speak Persian. Shell be able to help. Shell
be able to go to Johnson School. Johnson School will be on Bogart
Street. It will have a big yard. Elizabeth will go there. Shell have a
good teacher. The teachers name will be Mrs. Bette Davis.
Elizabeth will go to school on weekdays. She wont go to school
on weekends. Shell like acting. Shell like to be a famous actress.
So shell practice a lot. Then shell become a famous actress.
Natalie Portman
There is a young actress. There is not an old actress. There isnt a
young lawyer. Her name is Natalie Portman. She is twenty five
years old. She isnt twenty six years old. She is from Ohio. She is
the only child. She can think. She can speak English. She can
speak Persian. She can help. She can go to Roosevelt School.
Roosevelt School is on Presley Street. It has a big yard. Natalie
goes there. She has a good teacher. The teachers name is Mrs.
Julianne Moore. Natalie goes to school on weekdays. She doesnt
go to school on weekends. She likes acting. She wants to be a
famous actress. So she practices a lot. Then she becomes a
famous actress.
Three Dentists

There were three dentists. Their names were John, Jeff, and Jackie.
They were from America. They were American. They were
American dentists. They were twenty seven years. They werent
twenty eight years. They went to their office. Everyday they went
to their office. One day they were very hungry. In fact they were
thirsty too. They could eat many things. They could eat kebob.
They could eat chicken. They could eat coconut. They could drink
water. But they had a small problem. They had no money.

24 Jan Travolta
There is a good pilot. His name is Mr. John Travolta .He is from
Illinois. He has twenty nine brothers and twelve sisters. He is
twenty eight years old. Everyday he goes to work. He has a pink
car. He doesnt have a blue car. His car is a Nissan. He likes his
car. He doesnt want another car. He doesnt go to school. He
doesnt go to university. Today because the weather is cold he
doesnt go out. He has a little problem. He is talkative. He isnt
silent. He speaks a lot.
25 Nelson Mandela
It was hot weather. There was a good student. His name was
Nelson Mandela. He was from Nebraska. He was thirty years old.
He was in his kitchen in Nebraska. He wasnt in his bedroom. He
wasnt in his living room. He liked to study. He was a hard working
student. He didnt like to play. He wanted to study economy. He
wanted to be an economist. So he went to university. He studied
economy. He became happy.

26 Amir
It was rainy weather. Amir was with his friend Cristiano Ronaldo in
Karaj. Amir was a nice boy. He was from Karaj. He was thirty one

years old. He was the only child. He protected his friends. He

didnt fight with them. He was kind with them. He had a good job.
He was a doctor. He was the best doctor in Karaj. His office was in
Fardis. He went to work with his white car. He had a small
problem. He didnt want to go to a restaurant with Cristiano. So he
didnt go out with him.
27 Calvin Klein
There is an artist. Hes a very good artist. His name is Calvin
Klein.Hes from Rhode Island. Hes thirty one years old. He has a
yellow car. He can make nice buildings. He makes the best
buildings in his town. People like him. Hes the first child in his
family. But he has a problem. He looks at you, but he says
nothing. He is always silent.
There is a businessman. Also he is a repairman. He has a big store
on London Street. Because he doesnt like his job he gives bad
service to people. He is thirty five years old. He is from Montana.
His name is Winston Churchill. He is the first child in his family. He
has a few problems. For example he asks nothing. And he knows
nothing. Also he never says Hello.
Mother Teresa was a good parent. She was thirty nine years old
.She liked art. She worked in an office. She lived in a city. She
lived in an apartment. Her apartment had a big living room. It also
had a big bathroom. It had thirteen rooms. It had no yard. She
often said My apartment is very small.


Bill Gates is a college student. He isnt a parent. He likes world

news. He doesnt like sports. Also he doesnt like art, war, and
photos. He has a big house. His house has a big yard. It has a nice
living room. But it has a bad kitchen. He likes his house. He has a
problem. He doesnt come home early. He comes home late.
Plato was a police officer. He was forty years old. He wasnt a
college student. He worked for government. He worked very
hard. He worked full time. She didnt work part time. He worked
for long hours. He worked for ten hours a day. He lived in Iran. He
liked his country. He lived in a small apartment. It had a small
yard and a small kitchen and also a small bedroom. He didnt like
art and photos. He had a community for poor people. He was a
good help for his community. They liked him.
Mehran Ghafourian studied economy. He studied economy at
Karaj University. He didnt study photography at Karaj University.
He didnt like photography. He liked economy. He wanted to be an
economist. He had a hard exam. He studied day and night. He
didnt visit his friends. He didnt leave his house for forty seven
days. The exam wasnt easy. But he became the best student.
There is a man. His name is George Orwell. George lives in his big
house in Austin. Austin is an important city Houston. George has
fifty children. Their favorite music is rap. Their favorite singer is
Eminem. Probably Austin is the best city in Houston. It has a lot of
jungles and amusement parks.
George has two problems. He cant stop walking. And also he
cant stop thinking.

Mr. Javad Razavian is from Qom. Hes fifty nine years old. Hes not
fifteen years old. He has a white car. His favorite city is Karaj. He
likes Karaj a lot. People from foreign countries visit Karaj. Karaj
has natural parks. Karaj has a lot of universities. And also Karaj
has an international airport. Javad has a big problem. He never
gets up early. He gets up late. He cant stop sleeping a lot.

Taylor Swift and Kane West are from Alaska. They are sixty three
years old. People like them. Their favorite is Ardabil. They really
like Ardabil. They feel very good in Ardabil. They seem very good
in Ardabil. Ardabil is a very cold place. Ardabil has natural parks.
And also it has a lot of amusement parks. They use their car in
Ardabil. They go everywhere. Taylor and Kane try everything in
Ardabil. Taylor Swift and Kane West have a little problem. They
always laugh.

Mrs. Sophia Loren was my grandma. She was seventy four years
old. She lived in Fardis. Fardis was a very big city. It had a central
park. The central park was huge. There was another park. That
was huge too. She liked Fardis. Mrs. Sophia Loren had a problem.
She was beautiful, but she was a very difficult person. She didnt
laugh. She was very serious. She didnt like jokes. She didnt like
telling jokes. She never told jokes.

Mr. Morgan Freeman is his grandpa. He is from Tennessee. He is
eighty two years old. Mr. Morgan Freeman is a very good person.

Hes serious. Hes not a very difficult person. In fact hes a kind
person. He loves his daughter and son. Every week he visits his
daughter and son. His daughter loves stories from Japan. His son
doesnt love stories from Japan. Mr. Morgan Freeman is a good
person, but he speaks loudly.


Her husband was from Maryland. He was ninety five years old. His
name was Christopher Columbus. He bought and sold foods. He
was so good in his job. On Tuesdays he read books. On Mondays
Christopher watched soccer. He watched soccer with his son and
daughter. They liked watching soccer a lot. They are soccer freak.

His wife is from Kansas. Shes very kind. Her name is Leila. She is
ninety seven years old. Her favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.
Every night she watches Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is
the best in the world. She likes watching it. She likes watching it
especially with her husband. She watches it at 11:30 P.M. On
Fridays she doesnt watch anything. Leilas favorite actor is Peter
Dinklage. She wants to be an actress.

Arnold is a policeman. He works for police. He has a good group.
Arnolds group is better than other groups. His group likes
running. On Wednesdays Arnold teaches his group history. The
group learns well. They like learning. They like killing ants. They
are the best killers in the world .

