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Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber

Freebie scenarios!

These two scenarios will feature in Off World, soon to be released. Players have permission to use them as they would like, with acknowledgement of their source, but not to reproduce them in their own products. If you have comments, criticisms, questionsplease email me thedogsbrush@gmail.com

SCENARIO 1: What’s a Space Pirate’s Favorite Letter?

Jupiter-Saturn Transit, 2270

Though the UNEM and OIP Navies made piracy extremely difficult along the Earth/Mars/Asteroid Belt axis, the vaster distances between the gas giants were hard to police. Much space travel security was left to individual ships themselves, which frequently carried weapons and privately contracted marines. By the time of the Amalgam War, this region of space became even more lawless, as military resources were stripped to support the fighting on Earth.

A particularly violent pirate attack occurred on 5 February 2270, when several pirate vessels attacked the Titan Infinity, Inc. heavy cargo ship Titan-Maru, which carried a major shipment of ice and food stuffs from Jupiter to the Saturn stations. The massive cargo ship employed a large crew and security force, which the pirates engaged in a lengthy boarding action.


4x Leaders 1x Pirate Heavy Boarding Party 4x Pirates, Firepower 5, Firefights +1, Good Body Armor (-1), Bloodthirsty 4x Pirate Boarding Parties 4x Pirates, Firepower 4, Firefights +1 Quality 4, Morale 4

2x Boarding Robots Each can be used as a Breaching Robot as per the urban combat rules. Alternatively, a unit with a Boarding Robot may use it to nullify 2 casualties from a single phase of enemy fire (either Ranged or Defensive). Then, remove the robot. This represents the pirates using the robot as a moving shield.

Pirate Deployment:

The pirates enter the game through two boarding ships. Each ship carries at least one pirate unit. The pirates may choose any point on an exterior corridor on the ship and deploy their ship there. On turn one, the pirates enter through that area.

Pirate Objective:

Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber

The pirates win if they take control of Engineering and the Bridge. They count as controlling these areas if, at the end of the Ship’s Crew turn, there are pirates in these areas and there are no ship’s crew in these areas.

Titan-Maru Crew:

3x Leaders 6x Ship’s Crew Parties 4x crew, Quality 5, Morale 4, Firepower 3, No Body Armor (+1 to hit) 2x Security Teams 4x mercenaries, Quality 4, Morale 3, Firepower 4, Good Body Armor (-1 to hit),

Titan Maru Crew Deployment:

One crew party begins in each of the following areas:

The bridge


Docking bay

The remaining crew and security teams begin anywhere in the ship.

Titan Maru Crew Objective:

Prevent Pirate objectives.

Special Rules:

Low Velocity Weapons: Both sides employ primarily low velocity weapons, such as pistols, submachine guns, and shot guns, to avoid damage to the ship’s hull and vital components. The maximum range for fire combat is 16”.

Corridors: Corridors are only one unit wide.

Confines of the Ship: Use the urban combat rules for fighting in the shipcounting corridors as streets, the docking bay as a large open area, and individual rooms on the ship as though they are buildings that can only be entered through their door.

Like the Back of My Hand: The crew and security team of the Titan Maru may use the All Around Us rule, as on page 38, to represent their familiarity with the ship and the ducts, access tubes, etc. They may not use this rule on the first two turns of the game.

Doors: All the doors on the ship are locked. Titan Maru personnel can pass through locked doors without penalty. The pirates must breach a door to pass through it. To breach, a pirate unit must begin its move in contact with the door and roll a D6. On a 2+, the door is breached, may be moved through by pirate units without penalty, and cannot be closed. On a 1, the attempt fails.

Security Controls: If the pirates take Security, a single unit that begins its move in the room may hack the ship’s computer and unlock all doors on the ship.

Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber

Map: The game is played on a 3x3table. The map below shows corridors and rooms. The docking bay is 9x12. The bridge, mess and engineering are all 4x6. The other rooms are 3x3. The corridors are 2wide. The docking bay should be liberally scattered with crates, cargo equipment, and a shuttle craft. red lines on the map below indicate doors. The black arrows indicate the directions from which the pirates can land on the ship. Their breaching craft will deposit them into the corridor or room that is adjacent to the black lines on the edge of the map, which indicate the ships hull.

