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Rolling Hills Architectural Control Guidelines

An Abbreviated Version
This is NOT A LEGAL document and should not be confused with the original Architectural Control
Guidelines found within our Covenants, Conditions and Resrictions (CC&Rs). This document was
written in common language to help clarify and understand our legal guidelines thus making the

To protect the value, appearance, use of property, and preservtion of natural lands. To provide
protection to neighbors with consideration for views, site, sound, and air.

The Architectural Control Committee is adminsitrative in nature. Issuance of permits/variances

is through the appropriate Tehama County Building Department.
Address: 444 Oak Street, Red Bluff, CA 96080
Planning Phone: (530) 527-2200
Building Phone: (530) 527-7002
Planning Department: Tehama County Planning / Zoning Division
Building Department: Tehama County Building Division

Article 3.01 General Limitations

The CC&Rs of the Rolling Hills Subdivision specify that no improvement* and/or structure*
may be constructed or erected, painted, altered in exterior design in color on any portion of the
project without the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee. An
Architectural Control Committee Application shall be completed and submitted to the current
RHRMA Board President. (Rollinghillsrma@gmail.com )

*Improvement- means structures and any excavation, flll, ditch, diversion dam or other thing or device
which affects or alters the natural flow of surface or subsurface water. It also means any utility line or other
facilty or equipment. Section 2 article 2.05

*Structure- any tangible thing or device to be be fixed permenantly or temporarily to real property
including any building, garage, driveway, fence, wall, pole, sign, antennae, swimmimg pool, tennis court, or trash
enclosures. Section 2 article 2.12

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Article 3.02- Exemptions

This includes normal maintenance, repair or rebuilding of previously approved work, changes to
the interior and work required to be performed in case of an emegency to protect a person or
property from damage.

Article 3.03 Architectural Control Committee

a. Number and Appointment- The Architectural Control Committee will be comprised of the
members from the Road Association Board. A minimum of three (3) Board Members are
needed to approve the application.
b. Duties- Section 2 Article 2.01 states the committee is charged with the architectural
approval and control of the improvements within the project.
c. Address- All questions, concerns and applications will be submitted to the current Road
Association Board President. Refer to ACC Application.
d. Guidelines- The Committee may adopt or amend guidelines as needed to set forth more
specific standards and procedures for Committee review.

e. Standards1. Area of Residence for Unit I, Unit II, Unit 2B (lots 1-13)Minimum 2000 square feet
2. Quality of Construction for Unit I and Unit II- Workmanship and materials
must be the same or better than required in the CC&Rs recorded on
May 1997. Refer to Office of County Recorder.
Quality of Construction for Unit 2B (lots 1-13) Workmanship and materials
must be the same or better than required in the CC&Rs recorded on
May 2003. Refer to Office of County Recorder.
3. Completion of Construction- The construction must be complete within 36
months. See exceptions in CC&Rs.
4. Roof Pitch and Materials- All buildings must have a minimum roof pitch of
5:12. The materials must be shake, tile, composite (with a minimum 25 year
warranty) or other roofing materials allowed by the county. All structures must
have the same roofing material, with the exception of a barn, which can have a
metal roof.
5. Colors- Exterior colors must be earth tone or white. Roof colors must be
earth tone or dark.
6. Underpinning, Foundations, etc- The coverings must be complete within 90
days of the completion of the project. Refer to the CC&Rs for standards.
7. Variances- The committee may allow reasonable variances of the Standards
in order to overcome practical difficulties or to prevent unnecessary hardships.

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Article 3.04

Review and Approval

In the event the Committee fails to notify the applicant within thirty-five (35) days after
sufficient submission of the application, the application will be deemed approved.

Article 3.05

Inspection, Non-Compliance

The Committee has the right to inspect (for compliance) the project during normal business
hours, after giving 48 hour notice to the owner.

If the project is not in compliance, the committee will notify in writing, with specific demands
to remedy the non-compliance. The owners are financially responsible for any costs incurred
towards compliance.

Article 3.06


The Committee or any member of the Committee will not be liable to any owner or third party
for any damages, loss, or predjudice suffered or claimed. Refer to CC&Rs for specifics.

Section 4

Use Restrictions

Refer to the current CC&Rs for detailed explanations for each of the following articles.
4.01 Use of Lots
4.02 Re-subdivision
4.03 Design and Construction Restrictions
4.04 Building Location
4.05 Temporary Structures
4.06 Destruction of Improvements

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4.07 Maintenance of Improvements

4.08 Fences
4.09 Driveways
4.10 Barns
4.11 Parking and Screening of Recreational Vehicles etc.
4.12 Signs
4.13 Livestock and Other Animals
4.14 Drainage

4.15 Sight Distance at Intersections

4.16 Trash: Storage of Materials
4.17 Burning
4.18 Junk Vehicles
4.19 Nuisances
4.20 Sewage Disposal
4.21 Tree Cutting
4.22 Oil and Mining Operations
4.23 Hunting
4.24 Water Supply
4.25 Clothes Lines
4.26 Window Coverings

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