On Thursdays I like playing soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport.
Our soccer system is 4-4-2. But Now I am walking. I am walking
home. Im not standing. Im feeling bad. Im looking at clown. Im
feeling good.

On Saturdays John goes to English class. But today he is feeling
bad. Hes catching cold. Hes not going to doctor. But Hes feeling
worse. Hes going to doctor. Now hes 100 percent OK.

There is a funny man. His name is Jim Carrey. He is from
Kentucky. Kentucky is a big state. It has many tall buildings. And
also it has a lot of amusement parks. Hes fifty five years old.
Hes an actor. On Sundays Jim Carrey goes to gym. But today he
is not feeling healthy. In fact hes feeling very bad. He is worrying

a lot, because hes shaking, hes imagining a lot, and hes getting
angry a lot. And also hes discussing a lot.


Emma Watson is a good girl. Shes the only child. Shes from
America. She lives in Nevada. She has black hair. She has a very
big head. Her eyes are orange. She has a problem. Her mouth is
getting bigger and bigger. She needs a doctor. She believes if she
goes to doctor, she becomes better. So she decides. She goes to
doctor. She becomes better.


Mrs. Cameron Diaz wasnt from China. She was from Louisiana.
She was very good. She was a very good girl. She was in grade
seven. Yesterday she got up at 7:15 A.M. She ate breakfast at
8:20 A.M. Then she went to school at 8:30 A.M. She came home at
12:30 P.M. She ate lunch at 1:00 P.M. She ate dinner at 9:45 P.M.
She went to sleep at 10:30 P.M.

Mr. Tom Cruise wasnt from Iran. He was from Mississippi. He was
very good. He was a very good man. He was in grade twelve.
Yesterday He got up at 6:15 A.M. He ate breakfast at 7:30 A.M.
Then he went to school at 8:30 A.M. He came home at 12:30 P.M.
He ate lunch at 1:00 P.M. He ate dinner at 9:30 P.M. He went to
sleep at 10:30 P.M. He had a problem. He always got lost. He
couldnt find his way.


There were two doctors. They were the best doctors. Their names
were Brad Pitt and Charlie Chaplin. They were thirty four years
old. They were like each other. Actually they were the same. They
were doing exercise. They had good health. Their hearts were
healthy. And their bodies were healthy too.
They were from Missouri. Missouri had a lot of amusement parks.
It had a lot of trees. Yesterday they got up at 6:15 A.M. They ate
breakfast at 7:30 A.M. Then they went to work at 8:30 A.M. They
came home at 12:30 P.M. They ate lunch at 1:00 P.M. They ate
dinner at 9:30 P.M. They went to sleep at 10:30 P.M.



My names Mehdi Sufi. Im from Iran. I am an English teacher in
Iran. Iran is a very good country. Everyday I get up at 5:00 A.M. I
eat breakfast at 7:00 A.M. I go to work at 7:45 A.M. I eat lunch at
1:00 P.M. I eat dinner at 10:30 P.M. I go to sleep at 11:00 P.M. But
now Im taking out my books. I am teaching a good class. Im
increasing my information. Im asking questions. Students are
My name will be Mehdi Sufi. I will be from Iran. I will be an English
teacher in Iran. Iran will be a very good country. Everyday I will
get up at 5:00 A.M. I will eat breakfast at 7:00 A.M. I will go to
work at 7:45 A.M. I will eat lunch at 1:00 P.M. Ill eat dinner at
10:30 P.M. Ill go to sleep at 11:00 P.M. But tomorrow I will be
taking out my books. Ill be teaching a good class. Ill be
increasing my information. Ill be asking questions. Students will
be answering.

My name was Mehdi Sufi. I was from Iran. I was an English teacher
in Iran. Iran was a very good country. Everyday I got up at 5:00
A.M. I ate breakfast at 7:00 A.M. I went to work at 7:45 A.M. I ate
lunch at 1:00 P.M. I ate dinner at 10:30 P.M. I went to sleep at
11:00 P.M. But yesterday I was taking out my books. I was
teaching a good class. I was increasing my information. I was
asking questions. Students were answering.

That was Mr. Morgan Freeman. He was from New Jersey. Morgan
liked travelling. He liked travelling to North. On Saturday he went
to North. He went to Chalous road. Chalous road was a great road.
Chalous had pretty trees. Chalous had long streets. Chalous
population was young. Chalous had a good soccer team. Chalous
team was very good. Chalous had tall buildings. Its people were
great. Chalous had a big jungle. It had great restaurants. You
should visit its restaurants. You must not swim in its river. You
must not drive fast.
This is Mrs. Kate Winslet. She is from New Mexico. Kate likes
travelling. She likes travelling to South. On Sunday she goes to
South. She goes to Malard road. Malard road is a great road.
Malard has pretty trees. Malard has long streets. Malard
population is old. Malard has a bad soccer team. Malard team is
very good. Chalous has small buildings. Its people are great.
Malard has a small jungle. It had great restaurants. She shouldnt
visit its restaurants. Its restaurant are bad. She must swim in its
river. She must drive fast.

Ehsan will agree to go to Mashhad. His cousins will join him.
Theyll like Mashhad. Next week theyll go Mashhad. Theyll wear
T-shirts. They will be a few people. They wont go everywhere.
Mashhad will have Imam Reza shrine. Itll have amusement parks.
Itll have tall buildings. They should visit Imam Reza shrine. They
must drive carefully in Mashhad. They will enough time. So theyll
visit a lot of amusement parks.

Mehran agreed to go to Qom. His cousins joined him. They liked
Qom. Next week they went Qom. They wore T-shirts. They were a
few people. They didnt go everywhere. Qom had Hazrat
Masoume shrine. It had amusement parks. It had tall buildings. He
should visit Hazrat Masoume shrine. He had enough time. So he
would visit a lot of amusement parks.


Leo Tolstoy was a great student. He was from New Carolina. He
finished his education. He was a soccer player. He finished many
games. He had a lot of activities. He played quickly. Actually he
was the fastest. He loved traveling. He had enough time. So on
Sunday he traveled to Ohio. Ohio had many gardens, and
amusement parks. He went to Ohio markets. He went to Ohio with
a music group. They shouldnt visit everything. They should drive
Mrs. Jessica Alba was from North Dakota. She wasnt single. She
was forty five years old. She had a daughter. Her daughter wasnt
ugly. She was beautiful. She was a lawyer. She had a lot of law
books. Mrs. Jessica Alba was like sister. She was exactly like her
sister. She was in Canada with her family. She had to stay at
home. She loved traveling. Tonight she went to LA a minute ago.
She went to LA without her parents. She visited tall buildings. Also
she visited amusement parks. Tonight she visited several places.

There will be an actor. His name will be Russell Crowe. He will
have a lot of information about festivals. His favorite festival will
be Christmas. Christmas will be on 25th day of December. It will
be the first day of winter. It will not be on spring, summer, or fall.
People will celebrate Christmas. Theyll visit ther families, friends,
and relatives. Theyll wear new clothes. Russell will go out. He
wont find a place to go. Hell let his friend find it. His friend will
be good at finding places.