Engineering Mess Docking Security Bay Bridge
black lines on the edge of the map, which indicate the ship ’ s hull. Engineering
black lines on the edge of the map, which indicate the ship ’ s hull. Engineering

Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber

SCENARIO 2: Diaz Corner

The Corporate City, 2244


When public funds were insufficient to rebuild Los Angeles after the 2188 “Big One”, a consortium of multinational corporations approached the California Republic and offered to buy the ruins, hoping for physical territory on Earth but outside UNEM legal authority. The cash-strapped C.R. happily agreed and the Corporate City was born.

Decades later, the city was a mix of vast skyscrapers, state of the art space ports, and multi-decked highways. In between these glorious mountains of steel and glass were the slums, teeming with millions of Angelinos displaced by the quakes and the Baja War.

The corporations, each of which had its own sector in the City, engaged one another in economic warfare, including cutthroat espionage, assassination, and open conflict. They usually hire the gangs in the slums to do the dirty work.

This scenario represents two such corporate-aligned gangs fighting a turf-war in the slums of the Corporate City.


Red Boys Gang

Leaders x3

2x “Heavies” 3x gangers Firepower 4, Firefight +1, Armor -1, Cover Denying Weapons Quality 5, Morale 3

2x “Runners” 5x gangers Firepower 3, Short Ranged Weapons, Firefight +2 Quality 5, Morale 4

2x “Gunners” 2x Gangers Firepower 2, 1x poor quality AT-2 rockets (16” range) Quality 5, Morale 4

1x “The Tank” 1x Ganger Firepower 4, 1x man-pack plasma weapon (AT 3, Blast Weapon, 16” range), Armor -1, Tough, Shock Infantry, Brute Strength, Leaderless, Fearless Quality 4, Morale 3

Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber


The Red Boys Gang have had control of the Diaz Corner for over a year and have no plans to move out. They win if, at the end of the game, they achieve two of these three objectives:

1) No De Shazos within 6” of Diaz Corner at the end of the game 2) Inflict 10 casualtes on the De Shazos 3) Kill 2 De Shazo leaders (these leaders don’t count toward the De Shazo casualites for Objective 2)


One unit of Runners and one unit of Gunners start within 6” of Diaz Corner. The remaining forces enter the game from the table’s south edge on turn 1.

The De Shazos

3x Leaders

3x “Knives” 5x Gangers Firepower 2, Melee Troops, Blood Thirsty Quality 5, Morale 4

3x “Guns” 5x Gangers Firepower 3, +1 Weapons Quality 5, Morale 4

2x Gun Trucks Up-armored soft-skinned vehicles Heavy machine guns, Firepower 4, normal speed Can transport 5 troops Quality 5, Morale 4


The De Shazos have been humiliated by the Red Boys for the last time. They have moved out to take control of the Diaz Corner. The De Shazos win if they achieve 2 of these three objectives:

1.) No Red Boys are within 6” of the Diaz Corner at the end of the game. 2.) Set fire to the Red Bar. (Setting fire to the bar—a De Shazo unit within 3” of the bar, instead of shooting, can throw Molotov cocktails at the bar. Roll a d6. 4+, the bar is set on fire.) 3.) Kill the Tank.

Sci-Fi Scenarios by Nathaniel Weber


All the De Shazos enter the table from the north edge on turn 1.

Game Length:

8 turns.

Victory Conditions:

Note that because of the two sidesobjectives, it is possible that both sides can claim victory in the game.


Diaz Corner is played on a 3x3table. The map below shows the arrangement of the streets and the placement of the Red Bar, which should be 2 stories high. The rest of the table should be full of shacks, shanties, shipping containers, areas of trash and other debris, and low walls.

of shacks, shanties, shipping containers, areas of trash and other debris, and low walls. Diaz Corner
Diaz Corner
Diaz Corner
North The Red Bar