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Frostburg State University

Form 002

Intern: Devin Rosenberger

Administration and Supervision

Self-Assessment of Final Practicum
Your internship has been a total experience that included not only yourself, but also all of
the staff, administration, students, parents, and community members who participated in
some way in projects of your implementation. Also, you might consider all of the individuals
you were required to deal with as you conducted the internship duties and responsibilities.
For example, discipline problems would normally involve students, teachers, and parents at
a minimum. As you attended to such discipline problems, you would be engaged in trying
to facilitate among the needs of all individuals. Given this back-drop, provide answers to
the following questions regarding your internship practicum experience.
1. Was your internship effective? Did it meet all of the goals and objectives as stated in
your Planning Guide?
In answering this question fully, consider the use of such instrumentation as:
a. Pre- and post-surveys to determine outcomes of staff development training
b. Observation checklists to determine if students were behaving in the ways
expected by the school and the community
c. Interview schedules to determine parent and community opinions about the
need for a change or the impact of a change
d. Data from standardized tests and measures to determine how well students
have learned over a given period of time in given subject areas.

I believe that my internship was an extremely effective experience. I felt as if I learned a

tremendous amount about leadership in a school building and leadership in general. I feel it was
so effective because it allowed me to do rather than to just listen. I met all of my goals set
forth by my planning guide. The internship allowed me to use data in a way that impacts school
improvement, grapple with observation tools, and experience triumphs/ hardships of leadership.
I was able to gain knowledge from parents and communities about needs for change and about
what is going well. I am very grateful for my internship experience.

2. Did your internship projects meet the specific needs of all of the individuals who
participated? Where Question #1 focuses on the project goals and objectives of your
internship, this question focuses on the needs of individual participants. How well do
you believe individual participants needs were met throughout your internship?

I felt that my internship met the needs of all the individuals that participated. I felt that my
students were impacted most because a lot of my leadership focus centered on them (as it should
for a school administrator). I also feel as if my mentor, Mike Lucas, benefited by seeing me grow.
My portfolio captures this growth in a big way, in my opinion.

3. Did your internship help to bring about meaningful organizational change in your
school building? Many times internship projects are designed to facilitate the
development and implementation of new programs either for the delivery of
instructional services to students of to help in the management of the organization.
Did your internship facilitate such conditions at the building level? One important way
to determine the answer to this question is to investigate whether or not your
internship projects had an impact on the buildings mission and /or vision statements
regarding schooling. Was learning positively affected by your work?

I felt as if the extra- curricular department was impacted greatly at my school as result of my
internship. I was lucky enough to become Athletic Director during my internship. My internship
sparked many changes in the extra- curricular department that are better for students. The
management of the organization, in this regard, was impacted greatly by my leadership practice.
I feel that so much of my experience fit into my portfolio in a meaningful way.
4. Did your internship help to bring about meaningful organizational change in the school
district? There have been times when an internship project has been piloted at a
building site with the intention that, if judged to be effective, the district or the division
would have considered adapting it at other sites. In this way a pilot project could have
an impact on the organizational change of an entire district or division. How close did
your internship come to enjoying such an impact on the district or division? In refining
your answer to this question with an interest of establishing a broader base t it,
consider reviewing the districts or the divisions mission statement or board of
education annual reports on their goals to the community.

To say that my internship brought about meaningful district organizational change would be a
stretch, in my opinion. In a district like Baltimore City, it is hard to get ones voice heard at a
district level as an intern. I do feel that my internship sparked learning and different ways of
thinking within my building. I think that my internship is helping to change the way we do
sports in Baltimore City at a middle school level. The BCPSS mission states about maintain a
culture of excellence for students, I feel that my work as AD could serve as a gold standard for
this part of the mission statement.
5. Did your internship experience provide project participants an opportunity to have
input on the overall assessment of the experience? Did you give staff members,
parents, students, and community members an opportunity to let you know how they
think your internship affected the district or the division, the building, and the
instructional programs?

I feel that this area was the strongest during my internship. I was open and willing to hear all
input from participants in my internship. This includes, but is not limited to, colleagues, mentors,
students, parents, and community members. Obtaining and analyzing feedback is one the major
components of effective leadership. I put an emphasis on this, displayed in my portfolio, during
my time as an intern. I have had many meeting with staff members and the admin team in which
I received very positive feedback about the effect of my internship on the school community.

6. Identify your efforts to bring members of different groups together to work on

achieving similar goals and objectives.

Collaborating with members of different groups is a major skill that I began developing during
my internship. One of the main groups I brought together was the community, parents, and
teachers. I did this through parent nights and extra- curricular meetings. My time as AD was a
staple of my internship and is displayed all throughout my portfolio. Bringing these groups
together lead to great change and understanding.
7. Identify strategies used to engage members from different constituents in the project
work. Examples of such constituents include but are not limited to these: parents,
senior citizens, and local government figures.

Parent Nights
Extra- Curricular Booths at Parent Nights
Coach Classes
Local Resource Meetings as AD
8. Name or identify types of planning strategies utilized in your project work.

Time Management
Stress Management
Data Analysis
Situational Best Practices
Situational Mapping
9. Name or identify ways by which your internship experience might have made it clear to
you that local issues can confront us with barriers to change.

My internship was impacted in a great way by a local issue. As a charter school in Baltimore
City we were facing a new formula for charter funding by the district that would have impacted
our school, our students, and my livelihood greatly. After studying this issue and participating in
the fight against it, change was made and the formula was dropped. This was a big stress on my
principal. I really got to see, first hand, how local issues confront us with barriers for change as
administrators. I feel as if my internship has prepared me to at least be ready to confront a
situation that arises.