Jennifer Lawrence had a few information books about festivals.
She loved knowing about festivals. So she brought his friend into
her house. She described festivals. Jennifers favorite festival was
thanksgiving. People celebrated Thanksgiving. They thanked God
for everything. They made different foods. People didnt use
fireworks. Jennifer Lawrence wanted to go. So she let her friends
to go out with her.
Mohammad Ali will have a little time with his family. It will be hard
for him to be with his family. His favorite ceremony will be Yalda
Night. People will stay up at Yalda Night. Theyll serve different
foods and fruits. Mohammads family wont let him stay up. They
allow him to sleep. So hell sleep. And hell be the best at
sleeping. Hell sleep better than others.

There was a girl. Her name was Billie Jean. She was from
Oklahoma. She was fifty five years old. She liked Eid al-Fitr. Her
favorite ceremony was Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr was a special event.
Eid al-Fitr was the last day of Ramadan. In fact it was the end of
Ramadan. People werent fast on Eid al-Fitr day. They celebrated
with delicious foods and fruits. All people ate foods and fruits.
After Eid al-Fitr , Billie Jean ate a bag of garlic. Before she ate a
bag of garlic she ate nothing. She ate only thirty for pizzas. She
ate a lot of foods. She ate more than others.

There wasnt a human. There was a busy fly. Her name was Mrs.
Opera Winfrey. She was from Oregon. She was sixty six years old.
She had a talk show. She had her own talk show. Her talk show
was international. It was famous too. Every night people watched
her talk show. It was better than other talk shows. She had a
problem. She always was in a bad situation, she was super busy.
She liked traveling. She liked visiting Utah. She said, I may visit
Utah or I may visit Karaj.So she decided to go to Karaj. She
visited Karaj. She said, Now, I am happy.
There was a dead turtle. His name was Jackie Chan. At first he
wanted to be a big basketball player. He changed his mind. He
wanted to be a big baseball player. Each day he practiced.
Everyday he practiced baseball. He wanted to play for national
team. But he broke his leg. So he found a political job. It was a
real job. He understood his political job. He was the best in his

There was a queen. She was from England. She was ninety eight
years old. Her name was Queen Elizabeth. She was a great
actress. She couldnt do many things. She couldnt suggest. She
couldnt open doors. She couldnt add anyone. But she could act.
She could move. And she could pick things. Once he met
Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma said, You can act in my movie. I can
make you famous. She accepted. Queen Elizabeth became the
most movie actress in the world.

Once there will be a girl. Her name will be Jennifer Aniston. Shell
be twenty two. Shell be from South Dakota. Shell be a bad girl. In
fact shell be an evil girl. Shell have a major problem. Shell do
wrong things. She wont do right things. Public opinion will be
against her. In fact the whole people will be against her. People
will hope shell change. But she wont change. Until Mehdi Sufi
will say to her, Stop. Then shell change. Shell become a better

There was a good girl. Her name was Britney Spears. She was
thirty three. She was from Tennessee, The USA. She was across
from Kennedy Street. She lived between two shops. She lived
outside the city. She almost always hit kids. She hit them
seriously. She had a gun too. She herself had a big gun. People
hoped she didnt have a gun .She had this behavior. She followed
this behavior for a long time. She continued this behavior for

many years. She didnt change. But now she changed. She didnt
hold a gun. She became against holding a gun.

Albert Einstein will be forty five years old. Hell be from Wisconsin.
His house will be between two streets. Itll be behind Wal-Mart.
Itll be across from street. Itll be out of the city. Hell get up at 10
Oclock in the morning. Hell use a lot of sugar in his tea. Hell pay
attention. Hell work in a tea field. Hell work in a market too. Hell
do research too. Hell have a problem. Hell sometimes cry.

Thomas Edison liked reading books. His favorite book was Iliad.
Iliad was by Homer. He was a Greek writer. He wrote Iliad before
his death. It was a story about a war. It was about a war between
the Trojans and another group. The story happened many years
ago. The Trojans were the strongest nation. They had great control
over other countries. They had a lot of power.

Eddie Murphy was a great actor. He was sixty six years old. He
was from Korea. He was the only child. He had no brother or
sister. He couldnt cook by himself. He couldnt choose anything
by himself. He couldnt produce anything by himself. He could just
eat. It was his life. It was his. Once Joomoong met Megan Fox. She
said, Wow you are perfect. Eddie Murphy asked, Are you sure?
Megan Fox answered, Of course. I am. I am never wrong. I am
.always right

Megan Fox asked Do you study books? Eddie Murphy answered

Just school books. Megan Fox cried and said Go fly a kite,

Once there will be great actor. Billie Holiday will not be a great
actor. Shell be great singer. She will be seventy eight years old.
Shell be from Africa. She will have seven brothers. She will be
able to cook by herself. She will be able to choose anything by
herself. She will be able to produce anything by herself. She wont
be able to eat. It will be her life. It will be hers. Billie Holiday will
meet Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt will say, Wow you are perfect. Billie
Holiday will say, I know Im perfect. Brad Pitt will say, Sorry, I
am talking to Mehdi Sufi not you. Brad Pitt will not ask anything.
.And Billie Holiday wont answer anything
Once a lonely model needed a friend. Her name was Kim
Kardashian. She was seventy two years old. She was from
Pennsylvania. She had three sisters and one brother. She needed
a good friend. In fact she wanted to find a great friend. She had a
decision. So she went to a department store. Kim Kardashian said,
Hello morons. People went away. Then she became very sad.

Brat Pit and Angelina Jolie were husband and wife. They were from
the USA. They lived in Virginia. Their house was around King
Square. Their house was under a big tree. It was theirs. They were
happy. They liked to learn Persian. They both liked to speak
Persian. They wanted to speak Persian. So they went to Ghasemi
School. They together went to Ghasemi School. Ghasemi School

was a big school. It had a big yard. It was on Gole Sorkh Street.
But they had a very bad teacher. Her name was Mrs. Clinton. In
fact Mrs. Clinton was an evil teacher. She hit everyone including
his cats. Mrs. Clinton read no books for them. In fact she couldnt
read any books.

There will be a girl. Her name will be Shakira. She will be from
China Town. Shell be twenty one years old. Shell live around
Obama Square. Her house will be under a small tree. Shell like
everything including her church. The church is hers. Recently
shell have a problem. Her Wi-Fi will be slow. It wont be fast. Her
Wi-Fi will be slow along with other Wi-Fis. The Wi-Fi will be a big
matter for her. Shell think itll be OK. But it wont. The problem
maintains for years. There will be various Wi-Fi hacks. But
certainly they wont work. So shell stop using Internet.

