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Fill variable view... Fill Data


Transform... compute variable...

named target variable with variable (ex: motivasi_1)......>> this way
only for uncategorized variable

Move questions one by one then

put plus (+) below the column then the next question until all the
questions of one variable filled into the column (ex: motivasi1 +
motivasi2 + motivasi3 + ... + motivasi10)

Hit OK... go back to variable

view as you can see new variable showed up just change column
decimal into zero

Analyze... Descriptive
Statistics... Frequencies... move one categorized variable (ex:
motivasi_1) into variable (s) column

Hit Statistics... Marked Mean,

Median, Mode, Std. Deviation, Minimum, Maximum, Skewness... Hit

Hit Charts... Histograms...

Marked show normal curve on histogram... Continue... OK

Look carefully on the result,

write down Mean and Median, Skewness and its standard error then
write them down on your note

Now divide Skewness and its

standard error to figure out whether your data is normal or not... If the
result is 2, your data is normal and you must use Mean on the next
step right away

Hit Transform... Recode into

different variables... move categorized data into input variable>output variable (ex: motivasi_1)

Now in output variable menu...

fill name column (ex: motivasi01)... hit change...hit old and new
values...now look at your Mean (ex: your mean is 16)

Fill the Range, LOWEST through

value column with 16 (16 is cut of point)

Jump on the upper right corner on

your screen then fill value column with 1 (1 is the code on variable view,
recheck your variable view if youre worried)... Hit Add

Jump back on the lower left corner

on your screen... Fill the Range, value through HIGHEST with 17 (17 is
the number slightly over cut of point 16)

Heading on upper right corner on

your screen... Filled value column with 2 (2 is your key secret on the
variable view, recheck if you are worried)... Hit Add

Hit Continue

Hanging back on variable view,

as you can see there a new variable showed up right on the buttom on
your screen... Zero the Decimal column then fill the Values with the
same pattern you used to do

Hit Analyze... Descriptive

statistics... Explore... Grabbed the latest variable (independent
variable) you made (ex: motivasi01) into Dependent List column

Now grabbed dependent variable

(ex: indeks prestasi) into Factor List column

Shot OK

Hit Analyze... Descriptive

statistics... Crosstabs... Grabbed independent variable (ex: motivasi01)
into Row(s) column then grabbed independent variable (ex: indeks
prestasi) into Column(s)

Shot Statistics.. Hit Chisquare...Risk... Continue

Shot Cells... Hit Observed,

Expected, Row... Continue

Shot OK