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Install server1 and server2 from ks for each server available at ipa.test.local
Reset the root password
Show messages on boot
Set default target to multiuser for server1 and graphical for server2
Configure the network with nmcli on server1 and with nmtui on server2
Configure dns with nmcli on server1
Set the hostname on each server
Configure logrotate to keep
a. 2 months of logs on server1
b. 8 weeks of logs on server2
9. Configure logging to write all message with info priority on /var/log/infolog
10. Set the variable COLOR for subshells to blue
11. Create a repo from the http://ipa/install
12. Archive the /etc folder in with tar,star,gzip and bzip2 inside /root/archives and create
an soft link to /tmp
13. Mount the home2 nfs share from ipa.test.local under /home2
a. on server1 by fstab
b. on server 2 by autofs
14. Mount the smbfiles samba share samba.test.local under /smbfiles using the user
smbtest with the password smbtest
a. on server1 by fstab
b. on server 2 by autofs
15. Configure 2nd disk with dos table for server1 and the 3rd disk with gpt
16. Create a swap partion of 100M on the first hdd on each server, activate and set to be
mounted on boot.
17. On the 2 hdd on server1 create 2 physical volumes
18. Create a VG vgdata with a PE of 8 MB using the 1st pv
19. Create a LV data with the size of 50% of vg space, format it to ext4. LV should be
mounted under /data by UUID
20. Create 2 pv on the 3rd hdd with different sizes
21. Create a VG data2 with a PE of 16 MB using the second pv from the 3rd HDD
22. Create a lv with a size of 12PE named backup formatit to xfs and mounted by label
under /backup
23. Extend the VG data with the second pv
24. Extend the data LV data by 100M
25. Extend data2 15% of free space of the VG
26. Configure both systems to authenticate users from ipa.test.local


27. Add the group devs with gid 2000 and qa with gid 3000

28. Create users dev1 and dev2, add them to the group devs
29. Create users qa1 and qa2, add them to the group qa
30. Create the user manager
31. Create the folders qa and devs under /data with the permissions to allow group
32. Under devs folder only the user who created the file should be allowed to remove it
33. User manager should have access to both folders but the groups should not be able
to access the files in the other folder
34. Configure a cron for the user dev1 on server1 to wall "server1 is UP" at 13.21
35. Deny the qa group and the user manager to use cron
36. Configure a job to restart the server in 5 minutes
37. Configure time sync with internet time servers
38. Configure a server1 and server2 to start on boot
39. Set the password to expire on 60 days for qa group and 90days for devs group
40. COnfigure key based authentication
41. Create an anonymous ftp upload on server1 and an anonymous download on server2
42. Configure httpd on each server
43. On server 1 allow httpd for host and deny server2
44. On server 1 deny ftp for host and allow server2
45. Allow ipa to both services