There was a boy. His name was Christopher Columbus.
Christopher was from Rhode Island. He was thirty one years old.
He lived around Freedom Square. His house was on a big tree. He
liked everything including his church. The church was his.
Recently she had a problem. His Wi-Fi was very fast. It wasnt
slow. His Wi-Fi was fast along with other Wi-Fis. The Wi-Fi was not
a big matter for him. He thought it was OK. And it was OK. He was

Beyonce and J.Z were husband and wife. They lived in Tehran.
Their house was around the corner. They both were forty five
years old .Once a new vacuum cleaner manager knocked on their
door. Beyonce opened the door. The manager came in. The
manager covered the house with animal dung. The manager said,
Recently we made this current vacuum cleaner. It is the best. It
cleans every thing. Beyonce said, Wow. The manager said, If
it didnt clean anything, I eat all this dung. Beyonce asked, Do
you eat all this dung with white sauce or tomato sauce? The
manager asked, What??? Beyonce answered, Because now we
have no electricity, so start eating.
Beethoven lives in the North of the UK. He is fifty five years old.
Hes the only child. He doesnt work. He doesnt study. He has a
big problem. He doesnt like women. He says Women are just like
Internet viruses. He continues, They enter your life. They
remove your resources. They use your resources. They finish
everything you have. They control your life. And finally end your

There is a busy lion. His name is Neil Armstrong. Neil lives in
Washington. He is thirteen years old. The busy lion is seeking for
a good friend. He likes to find a good friend. So he invites his
friends to his house. His house is in the west of Washington. Its
next to a hospital. There is a big difference between his house and
others. His has a lot of radios, computers, and weapons. His
house is full of weapons, because he is a mouse killer. His friends
dont like him because he kills mice. So no one becomes his

There will be a high class doctor. Shell be a good doctor. Her
name will be Lady Gaga. Shell be thirty nine years old. Shell be
from Turkey. When shell provide drugs, people will like her. She
wont cause death. Because shell be good and she wont break
peoples hands, shell receive a lot of money. Shell have a big
problem. Her patients will die. She wont expect this. Shell seek
to find an answer. First she wont find an answer. Shell go to
Mehdi Sufi. Hell say to her, Be careful. Then no one will be


There was a poor doctor. He was a bad doctor. His name was
Leonardo DiCaprio. He was forty eight years old. He was from
Yemen. When he provided drugs, people would not like him. He
caused death. Because he was bad and he broke peoples hands,
he received a little money. He had a small problem. His patients
didnt become better. He expected this. He didnt want to find an
answer. So He didnt go to Mehdi Sufi.

There will be a man. His name will be Mr. Jackson. He will be from
China. Hell be Chinese. His apartment will be in the east of China.
Hell have got a big problem. His house will have got a lot of dogs.
People will avoid his house. People will discover it will have got a
lot of cats too. Ouch!!!

Mr. Jackson will mention hell cook. Because hell have got no
skills, hell fire everything. The quality of his cooking will be very
bad. Every one will eat his food theyll die.

There was a boy his name was Justin Timberlake. He liked music.
His favorite singer was John Lennon. John's voice was clear and
strong. He had a clear voice. He sang clearly. Justin loved John's
voice. Justin's favorite song was "Mother". This song was indeed
the best in music industry. This song was available on Google
music. When Justin heard this song, he said"I'm going to create a
song." He created a good song. The result was good. Its name
was "My Love". It was a pop song. After a week he created
another one. Its name was "That Girl". "My Love" was beautiful,
and "That Girl" was too. Timberlake became the leader of pop
There will be a girl. Her name will be Nicki Minaj. Her favorite
singer will be Eminem. Eminem's voice won't be clear. It will be
rather bad. He won't have clear voice.
There will be a girl. Her name will be Nicki Minaj. She'll like music.
Her favorite singer will be Eminem. His voice won't be clear. He
won't have clear voice. In fact he won't sing clearly. It will be
rather bad. Nicki's favorite album will be "8 Miles". It won't be the
best album in the music industry. In fact it was the worst. And the
song won't be available on Google music. When Nicki will hear
this song, she'll say"I'm going to create two songs." So she'll
create two songs. They'll be rap songs. After two months she'll

create another ones. The other ones will be "I Lied" and " Your
Love". Nicki Minaj will become a great rapper.

Adele liked singing. She liked performing too. Her favorite song
was Billie Jeans. It was a song by M.J. She Had a plan. She wanted
to be a classic singer. It was her interest. In order to be a singer
she practiced a lot. In fact to become a singer she practiced day
and night. She worked from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. By practicing a lot.
She became a great singer. Adele reached her dream. She
became as great as M.J. Actually she had the same voice as M.J's.
Her ability was great.
There will be a security officer. He'll be the only child in his family.
He'll be a good individual. He'll be twelve years old. His name will
be Will Smith. He'll study in middle school. He'll listen to Lady
Gaga's songs a lot. His dream will be singing. In fact he'll like to
become a famous singer. But he won't like performance. In order
to become a famous singer he'll practice day and night. He'll
reach his dream. By practicing a lot, he'll become a famous
singer. He'll become as famous as Lady Gaga. Actually he'll have
the same voice as Lady Gaga.
There was a girl whose name was Britney Spears. She was the
second child in her family. Her brother was an expert. Britney
lived in Nevada state. She was a former manager. She managed a
film company. She was good at management. In fact she had
good knowledge about management.She liked local foods. She

had a problem. She always said, " I know that I'm a very good
driver." But she had many accidents.
This was Elvis Presley. He was the youngest in his family. He was
in a good career. He had a lot of energy. He loved traveling. He
wanted to go to South Africa. He had no opportunity to go to
South Africa. He had no money. But he found 10000 dollars. So he
determined to go to South Africa. It was a great place for fishing.
He had a really good time in South Africa. It had been a fabulous
trip in his entire life.

There will be a woman. Her name will be Beyonc. She'll be born
in Houston, Texas. She'll be born in 1981. She'll be the oldest in
her family. She'll have a goal in her life. She'll like to have success
in her life. So she'll establish a firm. And also she'll open a store in
Texas. And also she'll have a farm. Beyonc will love traveling.
Because she'll have 3,000,000 dollars, she'll go to 110 Town,
Karaj. Karaj will be in the south of Tehran. 110 Town will be a great
place for swimming and taking pictures. She'll have a really good
time in 110 Town. It'll be a fabulous trip in her entire life.
There were twin brothers.They were from Argentina. They were
Argentinean.Their names were Vin and Paul Diesel.They had one
sister. Vin had the same interest as Paul . He liked physical
activities. Because they had a lot of money, they had many
choices. They liked risk and danger so they went to Milad Tower.
They went bungi jumping. It was a great activity to do. Bungi
jumping was the most fabulous activity in their entire life.

There were three scorpions. They were siblings. Their names were
Layla, Ella , and Aria . They went to Harvard school. It was on
Clinton Street. It had a big yard. They weren't in fifth grade. They
all had diplomas in medicine. They liked traveling together. There
couldn't afford traveling. So they worked hard. After a while they
had enough money. They could travel. They went to Karaj. It had
Chalous road, Chalous Park, and Karaj Dam. And also Karaj had a
lot of amusement parks.

There was a boy. His name was Johnny Depp. He worked for a
travel agency. And also Johnny Depp was a game freak. He loved
playing "Clash of Clans". It was his favorite game. Clash of Clans
was a Finnish game. This game was by Supercell. It was a
strategic and military game. It had a lot of attacks. It was more
addictive than other games. And it had no end. In fact it was
endless. Because it was addictive Johny Depp gave it up.But he
started Clash of Clans.

There was a girl. Her name was Rihanna. She worked for air force.
Rihanna was a good gamer. She played well. Her favorite game
was Ever Quest. EverQuest could destroy everyone's work or
family life. A lot of people loved to play it. Also people from
Austria played it every day. In fact Austrian people loved it.
Rihanna loved playing it. She had played it for many hours. The
game was endless. It was a social problem because a lot of people
played it. And after many years of playing people became poor.
So people couldn't have enough money to play. People had no

There wil be a boy from Colorado. His name will be Paul Walker. He'll have a lot of
experience. He'll be a thin student. Paul Walker will be a game freak. Actually he'll
be a good game player. He'll love to play "Call of Duty". Paul Walker from Colorado
will play it very well. He'll like to play Call of Duty every week. Lots of people will
play it, and Paul Walker will too. Paul with his brother will play it. He'll be playing Call
of Duty. Then he'll be illiterate.

woody Allen was a good game player. He played well. Woody's
favorite game was Minecraft. Minecraft was a Swedish game.
Woody played Minecraft everyday. He liked to play it. A lot of
people enjoyed it, Woody did it too. Lots of his country fellows
gave it up. But Woody played Minecraft and lost all his money. He
had economic problems, in fact he was a loser. Then Woody's life
had no value. When he was younger he wanted to become a
medical student, but now he became a medical student.

