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Popp 1

Zach Popp
Mrs. Coronado
Grammar/Expository Writing, Period 7
16 March2014
Animal Farm
People gain power by being able to control others. This is shown in Animal Farm by
napoleon and the pigs. In the novel Animal Farm the animals feel mistreated by their owner Mr.
Jones. Napoleon, one of the pigs, and the other animals decide to rebel in sight of a new
beginning. Napoleon leads this rebellion at the Battle of Cowshed, and succeeds in taking over
the farm. The pigs on the farm use propaganda, intimidation, and violence to control the other
animal in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell.
The pigs use propaganda to control and persuade the animals. Squealer claims that the
pigs are the brain workers of the farm. After taking the milk and apples produced by the farm,
Squealer claimed that many of us actually dislike the milk and apples(Orwell 35). He proceeds
to say our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health(Orwell 35). Squealer also
added that milk and apples are absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of a pig(Orwell 36). As
one can see, Squealer prays on their ignorance to manipulate and better the life of the pigs on the
farm. An additional way that the pigs use propaganda is by using the animals their ignorance
against them. Each time the pigs violates one of the commandments Squealer uses propaganda to
justify the pigs wrong doings. Napoleon had been found drunk and had Squealer change the
commandment no animals shall drink alcohol to no animal shall drink alcohol to
excess(Orwell 109). Because Napoleon broke all of the commandment only one was left on the
barn wall, it read All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others(Orwell
95).Because of the change in the commandments the pigs have justified their crimes through the
use of propaganda. As shown above, the pigs use propaganda to benefit from the other animals

Popp 1
Intimidation is also shown by the pigs in the novel Animal Farm. The pigs like Joseph
Stalin hid behind there enormous army. Napoleon intimidates the animals on the farm by
standing behind nine enormous dogs wearing studded brass collars(Orwell 53). This shows
napoleon intimidating the other animals by using force with dogs! The pigs also intimidate the
animals on the farm by using their power to keep the other animals in check. Napoleon ordered
that the hens ration be stopped and decreed that any animal giving so much a grain of corn to a
hen should be punished by death(Orwell 76). Because of the fact the animals are so intimidated
the pigs get what they want. As can be seen, Napoleon uses force and persuasive words to
intimidate the animals on the farm.
Lastly, the pigs control the animals on the farm through violent methods. Now that the
pigs have successfully used propaganda and intimidation, they now use violence to control the
animals on the farm. All the animals were slain on the spot until there was a pile of corpses
lying before Napoleons feet (Orwell 84). Because of the violence, the animals become
frightened by napoleon and afaraid to question him.