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By: Ma. Rita C. Tuban

It was noontime when her brother Mike told her to accompany her to their fathers
farm house in Tagum. They took a shortcut, the Lapaz route by riding a jeep from Panabo to
the end of the road towards Bingkongan river rather than pass through Liboganon. As they
stopped at the end of the road they need to pass through the river with many crocodiles by
riding a boat. But the boatman insisted that there are no crocodiles in the river so she
boarded into the boat.
As they travel through the river the boatman tells them a story about Bagahak the
big fish and Balangitaw a big crocodile who both live in the river. Bagahak always eats the
small Balangitaw when Balangitaw goes out. One day two Balangitaw see the eating activity
of Bagahak. Judge Kahatong said to them that they should stop quarreling. Bagahak and
Balangitaw are both have several children. The two Bagahak and Balangitaw are insatiable.
As soon as he finished telling his tale, they landed safely at the small docking area.
As they trekked along grassy land, she was scared that there were coconuts or
creatures on the forest that might fall on her. Thus, she went on dragging her feet till she
had a glimpse of her fathers farm house which was a two story high semi- concrete house
with galvanized roofings.
Their neighbors, Mang Isko, Mang Irning and Nardo met them and gave them a
basket full of calamansi, a sack of pomelo and a hen. As they arrived at their fathers house,
they took some rest. While Ada Marie and the helpers are preparing for dinner she surveyed
the content of the living room and she realized that it was so historical since the cultural
materials were old or new. She saw old framed pictures of her ancestors and grandparents
who had a mixture of Arab and Chinese feature. She went up to the second floor were she
viewed the surrounding. She then went down to the dining room for dinner.
While they were eating, her brother said good news to her that they need not to cross
the river to return to Panabo. Her brother borrowed the motorcycle of their cousin George.
After dinner, she went to her bedroom and after she glanced at her bed. She went to close
the window which was wide open. All of the sudden, she felt the urged to peep through the
window to see the moon round and full and the star studded sky. She was looking for a
shooting star but it was late in the night so she went to her bed but as drifted to sleep, she
could hear melodious ripples of the river nearby and the croaks of the frogs which finally
lulled her to sleep.
At the crack of dawn, they prepared for home. After they say goodbye to the helper
they started to travel by road. She was so excited to travel in land because of the beautiful
sceneries. She remembered a friend who told her that to travel by road has a metaphorical
meaning to ones life experience.
The road might be or might not be a good road to travel by. It might be a zigzag road
or a straight road. If it was zigzagged then one might find it difficult but if it was straight
then one might reached his destination with ease. She remembered her friend told her that
just like the road of life, it is full of trouble, it is difficult but if it clear and smooth, it is easy to

live happily and contented in this world. So, therefor to take a clear road means to be out of
trouble and be happy, industrious, cooperative, friendly and compassionate.
With this thought in her mind, she enjoyed the motorcycle ride with her brother
towards home.