Akon and Kayne will be game freaks. They'll play well. They'll be
good players. They'll be single. They'll have a project. They'll want
to play a lot. Their favorite game will be GTA. They'll like GTA not
something else. GTA will be a single and multiple player game.
Akon and Kayne will play it very well. They'll like to play GTA. They
with their neighbors will be great game players. Lots of friends will
play it and Akon will too. Girls and boys won't stop playing it, and

Akon and Kayne won't too. Akon and Kayne will become the
poorest in the world.

This was Morgan Freeman. He was a student. He went to Bush

School. He was a lazy person. He wanted to become a dentist.
but he was too lazy to study. In fact he wasn't hardworking
enough to study. Actually it was too hard for him to study. He
started studying. Thus it was likely that he became a dentist. He
realized this.He forced himself. So he became the best dentist in
the world.

That was Opra Winfrey. She was a hardworking girl. She wanted to
be an engineer. She was quite sure he could be an engineer. But
she was too timid to study. In fact she wasn't brave enough to
study. It was too frightening for her to study. Once Mehdi Sufi told
her "Be brave, girl.". Thus she changed. She became brave. So
she could be an engineer. This was her favorite job.

This will be Alexander the Great. He'll lead a gang. People will
report him in Telegram as spasm. Then people will have no
relationship with him. So he won't lead his gang. He'll study
medicine at Tehran University. But he'll become an angry doctor.
He'll like to be a calm doctor. But he'll be too angree to be a calm
doctor. He won't be calm enough to be a good doctor. In fact it will
be too hard for him to be a good doctor. It will be too hard for him

to be relaxed. He'll go to a psychologist. Thus Alexander will

become the calmest doctor in the world.

There was a man. His name was Wiz Khalifa. He was a weak
soccer player. He wanted to be a strong soccer player. He was too
weak to play. He wasn't strong enough to score goals. In fact it
was too hard for him to play. Wiz changed. And he became strong.
So could be strong player. He had become the strongest soccer
player in California.

There was an old man. His name was Bob Dylan. He wa eighty
seven years old. He wasn't from Brazil. He was from Los Angeles,
California. He wanted to become a professional mechanic. If he
wanted to become a professional mechanic he would learn a lot. It
was so necessary for him to learn. But he wasn't too serios
enough to start learning. Once he met Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre talked to
him. Then Bob Dylan changed. So after a while he could become a
professional mechanic. Certainly he was the beat mechanic in the
Los Angeles.


Michael Jordan's favorite person was his father. His dad's behavior
was like his two hundred uncles. In fact he had the same behavior
as theirs. But his dad was taller than them. Actually he was the
tallest and the happiest in his family. His dad was as tall as Mehdi
Sufi. His dad didn't sleep a lot. He had two- hour sleep everyday.
He was a fast runner. He could win a lot of medals.

Jennifer Lawrence wasn't from Chile. She wasn't Chilean. She was
from America. She was like her mother. Her mom's appearance
was like her three hundred aunts. As a matter of fact she had the
same age and weight as theirs. Her mom was as kind as good
people. She was busier than her family members. In fact she was
the busiest in her family. Her mom had one thousand TV's but she
didn't watch them. Because she was very busy. Her mom also was
a professional fighter. She by herself killed Bruce Lee.

There will be students. Their favorite person will be thier English

teacher. His name will be Alfred Hitchcock. He'll have good sense
of humor. He will have good behavior too. His behavior will be like
his nieces. Alfred will be simpathetic. He will have the same
sympathy as theirs. And Alfred will be fatter than all students. He

will be fatter than all students. Actually He will be the fattest at

school. He'll be able to punish students. But Alfred won't punish
them. Because he won't like punishing students. He will have
become the kindest teacher in Italy. He'll have remained the
.kindest teacher for many years

Katy Perry liked her little sister. She was cute. Her height was like
her cousin, Scarlet. As a matter of fact they had the same
height.Katy was as brave as a lion. And also she was very funny.
She was more careless than her nephews. In fact she was the
most careless girl in Germany. Katy had many different dolls.But
she had a major problem. She had stolen others' dolls. She had
.stolen a lot of dolls. It was a significant mistake
!!!So bad

There will be a girl.Her name will be Lady Gaga. She'll have big
arms. Lady Gaga will raise animals.She'll simply like her job.She'll
go to space next year.Her favorite teacher will be her math
teacherMrs. Miley Cyrus.She'll have nice behavior.Mrs.Cyrus's
behavior will be like her sisters.She won't cut her classes. She'll
be also helpful and serious. She'll have the same appearance as
her mother. They'll be kind. Mrs. Cyrus will be more patient than
others at school. She'll be quiet too. In fact she won't be talkative.
She'll be the most silent teacher in China. She'll have remained
.silent for many years

Hulk Hogan liked Google website. Why he liked Google was

obvious.Google had been the first search engine in the
world.Many people had visited Google.Google had got many
visitors.Hulk Hogan had been using Google for more thn a decade.
He knew that Google would be more successful than Yahoo.Hulk
Hogan wanted to make a website exactly like Google. He would
.name it Googooli

There will be a baby called Kayne West. Kayne West will work in a
cultural center. Kayne's favorite website will be Facebook. It will
be a social website.It'll be free. A lot of people will be Facebook
members. Why lots of people will like FB will be that it'll be poular.
And also you'll be able to share your videos and images there. FB
will have got millions of visitors from around the World. Tomorrow
Kayne West will be visiting FB. Facebook will have a lot of effects
.on his life. He'll have millions of friends from around the World

Tupack and Tiger Woods were from the U.S.A. They liked Twitter
website. Actually the liked its policy. It didn't neeed any fee. Why
they liked Twitter was obvious Twitter was one of the most
.wellknown website in the globe
In fact Twitter was their favorite website. They were big fans of
Twitter. They rated it 5 out of 5. They could share their pictures
.videos,and even their ideas,
They had used Twitter for about 30 years. They knew that soon
Twitter would be more famous in their country. Yesterday they
were searching Twitter they found out that their grand!!!grandmother had share her pics on Twitter. What a pity

c will be a famous rapper. He'll break a lot of world records.He'll 50

play in action movies too. His favorite website will be Jahan
Language Website.It'll have a lot of videos,pictures and many free
books as well. Tons of people will be Jahan Language members
including Brad Pit and Angelina Jollie.Why many people will love
this website will be that it'll be very useful. And people will be
able to download many things from this website. It'll have many
viewers from many countries including Jibooti. Tomorrow 50 c will
.be visiting Jahan Language website

Shakira who was from Colombia had got a lot of gifts. The best
gift she had got was a tablet. Her father had given her. She loved
searhing the Internet. She liked visiting websites like Jahan
Language. She was not sure how to install applications. So she
asked her father for help. Her father knowing how to install he
taught her. After a long time of teaching Shakira became the best
.app installer in the world

