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John Doe

1600 Johnson Drive

Wahiawa, Hawaii 97686

cell: (313)358-7546
email: john.doe@gmail.com

A challenging and responsible job with Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp that utilizes my
extensive instructing and mentoring experience to develop better citizens.
Dynamic instructor and Mentor. Possesses the ability to teach advanced subjects in simple,
learning, friendly atmosphere. Mentored and instructed in two military branches.
Outstanding interpersonal skills. Flexibility and adaptability developed over an extensive
military career. Possesses a wide range of work and travel experiences.
Broad experience in operations management. Over twenty years of progressive assignments
in operations, training, and administration.
Teacher/Army Instructor JROTC
JAN 2014-JUN 2015
Leilehua High School, Wahiawa
Taught by creating a flexible environment that was favorable to learning and personal growth.
Encouraged students to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to obtain a good
foundation for continuous growth and development. Provided students with experiences which
integrate the affective, cognitive, and psychomotor dimensions of learning. Established effective
rapport with students and their parents. Assisted students in developing positive feelings toward
themselves and others.
MAR 2012-FEB 2013
Schofield Barracks, HI
Responsible for the daily supervision, training, discipline, morale, health, and welfare of 14
personnel. Instructed personnel on new and revised techniques of electronic maintenance and
employment. Inspected completed work and assisted personnel in isolating and correcting
malfunctions in equipment. Supervised the requisitioning of tools, repair parts, technical
supplies, publications, and equipment. Interpreted technical publications for data pertinent to the
employment of the systems. Advised the leadership and staff on technical and tactical
considerations of employment of systems.
Company Officer
FEB 2010-FEB 2012
Schofield Barracks, HI
Responsible for the management and facilitation of units overall targeting process. Performed
as the primary liaison between headquarters targeting cell and company operations center.
Assisted in the analysis, development, and processing of targets in coordination with the
targeting plan. Advised the staff on tactical and technical considerations affecting the
emplacement of the delivery of fires and target acquisition systems. Oversaw the tactical
employment of the electronic assets throughout the area of operations.

John Doe
Headquarters Officer
OCT 2006-JAN 2010
Schofield Barracks
MAR 2013- DEC 2013
Supervised process of preplanned missions and outcomes. Responsible for coordinating the
effects and assessment process at headquarters level. Assisted in planning, controlling and
coordinating all assets in support of the companys economics line of operations across the area
of operations. Interfaced with Government agencies and U.S. military elements regarding
actions that grew the confidence and operational effects of the Provincial and Iraqi Governments
in activities related to a healthy economy. Coordinated with the Governance, Security, and Iraqi
Security Forces working groups to ensure unity of effort.
Fire Direction Operations Supervisor
JUN 2001-DEC 2006
Fort Hood, TX
Responsible for the daily supervision, training, discipline, morale, health, and welfare of eight
personnel. Assisted fire direction officer in technical planning of fire missions. Computed and
verified accuracy of firing data and ensured constant firing capability. Responsible for
maintaining mission log, and ammunition status. Compiled lists, analyzed data, and prepared
situation overlays. Responsible for employment, accountability, and maintenance of various
military equipment.
Operations Manager
DEC 1994-MAR 2001
Camp Pendleton, CA
Responsible for preparing 44 personnel and equipment for movement and proper function of a
company center; operations or training section; survey section; meteorological section or
acquisition section. Maintained a situation map, operations journal, and survey records.
Prepared, reproduced, and distributed operations orders, training orders, memoranda, schedules,
status reports, and periodic reports. Prepared operations maps and overlays. Assisted in the
establishment and operation of stations, direct atmospheric meteorological observation
interpretation, evaluation and distribution of atmospheric data. Prepared survey plans essential
to proper employment for mission. Assisted in installation, orientation, operation, and
maintaining target acquisition radar equipment. Trained personnel in company procedures.
Masters of Arts in Education, University of Phoenix
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Phoenix
Associate Arts in General Studies, Palomar College, Palomar, California
Volunteer Youth Services
Volunteer in Construction of Thailand School

OCT 2016
JUN 2015
AUG 2000