Adele will consider sending letters her hobby.Adele from Britain

will have received many gifts from her friends. the best gift she'll
have got will be a toy gun from her niece-J.Z. She'll like shooting
her toy gun. She won't know how to shoot wih a toy gun.So she'll
ask her grandchild for help. He will teach her how to shoot a toy
,.gun. So she'll be the firstshooter in the globe

Natalie Portman lived in the U.S.A. The U.S.A. was a federal

government.She had had good moments in her country. Natalie
who was from Ohio had got a lot of gifts. The most beautiful gift
she had receive was from her aunt Emma. It was a cell phone her

gave it to her on her birthday. Natalie sent messages with her cell
phone. And she called her friends with it.She loved visiting
websites like www.mathisfun.com . She wasn't sure how to play
Clash of Clans on her cell phone. So she asked her friend Lady
Gaga for help. Jennifer knowing how to play Clash of Clans she
taught her to play it. After a while Natalie became the best
.gamer in the world
Rocky was a rich boy, so he didn't have financial problems. Rocky
loved traditional musi a lot. Last year he won election campain in
his district. He became famous. Everyone knew Rocky in his
region. HRocky from Egypt had received many gifts from his
friends. The most beautiful gift he had received was a toy car
.from his nephew, Mehdi
He loved playing with his toy car for hours. But he didn't know
how to play with his toy car. So asked his uncle to teach him how
to play with a toy car. After a long time he became the best toy
.car player in Egypt

leonnel Messi from Argentina will have received many gifts. The
most beautiful gift he'll have received will be a pink laptop. In fact
his cousin will have given it to him on his birthday. He'll love
surfing the Internet. He'll like visiting science websites like
www.NationalGeography.com. But he'll have a problem. He won't
be sure how to go to a website. So he'll ask her best friend for
help. Leo knowing how to go to a website he'll become the best
.website visiter in Argentina

Sakineh will be from Los Angles. She'll work for an oil company.
She'll have legal document to work for every company. Sakineh
will love listening to lullibies. Actually she'll like old lullibies. Her
mom herself will sing lullibies for her. When Sakineh will be
sleepy, she'll prefer listening to them. Listening to lullibies will be
fabulous. Every month her mom will sing a new song for her. After
listening to different lullibies she'll become a very wellknow song.write for babies

Jafar loved the song High Hopes. It was a rock song by Pink Floyd
music band. Jafar himself bought the Abum from Fardis. He
started listening to it when he was 10 years old. Every hour he
was listening. Listening to High Hopes was fabulous. After
listening to this song for three thousand times Jafar became
mentally ill. So he always asked people the directions Do I have to
""?turn right? Do I have to turn left? Do I have to go straight

Arnold worked in a club. He worked in a killing section. He was a

republican executive. Arnold loved the song Three Little Birds by
Bob Marley. It was a raggae song. He began listening to this song
when he was 11 years old. Listening to this song was great.
Everyday he listened to it. After listening to this song for a long

time he became a fabulous singer. He changed his name into


Maryam's favorite song will be Lemon Tree by Fools Garden. She'll

begin listening to this song when she'll be happy. She'll listen to
this when she'll be 15 years old. Listening to this will be amazing.
Every minute she'll listen to this song. After listening to this song
for many years she'll change her name to Lemon. Maryam will fail
a lot in her lessons. She'll throw her books away. She'll argue with
.her teachers a lot. She'll prove she won't be be good student

Leonardo Decaprio was a student. Leonardo Decaprio's close

friend was Mehdi Sufi. Mehdi Sufi was a kind, honest, and good
friend. He was a helpful friend regardless of the situation.
Leonardo and Mehdi were so friendly that they could'nt be in
different classes at primary school. They visited each other twice
a week. They had had common interests such as playing soccer
and playing cards. And also they could speak English so rapidly
that they didn't understand what they said. They were such good
friends that they were famous in Cuba. Although Leonardo was
good he had a minor problem. He always repeated " Japan is great
isn't it? She plays doesn't she?She played didn't he?He will come
"?won't he

Marlyn Monre from Sanfrancisco will accept a job in a

hotel.Becasue she'll have long hair they won't accept her. She'll
be a baseball player. She'll be worldly famous. Her beast friend
will be Jennifer Aniston will be happy, crazy, and tall.She'll be a

stupid girl regardless of the situation. She'll be so crazy that

almost all boys laugh. She'll meet her every moth. They'll have a
lot of friends such as Maria, Bella, and Pepe. They'll be so crazy
that almost all people call them crazy twins. They'll be such
intimate friends that they won't live without each other. Marlyn
?will have a problem. she'll always repeat" I am crazy, aren't I

Ben Aflek was born in California. He always told the truth. He had
long legs. He worked for a stock market. Ben had a degree in
math. He loved nature. Ben Affleck's close friendwas Kevin Coster.
Kevin was a smart and hardworking friend.He was a brave person
regardless of the situation. He was so intelligent that he could
answer any questions. They met once a day. They had common
hobbies such as animals, playing basketball, and watching TV.
They could shoot rapidly that animals couldn't move. Theywere
such intimate friends that others thought they were twins. Their
only problem was they sometimes repeated" We were twins,
?weren't we

Jake Gyllenhaul had been working for a theater for two years. She
liked its stage and environment. She was a good example for
others because of her hardworking. She set the stage and also
.wrote notes for actors.Once she had a date
Jake Gyllenhaul didn't know whether to go by bus or bicycle to
his favorite restaurant. She didn't know whether to visit her
monkey or not. But she knew something very important. Shey
should have gone there. But she hadn't gone there. Jake
Gyllenhaol didn't want to go to the restaurant with a donkey,
although it was a good place to go. But Jake didn't want meeting a

donkey in a restaurant whether or not she was a beautiful donkey.

.So she didn't meet her in spite of having free time

Tyra Banks won't know whether to go to school or not. She'll want

to stay home just because of her laziness. She'll might have
become a doctor. But she won't study whether or not she'll be
intelligent enough. In fact she'll be a proud sweeper. Tara Banks
will have been working in Congress for nine years. She'll have
.been lying that She'll have been working as a congresswoman

Jack Black liked technology a lot. He worked for 21st Century

group. He loved peace on the earth. So he had given his financial
.sources to support peace
Jack Black didn't know whether to marry Jennifer Aniston or
Sakineh Ebadi.But he knew that he should had married one of
them. Because of their ugliness and naughtiness he hadn't
married. Although Jennifer and Sakineh loved marrying, he
couldn't marry one of them. Jake didn't want to marry bad girls
whether or not they were rich. Actually he hadn't married them in
.spite of their a lot of money

Mr. Smith will work in San Diego municipality as a professional

sweeper. Mr. Smith will have good and bad memories about his
wife. He'll be involved in a small problem. Mr. Smith won't know
whether to kill her wife or not. He'lldecide to kill her just because
of his own job. mr. Smith will be a sniper. He'll might ahve been

killing her. But Mr. Smith won't.He won't kill her whether or not
.she'll deserve it.Because Mr. Smith will be a bad cook
.He won't kill Mrs. Smith in spite of her bad cookng

Nicolas Cage wanted to work for different media. He wanted to be

in press unon too. Nicolas Cage finished his elementary school in
Marco School. Then he continued his education in West Vista
School. He got his diploma from High Valley School. While he was
studying for coldge he left coledge.Nicolas didn't want to study.
One day he saw a girl who had a BA, so Nicolas changed his
.education. He had got associate diploma

After getting his diploma, Tim Burton went to Texas Technical

University. Then he got his BS in civil engineering. While he was
studying for his major, he learned wrestling. He dropped out to
become a wrestler. He became neither a wrestler nor a civil
engineer. He reached no where.He became the worst artist in the

Jessica Alba will finish her play school, kindergarten, and

preschool in 2030. She'll finish her high school in 2040. She'll go
to university in 2050. She'll have been studying for 34 years.
She'll have been studying science and medicine.Because science
courses will be hard, she'll have been practicing science problems
on the university walls. After long time Jessica will become a
doctor. She'll have been working in a hospital. While she'll be

working in a hospital,she'll meet a very handsome boy called

Mehdi Sufi.Mehdi Sufi will ask her to marry but she'll answer "I'll
"continue my education

Dustin Hoffman had made lots of decisions since his childhood.

One of his best decisions was to be a baseball player or a
scientist. He always dreamed to be a doctor. He let his parents
help him. His father taught him how to play because he was an
engineer.He decided to be a scientist to help his country to be the
best in the world. Dustin Hoffman cleaned the floor everyday. He
went swimming. He ate one hundred pieces of pizza. He was in
.good condition

Aaliya will have made lots of decisions since her childhood. One of
her best decisions will be to become a famous soccer player. She
won't let her parents help her to make good decisions. So she'll
become a house cleaner. Aaliya will have a funny voice. She'll
guess everything wrongly. She'll wonder she'll have a good future.
.She'll have great amount of time

Will Ferrel hadn't made any decisions since he was a child. One of
his best decisions was to study hard to be a pilot. He wished he
would be a good pilot. He didn't let anyone help him. He dreamed
to be a pilot. But he didn't try. He became jobless, because he
didn't try. Will Ferrel had a list of things. He din't recognize his
.problem. And no one pointed to his problem

Sofia Vergara won't have made any decisions since she was ten
years old. One of her best decisions will be to study at Oxford
University. She'll wish she'll be a professor at Oxford University.
She'll like this sort of job. She won't let others help her. She'll play
Clash of Zombies for sixteen hours per day. Clash of Zombies will
be her biggest concern. She'll be 70 years old but she won't study
.in Oxford. In that period she'll just play

Adriana Lima from Spain will be a lazy person. She'll like training
people in soccer. She'll have a lot of rest. In fact she'll be always
on her bed. That is she'll study no articles. She won't study even
one page. She'll meet Mehdi Sufi. Mehdi Sufi will persuade to
!!study. So, she'll become a great trainer in soccer. Wow

Snoop Dogg had been walking,he witnessed a train smashed a

paasing bus. The train made the bus to be completely destroyed.
The bus was completely destroyed. He wished he hadn't seen the
accodent. The accident got him be careful in driving. He was
.made careful

Demi Lovata will be an actress. She'll have played in many

scenes. No one will identify her when she'll act in a movie. It'll
indicate that she'll be a good actress.The worst accident Demi
Lovata will have seen it will be a car accident.One day Demi will
have been driving,she'll make the dog. But the dog will be
smashed. She'll wish won't have been in the accident. The
accident will get her to be more careful in driving. Next week she
!!!won't kill a dog, but she'll kill a very huge cow. Ouch

Bruce Willis had been playing in a series. And also Ihe had been in
a race, and an operation. The series had the best characters.The
series sounded great. It contained many benefits for its actors.
For example they had been learning approaches of learning
driving fast. Once Bruce Willis had been running, he witnessed a
bus smashed a passing frog. The bus made the frog to cry for
hours. The bus driver wished he hadn't smashed a walking frog.
.The accident got him to drive carefully

Jennifer Aniston will care about her car a lot. She'll hang a chain
from her truck's rear view mirror. She'll work in an analysis
company. Her company will have associates with others. The
worst accident Jennifer will have seen will be an accident with a
tree. She'll have been driving her truck too fast. She'll have been
heading home, she'll smash a tree. She'll make the tree fall. The

tree will be fallen down. She'll wish she won't have seen the tree.
.Later that day she'll there'll be no brake pedal in her car

Mel Gibson had an evidence that his brotherDonal had a

problem.In fact Donal didn't know whether to go to his favorite
cafe by a motorcycle or by a bicycle. He didn't know whether to
meet his brother or not. Yet he hadn't gone to cafe. Although it
was a good place go go. He didn't want to meet his brother
.whether or not he was a good brother

Actually he wasn't a very good brother, because he was a


Mariah Carey won't know whether to study medical science or

not. She'll like to stay home and play Clash of Royal. She might
become a doctor or an engineer. She'll hage enough time but
she'll play and play and play Clash of Royal. Mariah will get to
.nowhere. Actually she'll be employed by no one

Because Kevin Spay was a nice boy, he responded to his friends'

letters. He treated them well. After getting hus diploma, Kevin
Spay went to Michigan Art University.Because he had a fund for a
university, he got his BA in acting. While he was studying for his
AM Kevin started soccer and wrestling. He dropped out to become
.a soccer player and wrestler. Unfortunately, he became nothing

Edward Norton had made lots of decisions since his childhood.

One of his best decisions was to become a sweeper. He always
wished he would be a good sweeper. So he let his parents help
him. His father helped him because his father thought Edward had
.got a talent in sweeping

Helen Mattsson will make lots of decisions since she'll be a child.

But she won't let her parents help her to make a decisions. One of
her best decisions will be to be driver.After practicing for a long
time, she'll drive a Paykan. Every week she'll smash either a tree
.or an animal

Christina Aguilera will be playing Karate in Korea. She'll be worldy

famous. Her best friend will be Kym Johnson will be proud,brave
and crazy. She'll be a brave girl regardless of the danger. She'll be
so brave that all boys will call her heroine. She'll have lots of
friends such as Mehdi, Ali, and Alex. They'll be intimate. She'll be
such intimate that people will recognize them. Christina Aguilera
will have been learning English. She'll have been learning a lot of
structures. She'll have been learning the order of words in a
.sentence. She'll be a spokesperson

Heath Ledger's close friend was Jim Carrey. Heath Ledger was a
kind, honest, and good friend. He was a helpful friend too
regardless of the situation. They were so friendly that they
couldn't be in different schools. They met each other once a day.
They had had common hobbies such as playing rugby and boxing.
They were great boxers. They could punch so fast that others
couldn't see their punches. They were such good friends that
.others thought they were brothers

Alicia Keys' favorite song will be "Beat it" sung by Michael

Jackson. She'll begin listening to it when she'll be upset. She'll be
listening to it when she'll be at school. Listening to this song will
be amazing for her. Everyday she'll listen to Beat it. After listening
.to this song for many times she'll learn it by heart

Jeff Bridges loved the song Khaloo Khaloo sung by Papaloo. It was
a folk song. He began listening to this song when he was a baby.

Listening to this song made him delightful. After listening to this

.song for a long time he became a singer

Janet Jackson from Cyprus will have got numerous gifts. The most
beautiful gift she'll receive will be a pink cell phone. In fact her
uncle will have given it to her as a gift. She'll love surfing the
Internet so she'll use her cell phone. She won't be sure how to
download documents so she'll ask her uncle to help her. Knowing
.how to download the Internet She'll download Lady Gaga's songs
!What a pity

Colbie Cailat from Czech had received numerous gifts from her
friends. But the best gift she had received was a car from her
aunts, Grace and Carolina. The car was a Ford. She loved driving
her car for hours. She didn't know how to drive a car. So she
asked her dad to teach her how to drive. After practicing for a
.long time Colbie became the beast driver in the world

Garry Oldman's favorite website will be www.mathisfun.com . It'll

be a math website. It'll have a plethora of videos,pictures and
many other free things. Tons of people will be members of this

site. Why many people will love this website will be that it'll be
very useful and people will be able to download free stuff. This
.website will have a plethora of visitors from different countries

Liam Neeson Yahoo website. Why he liked Yahoo was obvious,

Yahoo search engine had been the secon search engine in the
world. Last year many people had visited Yahoo. In fact each year
Yahoo had got many visitors. Liam Neeson had been using Yahoo
for more than a decade. Since he was a child had known that
.Yahoo would have been successful
Liam wanted to mak4 a website exactly like Yahoo. He would
.name it Yaboogh

Her name would be Gloria Estefan. Her favorite teacher would be

her science teacher. Her name will be Mrs. Donna Feldman. Mrs.
Feldman will have nice behavior. Mrs. Feldman's behavior will be
like her sister. Mrs. Feldman will be helpfulnand serious. She'll
have the same appearance as Gloria Estefan. Mrs. Feldman will be
more patient than other teachers. She'll be quiet. In fact she
won't be talkative. Mrs. Feldman will be the most silent teacher in

Kate Blanchett liked her sister. She was cute and beautiful. And
also she was very serious. She was a good driver too. She was
more careless than her nephews. In fact the was the most
careless girl in her family. Her height was like her cousins. As a
matter if fact, they had the same height. She was as tall as Eiffel
. 'Tower. Kate was around 6'6

There was an old woman. Her name was Whitney Houston.She

was ninety three years old. She liked to be a professional boxer. If
she wanted to be a great boxer, whe would learn a lot. She was so
willing to learn boxing. But she wasn't determined enough to start
learning boxing. Once she met Mr. Sufi. Mr. Sufi talked her out of
boxing. So after a while she could start learning quantum physics.
.She had become the best physist in her 100th

There will be a boy. His name will be Tom Cruz. He will be a very
hungry actor. In fact he won't be full. He'll be too hungry to be
full. He won't be full enough. He'll eat a lot. But it'll be too hard for
him to be full. Finally he'll go to doctor. After taking drugs he'll be

This was Carrie Underwood. He wanted to be a lawyer. But he was

too lazy to study. In fact he wasn't hard working enough to study.
It was too hard for him to study. After a long time he started
studying. So he would be lawyer. Becoming a lawyer was his
biggest dream. It was still his dream, because he didn't study a

Sean Penn and Ben Stller were great game freaks. Actually they
were great game players. They played games all day long. Their
favorite game was X box. X box was a great and amusing game. It

was an American game. Actually it was made by American

engineers. It could be a single
Or multiple player game. Sean Penn and Ben Stiller liked to play it
a lot. They with their homies were perfect players. And also lots of
their friends played Xbox. People couldn't stop playing it and
.Sean Pen and Ben Stiller couldn't either

That'll be Salma Hayek. She'll be the oldest in her family. She'll

love traveling. She'll have no money. One day she'll find two
million dollars in a bag. So she'll travel to Bahamas. Bahamas will
be in the Atlantic ocean, southeast of Florida. It'll be a nice place
for snorkling. She'll have a really nice time in Bahamas. It'll be an
amazing trip in her entire life. When she'll come back she'll realize
.the money she'll have found it will belong to El Chapo

This was Alan Jackson. He was the youngest in his family. He

loved hunting wolves, but he had no weapons. One day he was

given eleven weapons. So he went to the Sahara desert to hunt

animals. The Sahara desert was the world's largest desert which
covers a large area of South Africa. It was a great place for
hunting. Alan Jackson had a really great time in the desert. It had
.been a really fabulous trip in his entire life. He hunted one frog

There was a thin man. His name Usher. He was from Cairo, Egypt.
Usher was very thin. He weighed three pounds. When he walked
his bones made a funny sound. He was frustrated. Usher wanted
to gain weight. In fact his doctor had told him " You must gain
weight or you'll die." He was scared. He didn't want to die. Usher
didn't want to die. So he started a diet. For one month he ate only
fat. Of course the fat tasted terrible. But the man really wanted to
.gain weight. After a long time he became extremely obese

There'll be a very talkative woman. Her name will be Bette Midler.

She'll be from Minsk, Bilarus. Bette Miller will be extremely chatter
box. She'll talk for about ten hours. When she'll ttalk others will be
bored by her talking. So she'll be frustrated. She'll decide to talk
less. In fact her friends will tell her" If you talk a lot we'll abandon
you." She'll be scared. She won't like to be abandoned. So she'll
start talking lessvand less. Of course less will be terrible. After a
.long time of practice. She'll become the most silent girl in Belarus

Once Mehdi Sufi met Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer looked at him and
said "Wow you are amazing. If youcome with me to California, I'll
make you a famous singer." Mehdi Sufi went to Cali and became a
well-known singer. People called him DJ Mehdi. But Mehdi had a
problem. He wanted to visit 110 Town, Karaj. In fact he had
missed his family. So he went to the flight agent and took a direct
flight to Karaj. The flightwas first class because Mehdi Sufi was

Once Mohammad Golzar will meet Adele at street. Adele will look
at him and will say, "Wow you are awsome. If you come with me
to London, you'll marry a beautiful." Mr. Golzar will go to London
with her. When he'll arrive in London there'll be an ugly bride. The
.bride will be Whoopie Goldberg

There was a little monkey. His name was Al Pacino. He wanted to

be a great soccer player. Everyday he practiced kicking a ball. He
wanted to be the best soccer player. After twenty years of
practice, he tried out for the Chicago team. They let him play

There will be a great boxer. Her name will be Sandra Bullock.

She'll try out for Washington boxing team. But they'll reject her. In
fact they won't let her join their team. She'll be very unhappy.
She'll go home and cry everyday. Finally her friend will tell her"
Come on, get a grip. Try again. She'll try out for Lackers. They'll
.be so impressed

There was an alligator named Halle Berry. She was a jobless

alligator. She had nothing to do. So she was unhappy. She didn't
work too much. She usually ended up going to bed at 2 a.m. One
day a good boy called Harrison Ford gave her a job. She had a
strange job. She counted the number of flies in the sky. She was
.very happy, because she had a job

There will be a bulldog. She'll be a super busy bulldog. Her name

will be Dania Ramirez. She'll be a stand up comedian. She'll work
from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. Everyday she'll get up at 4:45 a.m She'll
need a vacation. One day she'll grab a taxi. And she'll hang out
with her friends for a long time. So she'll get exhausted. She'll
.sleep until 10 p.m. The next day she'll be fired

There was an evil student named Anne Hathaway. In fact she was
a bully. When students were sitting at their desks. She disturbed
them. She said to her classmates"Everyday I'll bother you. If you
tell anyone,I'll bother you more and hit you more as well." As soon
as she finished speaking,students felt miserable. They secretly
whispered together. And they all of a sudden grabbed her and put
.her into an onion bag

There will be an evil school principal named Al Capone. He'll be

Jamal School's principlal. When students will be sitting at their
desks. He'll disturb them. He'll hit students on the head. He'll say
to the class"If I were you, I would have been silent. Because I'll hit
you if you make a noise." As soon as the bell will ring, students
.will gather in the yard. They'll pull his leg

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